Mummies and insects

20th November 2012


I think this discovery is so important that I want to publish it immediately here. I have already explained that extraterrestrial insects are commonly found in our bones. It looks like they cling to the bone but act astrally on our nervous system at the place where they sit. It also looks as if they were tacked on to specific locations by black magicians using magic.

Their job is to create specific energy blockages, but there are side effects which cause discomfort. That is bad enough but there is another issue:

Today I discovered that even mummies had insect attachments. The insect was firmly attached to the skeleton holding this soul part to the mummy. If you want to free this soul part, as a healer, you have to first remove the insect. When I remove an insect I always heal them ( see Healing Reptilians Part 2). To be frank, an insect that has been stuck to a skeleton for about 4000 years is extremely grateful to receive healing and freedom. I can feel that very obviously today.

I can imagine that in different cultures, especially Egypt, many an Enemy would have been blocked in this way, so that in his next reincarnation only a portion of his abilities are available to him. Freeing this soul part also means that these long blocked forces are available again.