Fast Course in Spiritual Healing


(written 2007, translated march 2009)








Phase 1: Discovering and reinforcing the energy of the hands

Phase 2: Controlling the energy

Phase 3: Healing without using the physical hands






Each human being has the potential to heal.


But not everyone has the same access to it. And not everyone has the intention to be a healer in this life. However, the potential exists. To be able to heal also means to be able to handle energies,  control energies and maybe everyone would like to do this.


The first exercises of this fast-course are intended for people, who have no or little experience with spiritual healing until now.


Fundamental statements and recommendations:


The healing power comes from you, from your connection to your soul and their connection to the origin. The interplay of all your energy-canals and blockades in your body and between your soul-parts form your particular type of the healing. Each freeing of blockades might improve your healing-abilities, as well as the other extrasensory abilities.


It is important to develop your type of the healing. Learning foreign healing-techniques should serve only as stimulation. Ritual techniques, symbols, inaugurations and baptisms are to be avoided. They have the hidden sense to bind you at spiritual-entities, that want to live from your energy sooner or later,


or from the energy of your patients.


It brings much fun to break pre-determined rules. You should not adapt yourself to the universe. You should enrich the universe with your particular qualities. Rebelling against handicaps is especially conducive for the own development. The inner joy, to do it the way you love it elevates your energy.





Phase 1:

Discovering and reinforcing the hand-energy


For many years, I healed with my hands, until one day I was able to control the same energies with words or thoughts.


The first two exercises you can do alone. From then, you need another person. Small groups are still better. Finally, healing is a social issue. Whoever solves his blockades won't stay alone for long, anyway.


Exercise 1


Hold your hands in front of you with the palms against each other with about 20 cm (8 inch) of distance. Now move your hands in contrary directions. Move you hands in all possible directions from each other. Once slowly once fast. You should notice a force between the hands, like a magnetic field or like a ball between the palms of your hands.



Exercise 2


If you sense the field, then take your preferred hand and move it at 4 to 8 inches of distance over your legs, for example. Or move it over places, that present problems. You will determine differences in your palms. At some places, the hand responds more strongly than at others. This is the first exercise already.


If you have an acute problem in your body, stay with your hand over this place. Look for the distance where the field is the strongest and remain there.




Exercise 3 


Correct, you now should try out your healing hand at another person. The problem is the selection of the people. The own family often is not so suitable. You believe to know each other too well, you usually have prejudices, that disturb. Or often you are stick in the same kind of problem, also this impedes the healing. It would be recommendable to compose a small team for practicing from at least three people. More is better. There are patients where nothing works. Then, you don't know, is it the healer or the patient. Therefore, it is good, if there are more people.


Recommendations for this exercise


Only one healer should work with one patient, because you should know later, who caused the healing. If two or more heal a patient at the same time, you might get the feeling that one healer is not enough. This is not a good idea.


You should only work with one hand. This is better for the concentration. Furthermore, ambidextrous healing becomes unpleasant for the posture someday because you have to remain in a fixed position for a long time. (And what will you do with mosquitoes?)


If suddenly the healer senses a pain of the patient - no panic! This can happened if the healer has a certain type of healing-canal, that allows problems of the patient to transfer into his body and dissolve them in the healers body. This is very helpful with strongly bolted blockades, that don't find any healing-way inside of the patient. (Some esoteric inclined people will probably harshly criticise this, but I find that this is literally an affectionate act of compassion.)


One frequently should work with this simple technology. In the course of time, one will learn to feel more inside the patient and grasp problems with clairvoyance and empathy. Then you will find also quite particular problem-topics and will be able to heal them. Traumatic events from bygone lives can appear on that occasion without doing past live regressions. Often, we must find the cause behind the cause behind the cause. For me this is just like detective-work.



Phase 2:

Controlling the energy


I don't want to teach you healing,

I would like to remind you that you are able to do miracles.


I am not so interested to show you a certain healing technique than rather to awaken the abilities dozing inside of you. These can go far beyond everything, that you can learn somewhere. We are metaphysical beings, but we are very strong reduced on physics. Even if I will still show some more technology, motivation and enthusiasm stand in the foreground.


I have never learned healing. Through a miraculous experience, that freed me from a problem, I got the idea that one could free people from problems in miraculous ways in principle. And so I simply started to cause miracles. I was motivated so vehemently that it frequently worked out.


In order to name an example:


At my job in Caracas, I could free a colleague from toothaches. As a result, another one came and wailed, that there are so many problems at home. Constantly dispute and anger. I said full of certainty: "Go home tonight and everything will be in order." Exactly this is what happened. That was no psychological trick, or something similar. I was not capable for something like this. It was my enthusiasm for miracles, that caused this one.


In order to motivate you even more, I would like to tell another example from Caracas:


I came home shortly before midnight as two ladies from the neighborhood stood in front of my door and talked. I exchanged a few words with them and broached the topic of healing. Immediately one of the ladies presented me her hand, in which a big ulcer of about one inch was seen. Of course I held my hand over it, maybe three minutes, and then told her that the ulcer will now definitely heal soon. But, to the astonishment of everyone, it  had already vanished completely.


Motivated now?


This happened 1981. I didn't have any healing-education. I didn't have any technology. I was not clairvoyant. I didn't have an idea about anything. Most healing-techniques, that I experienced later, were "belief-reducing" for me. To believe "I need a technology", "I need healing-stones", "I first must sing Om", "I must set my watch aside", all this doesn't kindle my inner fire.


So, would you please motivate yourself and heal! I healed with my hands (exercise 3) for years. The understanding of the former lives and the clairvoyance came much later to it. Therefore my request. Look out for interested people and practice. It opens your canals. It is not meaningful the do the exercise 3 once and to then wait for exercise 4.


I admit, in the years 1980.. 90 there was a spiritual boom. The development of the abilities were particularly simple. Maybe it became more difficult at the moment. By all means the reptilians take care that we don't develop too far.



Exercise 4


This exercise offers a possibility to intensify healing energy and to control it with words. It is not to be expected that everyone will be able to do this straight away. It might need months of practice as well.


The patient should lie so that the soles are accessible. The healer sits down so that he can comfortably put his hand in a distance of the soles. Relax a moment and then, say: "I want healing energy to get into your soles and then stream into your body." The energy, which begins to flow must be clearly perceptible. Take your time for that. The energy should fill the whole body, up to the vertex and the fingers.

There are now different possibilities to continue:


- You say: "The energy now should find a blockade and then dissolve it.

- If you know, where a blockade sits, then send the energy there with corresponding words.

- If the patient has symptoms in certain body-zones, send the energy there.




I recommend beginners not to begin with very strongly locked patients. Maybe the energy doesn't come into the flow. If nothing happens long time, the motivation will be gone soon.


If the energy should not stretch entirely into the body but stick at a blockade, then assign the energy to work at this blockade.


With this exercise, healing energy can be concentrated very strongly. The energy is furthermore intelligent. It can also fix fractures of the bones and heal them. I experienced this myself as my leg was squeezed in a clamp for 10 minutes and my fracture healed without plaster as a result.


If you notice, that the energy reacts to your words, then, you say, it should seek whether an astral implant is in the body. If it becomes perceptible, it should take it away.


As you see, I recommend the words "I want " or " it shall happen", that means the use of the own will. The representatives of other healing techniques might feel the naked horror about this. They believe that the own will would be in the way of the divine will. This is a thousands of years old hypnosis, created to weaken your best defense: "your will" in order to procure easy access for the intensions of other beings (see article solar-plexus). I can only call them healing Muppets. Thousand of them wander around and don't have a clue, whoever pulls at their threads. I really have to stop myself here in order to not become angry. These God-devoted lambs bring highest danger in perfect camouflage under the people with their stupidity.


Even knowing that the Bible is a highly falsified document, I like a sentence, that I read there: "Your words are yes or no, what goes beyond it is of evil." I find that that is a clear invitation to take clear decisions. "I want that you are healed!" Right now I mean you, dear reader. With all the strength of my will: I want that you are healed without restrictions. This corresponds to my truth. If I said, "I want, that you are healed, in case of it corresponds to the divine plan", then, this is according to Bible 'of evil.' This is how I think.



Phase 3:

Healing without using the physical hands


If you noticed, that other people sense the energy of your hand,

you can try the following exercise:



Exercise 5:


You work with a person like in exercise 3. If the person feels your energy, you say as follows: "If I now remove my physical hand, my astral hand will remain at the same place. The energy will flow further!" You remove your hand and lean back comfortably. The energy should flow further.


As an expansion of this exercise, you can persuade your astral hand to another place of the body. Announce this action through spoken words. The patient should feel the alteration. (This is no suggestion, your will see the healing-results in the course of time)



Exercise 6:


Now you just stay away from the patient and announce: "I now put my astral hand to ............ " The energy should be sensed at the corresponding place of the patient.


If you succeed in this you can also just say "I want healing-energy to flow into your feet" (or anywhere else)






In order to solve deeper blockades, you need other people. You are swimming in your own soup and don't notice, what is not correct. To heal yourself with your own healing-energy is only possible in a certain scale. Therefore, it is very commendable to form training-groups.


I think at the moment it might be difficult to arrange healing-groups. I have the feeling that mistrust and isolation rose in the last years. Would be no miracle.



Traumatized healing-canals


Your hands, where obviously (but not exclusively) the healing energy comes from, are a branch of your heart-chakra. Your heart-chakra is branch of your soul. Your soul is a branch of the divine origin, where the healing-energy actually comes from. The total is a canal so to speak, that can accomplish miracles if in unblocked condition. However, our healing-canal is usually blocked. Everyone of us has experiences from bygone lives, like for example from the inquisition, where healing was banned from us with torture. These tortures with the appropriate injustices, lies and intrigues traumatized this soul-canal deeply.


The inquisition is only one popular example of traumatising. Doing healing-work with former lives, trauma appears from all possible epochs, yes even from lives on other planets and in other dimensions. I pointed it out already in my article "Self-causation", how urgent is the dissolving of our trauma.

The iceberg of our repressions is, what threatens our present and our future. Many know, that what is in us, creates our reality. Nevertheless most people concentrate on the problems of the outside. Of course it is important to fight reptilians and illuminatis  and to also awaken other people. But how should things change, if each individual still radiates fear and terror through his unsolved repressions like a radio-mast?


You believe that this doesn't apply to you?


Once again I want to come back to the point why Karin and I left Germany. It was no decision from a spirit of adventure. It was a painful parting with big financial loss:


With a great percentage of the people, we had to deal with, we determined, that they tow mountains of repressions with them. Spirits of all types were attached to these repressions, but without exception they were energy-sucking spirits. We were pointed out to this fact very glaring, because the spirits had the habit to attack Karin if they came into her proximity. There were cases where they attacked Karin so strongly that she fell into coma-similar conditions, or in other cases she had to toss around pieces of furniture. There were cases, where the attack already began 10 minutes before the person came, to whom the spirit belonged.


Later it became clear for us that it is one of Karin's intentions of her life to put an end to the repressions and throw out spirits and that she is attacked therefore. However, the attacks are no more so theatrically, the reptilians still control her strictly. "Feeling well" are still unknown words for her. Her abilities are blocked steadily but she is very good in noticing if something is wrong. Without this quality of her, we would not have spotted the spiritual Mafia.


So much about Karin. But this is not about her, but about the Germans, that we had around us at that time. This is about the repressions and the spirits. This seemed very dangerous to us. We saw the main danger in the difference between the current life-situation of the people (people usually had a safe job and everything they needed) and the energies of the repressions (fear, pain and terror) plus the intentions of the spirits to push us into a chaos.


Where we live now, people are not different - maybe even worse. But here the chaos prevails already for a long time and everybody is prepared for it. One can live with it. The corruption is completely obvious for everyone. In the industrial countries however, a wrong secure feeling prevails (or prevailed), that does not correspond to the sick psychic conditions of the people. The bubble simply must burst. Either we heal quite fast large quantities of repressions or they will rise at the surface, creating reality: fear, pain and terror.


If the conditions of our world gets worse and catastrophes and wars occur, then, we should not blame this to the plotters or reptilians alone we really would not have learned anything.