Healing Reptilians (part 2)

February 28, 2012


About half a year ago we found out that reptilians and other „hostile“ beings are curable. No day has passed we didn't cure one or more of such beings.

What I had told you about the complexity of these beings has proven true. We humans seem to have the most complex structure of consciousness and I think this is because of many incarnations. In one life we suppress something, in the next life impure structures are being built on these suppressed structures and so on. Thereby layers of onionskin develop, which are our entanglement. In most instances we have experienced incarnations as dragons, dracos and reps, which are stored in our structure. To straighten this complex structure can mean a lot of work, besides snakes put their oar in and block the whole healing process.

We haven't found such complexity in the structure of „beings of the first category“ (dragons, dracos, reps and other astral beings such as monsters etc.). Usually we follow the pattern of our healing method and thereby most beings who attend it get liberated of the negative influences, regain their soul contact and leave for a safer place.

Sometimes it can happen -of course- that a being has distinctive features. A special theme has to be found and healed then. Or the being wants to show us his friends, who are trapped, too, and need our help. Lately, they show us numerous cases in which their planets had been invaded. I think we get a new job there: healing the traumas of alien planets caused by invasion. Actually this is the same we are doing here on earth as well.

Since we have used the standard healing scheme many times, it has engraved on my mind graphically, namely in the form of a square. This picture emerged by the way and after a while I realized that I always follow the same pattern.

Here is the illustration:

Standard Healing-Square


When we/I see or expect a being, we/I order healing energy to let it flow through the being. My soul is doing it automatically, because it has the same intention. The healing energy has to work through the soul. If you are not used to it, please read the „fast course in spiritual healing“. Do not confront dark entities and snakes who are always behind these darkened beings, if you are not accustomed to healing.

By the being's reaction to the healing energy you can realize, whether it is ready to be healed. If there's no reaction, I command all snake influences and control to be cut off the being. By doing so you should receive a reaction at last. If not, then this will be an exception. (Exceptions are: soulless and therefore incurable beings; beings which are too evil; beings which are too much under snake control)

Commanding to cut off all snake influences is absolutely necessary. Then I start to follow the pattern of the healing square. Starting to solve magic, then programs and so forth. You have to observe which check ups cause an energetic reaction.

Twisted energies are actually a part of demonization. Nevertheless, it is helpful to bring up twisted energies as a separate theme. An example for distortion is: a being is beautiful, but is being seen as ugly, or it is saying something positive but is being heard as cursing. We have recognized twisted energies in:

  • speech and hearing

  • action and effect

  • looks

  • charisma

  • skills

  • feeling/emotion

We haven't found out more info to twisted energies yet.

Then you follow the square to the left, the skid of emotions. Sometimes you will find specialties here, when a very intense emotion can show you something. Once we came across a group of reptilians who were clung to a false god. Sometimes we have to brake chains. Connections to the people whom we are working with in that moment need to be solved very often as well.

At last, most beings are left with feelings of guild. They have been doing bad things for a long time, sometimes for centuries. Sometimes we have to talk to the beings and explain them that they have been abused themselves, that they had no chance against the superiority and that we forgive them and love them, which is true. In fact, Martina and I feel a deep love for the „dark mumpees“ (this is how she calls them).

The end of such a healing procedure sometimes becomes a celebration, when we exchange a deep feeling of love from heart to heart. The mumpee has to be totally free. He should be able to do what he thinks is right. Some have to reconnect to their souls, some pick up the work they had been doing before they got entrapped. All of them work more or less to kick out real evil beings of our universe.