Spirits, Agents and Magicians



You will need your psychic power to survive


In this article I want to think about possible threats in the near future and possible ways to resist and fight those treats without getting thrown into prison.


I begin with something that happened a few weeks ago close to my place. A thief who was already sought by the police walked around in my neighborhood. People saw him and called “get him”. A crowd came together and got him. One man with a “machete” called “let’s cut him an arm”, what finally they did not do.


I knew this man from an experience some years ago. His daughter was in hospital and her family asked me to do a healing session. So we did the session with her father and others in absence of the sick daughter.


When I said, I want to have contact with the daughter, the father fell into a trance and the daughter started talking through him. This was not what I meant with having contact, but this is the way it happened. After ten minutes of emotional talking the daughter left her father. He woke up and asked: “what’s going on?” We could not make him believe that he was a channel for spirits and he still does not know it. I am very sure, when he wanted to cut the arm of the thief, that he was under the influence of a spirit. 




The following incident was possibly shown on US TV: A Haitian guy killed a Dominican motorcyclist and stole his bike. Days later a group of Dominicans burned around thirty houses of Haitian families. Later an exodus of Haitian families occurred in that place.


It’s very probable that spirits were active in this case but possibly some agents were paid for to start the riot. I believe this because another similar incident happened short after that.


When the NWO continues its path there will surely a lot of demonstrations be seen everywhere on the globe. And when a displeased crowd walks around a lot of dangerous effects can occur, not by itself but NWO controlled. That means agents might break the inhibitions of normal human beings to destroy cars or windows or what ever. Spirits will jump into channels and let them make crazy things. And black magicians might sit in safe places where they work on increasing the evil energies and to mind control the crowd. 


Be sure they are prepared for that cases. That’s what they want to happen. Demonstrations will make no difference to those who are in command. They are good to show other people, that they are not alone with their problems, but that’s it.


I am not saying don’t go out and demonstrate, but I think you should do some more: You have to quickly develop your psychic abilities and become a magician. This is not a joke. I am saying this because of at least two reasons: First, the potential is in you anyhow and second, the more trouble comes up, the more your psychic potential starts working. It’s like a personal emergency circuit that wants to rescue you. But you have to know about it, in order to not become overwhelmed by your fear.



I want to give you one example, something that happened to me in May 1982 during the war between England and Argentina about the Falkland islands (islas Malvinas). I lived in Caracas, Venezuela at this time what involved me emotionally quite a bit, because the TV reports where mainly pro Argentinean. I was also disappointed and displeased that a civilized country like England started a war.


So I was pro Argentinean too and I was angry about the fact, that the Argentineans will probably have no chance against the two British aircraft carriers besides the other vessels. Now the experience begins:


One night after watching the war in TV, I was even more angry about the aircraft carriers. I knew a lot of Argentinean pilots will die, but can’t win those big ships with all their aircrafts on board. I was thinking about the situation and the thinking slipped over into meditation. I had a feeling I can see an Argentinean military airport on the island. Then I saw a single pilot standing there. I started talking to him: “Get into your plane and start it”. I did not receive a word but I had a very secure feeling, that he could receive me somehow.


I have to add, that in 1982 I was no good in meditation. If I tried to meditate, a few minutes later I noticed that I was thinking something else. But this time it was different. I kept the contact with the pilot for about 20 minutes, something that surprised me (when it was over).


I felt it took a while till the pilot got into the air and flew into the darkness. Now a few thoughts about flying around across the ocean at night in wartimes: This war started every morning and ended every evening. I guess this was because you don’t see a thing at night from your aircraft. There is just water and the enemy doesn’t leave the light on. So how do you want to find a ship without being detected first? Radar? If you send out these microwaves they’ll get you first. Put the headlight on? Come on, forget it!


I could feel the darkness. A long time just darkness, maybe 15 minutes. And what I was doing was sending confidence. All the time “Go on”, “You will find the ship”. I think the pilot must have noticed me like a spirit guide. However, the moment came to prepare the attack. I transmitted the message “you will exactly know, when to shoot your missile” and I could detect when he shot it. Short after this I lost contact. Believe me, when this was over, with each minute, I got more distance to the event and I came to point that this was just a funny and exciting imagination.


Well, the next morning I turned on the TV, not expecting much. But the message came instantly after turning on the TV: “Aircraft carrier Hermes was hit by a missile at night. They had no explanation how this could have happened. They were really surprised. The hit was above water level and caused a 100 foot (35 Meter) rip and one soldier wounded. No casualties.”


Ups! Wow, I was excited! I did it! They didn’t use that carrier anymore in this war. They had to repair first. I was so proud. And I couldn’t tell anybody. Who’s going to believe that? It was just a wish to reduce the thread that came from the aircraft carriers and then it really happened. It did not make the Argentineans win the war. I don’t know why I did not do the same exercise with the other vessel. May be my aggression was reduced through this success.


[I could not find this message in the Internet, but it really was on TV. At this time Venezuela had excellent relations with the USA, so I think the news came from US-TV. The English did never officially admit the hit on Hermes. Argentinean Websites show confusion and guesses about that incident. By the way: I would really love to find the pilot who shot the “Hermes”. May be he has a totally different story to tell, because psychic perception can be very different from reality. But the result counts.]




Now back to the present and the future. I would really like everybody to explore her/his hidden abilities. Trust yourself more then you used to. I did not know that I could have an influence on a war many thousand kilometers away from me. Believe me, there is a great potential inside of you, which might come to the surface in difficult times. Or let’s say there is no need for this potential in a boring everyday life.


So I recommend everybody not to do crazy things like putting cars on fire but start fighting in your armchair. Most of you know that there are ways to develop you psychic potential. There are seminars. Removing your blocks by spiritual healing helps a lot. In the next weeks I will put a series of articles for everybody to learn how to heal so you might be able then to remove blocks from yourself and your friends and you won’t have to join one of these reptilian controlled healing groups.


I called this website “psitalent” not because of my talent but because of your talent. Take it for sure, you are psychic. If you haven’t noticed it yet, it’s because you have been manipulated by your enemies. They want you to be unarmed and blind. How ever you imagine God, you can be sure she is psychic.


When I was doing healing sessions, many patients became psychic. The removal of the blocks that caused the physical problem also liberated psychic abilities. Some of these people later started to offer clairvoyant sessions and others started a career as healer. With these experiences today I am sure that being psychic is the way it should be. Sickness has to do with blocked psychic abilities. As a summary I would say one of the reasons of our existence is to develop powerful psychic abilities, besides of understanding love and other things.


I think the best to survive future attacks is to develop a combination of psychic abilities. I know clairvoyants, which can be used to pass on false information. This can happen, when the clairvoyant exclusively works with the third eye. You definitely need a certain amount of empathy, which will give you a bad feeling if they send you false info. Clairvoyance together with empathy helps you to not fall into traps. You will need to use healing energy to clean your body from bad energies, which they might send you through black magic or similar attacks.


I have been attacked a couple of times. The worst gave me three months of pain in my essential joints and almost would have forced me to use a wheelchair. The reason this problem took so long was that I did not find out where it came from. I always believed it was same agent in Germany, so I did not find out it was a neighbor, who obviously paid a Haitian Voodoo master to attack me. When, one day, I could see the Voodoo master, my healing channel just threw this guy and his magic out of my body. The Voodoo master made two more attacks, but he could just give me a few hours of pain, because now I was able to exactly see how he worked. All other attacks before and after this event I could stop in a short time by perceiving some details about the attack like "Who did it?" or "How was it done?" for example. So for me three abilities have become a life insurance for me: Healing power, clairvoyance and empathy.


If anybody is interested: My healing ability I just discovered in one event and there it was. Clairvoyance and empathy I really wished for many years to have that. And it took years of wanting to see and wanting to feel during my healing sessions. And I took seminars and I did a lot to become better. I am better now, but I want a lot more.