Spinal Problems

September 18, 2012

translated by Karin S., Oct. 29. 2012


In the article "Experiences with Alien Beings" I already reported that the Mantis are very good in dealing with our nervous system. That has actually been the case with all alien insect species that I was able to perceive so far. Enslaved and mind-controlled insect beings are mobilized in order to interfere with our nervous system. I do want to point out though that healed insect beings would never do that. They have a heart chakra and a soul and are thus in a healed state full of love, as would other beings be as well.

Enslaved insect beings are mobilized against us. They typically sit at a place at our spine. What are they doing there? First of all they cause back pains. However the goal is not so much to cause back pains as it is to interfere with certain nerves which are positioned between the vertebrae and which lead to certain regions of the body. This in turn affects an organ or a specific region of the body. At the same time the energy flow through the spine between the upper and the lower part of the body is significantly disturbed.

If somebody has been having a problem at one place of his/her spine since 20 years, then it can very well be that he/she has an alien insect being sitting there since 20 years. If you take the insect being away by healing it, the difference can be felt immediately, even when the complete healing of this place will still take a while.

After having removed a few insect beings from patients, I finally had the idea that I could maybe also be troubled by one. Often if you think that you can trace back your problems to a clearly identifiable cause, you forget that there might be an alien influence as well. The following happened to me: One time I was carrying something that was much too heavy for me. I was however out of practice with doing such kind of work. Subsequently I had an ever growing problem with my back which meant I needed to move carefully otherwise I felt pain.

Luckily we got here a good American chiropractor, who noisily brought my vertebrae back into the right positions. That helped me a lot. Yet weeks later I noticed more and more that something was wrong with my back. My lowest costal arch was aching and the area around my diaphragm was tensed up. When I was laying in bed on my side I noticed that something did not fit together all the way and that a dull pain was increasing everywhere inside of me. I thought about going to the chiropractor again. Luckily however, while still laying in bed, I had the idea that my problem could originate from an insect being. Well, the confirming answer through a flow of energy did not fail to appear. I healed the insect being and my problem was gone. Now I could turn whatever way I wanted and there was no more pain. In the next three to four days the whole area was still shifting itself into place. On and off I felt some tension, some pressure and slight pains, but it got better and better.

The insect beings can attach themselves wherever they want, but seem to prefer bones. It seems that they can anchor themselves better there. The spine appears to be their favored place. At the cervical spine they can manipulate a lot of nerve tracts. Via nerves they make your neck muscles tense which causes headaches. Chronic headaches can be an indicator of an insect being. They can also anchor themselves in the jaw and cause tensions in the jaw as well as teeth grinding which can then lead to the abrasion of teeth.

Unfortunately not everyone is able to remove and heal such insect beings. You need a functioning heart-soul-connection for this task, so that the insect can find again the way to its own soul. Who is not able, yet, to do it him-/herself, needs someone with the ability to heal. An important hint for the healer: It seems to be a black-magic practice to send insect beings to the spine of a victim. Possibly this is also where the lumbago comes from. When healing this you should ensure that you also undo black magic.