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Every human being is a psitalent. No exceptions.


Website from Franz Erdl

It is mainly about psychic or spiritual healing, psychic abilities and alien influences on mankind. All three topics are interconnected. Since thousands of years aliens block our psychic abilities, which could lead to the detection and elimination of the aliens. Those blocks interfere with the energy flows in our body and make us sick. Appropriate psychic healing not only cures sickness but unblocks psychic abilities, as it happened with many of my patients.

Psychic healing can be considered a fight against the aliens.


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Every human being  has been programmed during past lives by reptilian aliens. I describe, by my own experience, how the aliens suck our energies by manipulating our everyday life, our relationships and sex life and that they have designed lots of spiritual paths, religions and healing techniques intentionally wrong, to avoid proper development of the human race and to assure that they stay in control.

Addendum 2011:

This is the fundamental article of my website. when I wrote it in the year 2007, I did not yet know that those hostile aliens originally have been positive, but have been enslaved by other beings. Basically this does not change the effects described here and in the other articles of phase 1. The good news is that we do not fight our enemies anymore, but we heal them, we release them from their slavery, which make them change to our side.

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See more of the latest articles in phase 3


Psitalent Phase 3
from July 2012 till now

The articles from phase 1 beginning may 2011, as well as those from phase 2 evolved from common sessions with Martina. Now, she and I go different ways, I here initiate phase 3.

Psitalent Phase 2

30 articles

September 2011 to July 2012

The new experiences force us to new ways of thinking. Who is new on my site should read the older articles in phase 1. There is lots of basic information necessary to understand fully the new insights.

Psitalent Phase 1
14 articles
2007 to 2011

Experiences and insights from the years 2007 to 2011 mainly through healing sessions. I got knowledge that contradicts the standard esoteric and spiritual knowledge. These are an important base to understand phase 2 and 3.



3 articles
Psychic healing
fast course


Online healing with Skype or phone
You do not have to pay in advance.
Pay only on success.

My recommendation:

Take two or three sessions. Purpose: Eliminate your weakest points.

We look for old connections with entities and aliens which could have been done through ceremonies and rituals with or against your will. Physical and psychic torture create docking points for evil entities, as well as alien abductions to name only the most serious influences.

With many people problems can be solved easy and quick but the liberation process can also be extremely difficult, according to the amount of energy the dark side put into a person. Therefore I cannot set any rules for how many sessions a person needs to be freed from the worst.


Attention translators:
I offer free sessions for translations


Always when I collect new findings, I would like to make a book out of it for earning some money. But then it feels very important to me to spread the information quickly because time becomes scarce. For example in my article about "2012 and planet earth" I describe that we are capable of harmonizing the artificially changed weather. This is urgent. I cannot wait until I gathered enough material for a book. Therefore all the information here is free. However, donations are welcome.



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