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The virtual heart-chakra
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Manipulation of the perception

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The structure of evil
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Part 4



The structure of evil


Maybe it is important to know our opponents, maybe not. I don't yet know the answer. The draconians seem to occupy the most powerful position under the aliens until now presented. There might exist quite more powerful beings, however, which possibly just donít appear for us. Even one single being, a kind of Satan, can sit at the top of the dark power. But we know too little about it.


Even about the dracs I found not many statements. How do they look? The descriptions, that I found until now, mostly have the same appositive "and they have wings", but otherwise no description. This shows that people copy what they read elsewhere and one doesn't know from where the information comes originally. Some people report, that they counteracted grays, reptilians and dracs in subterranean, secret installations, but I didn't come upon a description of the dracs. (who ever knows something about them, please e-mail.).


The lizard-beings (reptilians) and the dracs dominate our astral-world. Their dominant control is so strong that other races retreated; above all in the last years. Fifteen years ago, I had contact with a helping group of spiritual entities. They are not available now. As I tried to contact them two years ago, they gave me a short life-sign and a hint that they donít want to be discovered. I agree with James' Bartleys opinion here that there is possibly no helping alien race in our reach (what doesnít mean that this could not change). The helping spirits and groups that actually exist, are rather disguised dracs, reptilians and grays, as it is the case with the so called ďwhite brotherhood or the elevated mastersĒ.


A part of the power of these three races probably is that they have another relation to time. Specifically the dracs. I had the impression that they are not tied to our time-frameworks and can act in past, present and future simultaneously. The lifespan of dracs and reptilians probably amounts to some ten thousand of years (or maybe itís all different in the astral dimension) and corresponding their planning is long-term.


Every human being incarnated at the moment has been traumatized by them already in other past lives before thousand of years and was manipulated, so that they have access to everybodyís astral energies. This point is the most important and our parasites have done a lot of work that it becomes not publicly known. This remote control that they installed into our souls hundreds, thousands or ten thousands of years ago, is our sorest point. As long as they hold parts of our soul occupied, we are assailable, controllable, they can appoint us for their purposes without us becoming conscious about it.


In different groups, that regularly meet, to expel these dark natures, this point is ignored with emphasis. I had placed some hope into these groups and now am disappointed over this dangerous ignorance.


It is reported that there are two kinds of the grays and this also corresponds to my perception. The small grays are about 1,20 meters high and obviously artificially created bio-robots that execute commands. They do the dirt-works, the large mass of the abductions. The big grays are as tall as we are. They have more abilities and more possibility of own decisions. Bartley admittedly writes that one doesn't need to heed the grays; they are only helpers of the reptilians. However, I believe that the abilities of the big grays are considerably and dangerous for us.


The Bartley-group found out that the grays put the so-called screen-memory over abducted people. That means they are able to generate pictures, feelings and messages and to transfer those on people, which have been manipulated in spaceships or subterranean installations. With this technique these people come back with wrong memories after the abduction.


Recently, I could perceive a tall gray in a human body, with what I don't know, whether he simply pushed the soul aside, or how he got in there. Different to a reptilian host, that means a reptilian in the human-body, this gray seemed to be essentially better adjusted to the human way of being. The dangerous thing is that he is practically not identifiable as an enemy. He behaves extremely kind and with his flattering manner he reaches all the people and groups, that he wants to deceive. He currently uses his ability to generate illusions, as member of miscellaneous groups (groups of clairvoyants that met to fight the parasites) to mislead the same. His astral holograms are practically not to be distinguished from clairvoyants from the reality. The only showy about him is that he always appears like an excellent student and only flatters, never criticizes and in the course of time develops into a gladly-seen, essential member.


I don't know, whether this sounds dangerous for you, but such a being  with use of wrong feelings and illusions in a court-case could cause that an innocent is locked up for life.


Well, it seems so that all three races are now able to walk around in human bodies. Shapeshifters are mentioned in some articles, that means they can switch between human and reptile shape. I donít have any experience with this topic.


There may be further races or beings that might suck at us like the reptilians. But more important should be, in what way human beings participate in this dark structure. At first place there are probably the illuminati, where reptilian hosts have important leadership-positions. Whoever should not yet have heard anything about their global network, can make up through links in the appendix. Whoever has not yet read anything about it will hardly believe reading there that for example the United Nations (UN) and the World-Health-Organization (WHO) are illuminati-nests.


One imagines that the originator of the illuminati, Adam WeiŖhaupt and others drew plans for a world-government that should lead to completion after more than two hundred years. Do you know anybody else, who thinks ahead so far? Beings with a huge live span must be behind such plans, like astral beings are. And their success, that the illuminati are the richest and mightiest people on the planet, was only possible with help of astral beings.


But one must be no illuminati in order to work in the sense of the reptilians. Everyone, who is corrupt, everyone, who doesn't have any inhibitions to live from the energies of others is already separated from the human essence and works unknowingly for the reptilians. In the end, we, who are trying to defend mankind, also are infected, as I already described farther above. Strictly speaking, we cannot trust ourselves. Also a good friend can suddenly be used by the reptilians against you over an ancient connection from a past life. Therefore, at the moment it is also difficult to hold together larger groups with positive intentions. They will be infected with agents and are astrally attacked and manipulated by the grays.


According to Bartley and other sources, there are the so-called 'Milabs' - pitiful, through military (CIA) abducted, usually young people. Using tortures these are made obedient and through glaring pains astral-body-exits can occur. With this method, the Milabs learn to leave their body astrally, which later then works also without torture. Quite irresolutely and obediently, they execute all types of orders, like astral espionage, astral attacks and similar things. There should be over one million Milabs. One finds more details in a very detailed report from Bartley (see appendix).


One probably feels pity with the Milabs, although one must repulse them energetically if they attack. With corrupt people or the human-despising illuminati, it is already more difficult to feel pity. However, I believe that with all these people we can find torture and force in former lives, that they had no other election, than to change to the dark side. Whoever therefore is corrupt in the current life, without obviously being forced into it, was already separated in former lives from his soul. Healing would be required, but the astral supervision-system of the reptilians doesn't allow this so easily.


However, the small greys are robots, with the big greys, I am rather certain that the same legalities are valid for them; that means, that also the greys act "heartlessly" from deep injury, and they emotionally became dull.


There is a book of a clairvoyant (Remote Viewer) of the CIA (forgot the name), who describes a scene on the planet of the greys. He sees from the bird's-eye view how the greys try to save their planet with hectic effort. They fight with climate and energy-problems and huge catastrophes. The clairvoyant also discovers spaceships that are positioned around the planet. Unseen from the victims, these ships generate the climate and energy-problems of the greys.


Apart of that, that the same is supposed to take place on our planet, I think this history can be true. There is still another reason why I believe that the greys are not evil in principle. About ten years ago I astrally perceived a completely white grey. He alerted me of some things, that involved Karin and me personally. Surprising was that I perceived love and I was moved to tears. Nevertheless, if the greys attack you, you have to fight back, don't try to heal them - it could become a trap.


Many people like to generalize and gladly formulate universal rules. I would do this if I claimed that also the reptilians and dracs are so profoundly injured, that they have no choice than to be evil. This also sounds spiritually very smart and the bulk of the spiritual people certainly would agree. I can only say "I, however, don't know itĒ




What to do?


I once found something in the internet somewhere, where an alien says that no unambiguous call for help is heard from the human race. And they could therefore not intervene. I am not interested here, whether an alien really said this, but the basic idea seems apt to me. Many million people, the illuminati and their helpers, work completely consciously on transforming mankind into slave-conditions. Even essentially more people simply are only corrupt and help so with the deterioration of our situation. Drug-addicted, alcoholics, black-magicians and many religious sects bring their mind in conditions which allow hostile beings to enter our reality. Our main-problem is there: We people don't pull at the same rope. We consume our strengths by directing them against us.


There are groups, that execute astral sessions, in which they attack hostile beings, fight against hostile plans, dissolve negative energies at miscellaneous places of the earth and similar things. I would be the last person that would not wish success to these groups. However, I was disappointed to notice that the members, whom I met, hardly showed interest in removing their reptilian remote control from their bygone lives from their soul. I found reluctance and aggression. Also the fact brings me to the reflection that these group-sessions always had successful results. We always win - like in the movies.


You already see what I am up to. I plead that the first liberation-step must be to free oneself from the old reptilian connections. If somebody doesn't have any reference to his bygone lives, thatís only because our enemies prepared this in this way. There is no divine plan that you have to forget your past lives. It is a diabolical plan that holds our soul in a splintered condition, what makes us weak and easily controllable beings.


In order to be able to solve such old reptilian connections, one needs experience to deal with astral energies. In the other categories, I therefore offer a lot of information and possibilities to learn to deal with astral energies (Fast course in spiritual healing).





In the original version of this article of 2006 I described lemurian spirits as possible spiritual helpers. I had collected miscellaneous strange experiences over about 3 months that then ceased again, however. The events don't admit any unambiguous results. Maybe they helped to tone down some storms. Maybe they protected me from some attacks. But I am not certain.


We had contact with dolphins as long as a native friend had collaborated with us. As she was attacked one day by a dark being, the cooperation and consequently the contact to the dolphins ended. I believe that they are good mental comrades-in-arms, but I leave this topic aside.


On the other hand one day I had an unexpected contact with a crawfish as I laid relaxed in my plastic pool. Couldnít believe it - a crawfish! I didn't know what to think of it. I decided to simply perceive what will happen. And the crawfish led me to a place, a small hill a few meters under the water-surface. Slowly, pictures and feelings came together. It was a formerly inhabited place over water. Now, it had sunk, and an unpleasant energy was on it. The crawfish then showed me a dark crawfish that was one to two meters long (3 to 7 feet). I sensed that he guarded the place, or better said he guarded a curse, a magic, that was on the place.


Today I donít know anymore how, but I could dissolve the curse. After that the big crawfish floated lifelessly in the water. After that a lot of souls came out from the hill. I saw smithies, carpenters, butchers, all together, as one imagines the inhabitants of a place in the medieval times. Much energy flowed through my body which always happens if soul-parts of other people flow back through my energy-canal to the soul.


After this event, I could understand, that for example native American Indians have contact with an eagle, who can show them things, over which they fly or show things from the astral-world and similar. Therefore, there are probably many potential helpers in this sense. Beautiful, to know, that even crawfishes are on our side.


The topic Orgonite I also leave out. It didn't point any effect to Karin and me. I don't say with that, that it doesn't have any effect. I would like to ignore the topic in my web site. There are sufficiently different information-sources.




That I recommend these links, does not mean, that I agree with all the statements of the respective authors.


James Bartley, 'On the march', 'Milabs' and other articles:




3 books of Karla Turner for free download:




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Illuminati and the new world-order for example:












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