The Power of the Serpent


Translated by Franja

Previous Information Sept. 25


The last three weeks were filled with deeper insights. In analysis and healing sessions we found so much information on Snake beings like never before. Whether sessions with Human beings, Nature beings or Alien beings, every time and everywhere Snakes showed up. More precisely, I mean multidimensional, alien Snakes. Though we have perceived them in their astral form only, they are not limited to this plane. Please do not confound these Snake beings with our earthy snakes and their astral soul fragments.

It is possible, that Snake beings have much more power and influence, than Dracs and Reps and all other beings we know so far.

We have indications, that Snake beings manipulate Dracs and Reps through mind control. At least, they certainly do this with us Humans and it looks like there is no Human being without a Snake or at least without their influence.

Why haven't we found about this before? I already mentioned the reason in the article „experiences with alien beings“, chapter „snake beings“. They are specialized to be invisible and hidden, and they are extremely good at manipulating other beings' consciousness. This means, once you start looking for them, they start to distract you, create a mental blur and distort you perception.

I even feel their influence here and now, while writing this article, I can sense their resistance. Their biggest trick for thousands of years, being hidden and thereby operating behind the curtains, will lose some power once this information will be spread. Of course they want to hinder us from doing so, or at least they will try to postpone it as long as possible.

I have written other articles about Reps, how they manipulate the relationships between man and woman, by spreading mischief through creating misunderstanding. This is right, they are surely doing so. But our daily, constant chaos of manipulation is made up by the Snakes. This has a certain reason: Snakes are permanently installed, inside people or places. When Snakes „live“ inside the abdomen of a woman, which they actually do quite often, the result will be constant conflict in her relationship. The Snake feeds on the Mother Essence and wants to have it all for herself. Probably the Snake needs it to raise her baby-snakes as well. No energy left to be shared with the woman's man.

Considering this, the bible story of Adam and Eve wasn't that wrong. The Serpent brought a separation between man and woman. The Snake destroyed the original paradise, too. Nature beings told us, that there used to be a paradisaical cooperation between Humans, Nature beings, earthy astral beings and the Earth Soul. We all lived in a perfectly functioning symbiosis, which was profitable for everyone. This harmony has been destroyed by the Snake beings by the most cunning means. Through their manipulative skills they spread mischief, envy, jealousy, distrust, conflict and war.

We have had perceptions, that Snakes were brought here by an alien race. Yet we are unable to see this race, they are hiding. So we are still in the dark. Maybe this isn't that important at the moment.

The Cobra Snake being seems to be on top of the snake hierarchy. We have seen a Cobra operating outside of time. Once, she let Humans build a temple for her. There she stored soul fragments of Humans, who had been sacrificed to her. Then she traveled to the past and used energies from those souls to create chaos in the past (in this case in Atlantis). I don't know, if all Snakes are able to do so.

In the chapter on Reps I wrote about freeing and healing a Rep, who wanted to step over to the good side. One week later he showed up again, because he wasn't totally free then. Having new information about snakes made us look, if he was dealing with one. Indeed he was. He had a Snake inside and we had to remove it in order to help him becoming free. It is possible that Reps are full of Snakes, which are keeping them evil. We will continue researching.

During the same session we „arrived“ at a place with a cave in a rock. There rituals had been practiced. Then, without any obvious connection, Martina was „send“ to New York. Why? She was standing around, not knowing what's going on. Suddenly, after a while, she perceived a giant wave, directing toward NY. And a giant Cobra appeared, bigger than the buildings. Her message: „See, we have the power to let all of this happen“. We do not know whether that was the truth, or she simply wanted to scare us.

We expect, that the Snakes themselves only manipulate and let other beings operate, beings such as Reps, Grays or Humans. Snakes indirectly carry on their power through these manipulated beings. I suspect, that snake cults are still being practiced today (certainly in NY, too). This will give money and feigned power to their loyal servants.

I will finish this article for today, so I can publish it as quick as possible. It has to reach broad public as quick as possible. I am surely going to add new information on Snakes from time to time.

Franz Erdl


Continuation Sept. 28


Hello everybody! Recently, many exciting things are going on. Our understanding of the world is changing again, but in a way, which I can go along with. This changes haven't been proofed yet, but they can look like this:

Both Reps and Humans are victims of the alien Snakes.
Reps are under mind-control of the Snakes.
Reps have a soul and therefore can be cured.

Healing the Reps implies, that all Snakes must be conquered. The consequence would be a chain reaction, which would cure all other aliens, Humans and Nature beings.

A group of some hundred Reps, dark Dragons, Dracos and others has offered their help, to fight with us and to heal. Their general radiation was dark and most beings looked rather creepy, yet they felt okay. Well, actually they felt good. They were not looking for healing but wanted to help us. We haven't decided though, what to do, because we cannot risk a thing and allowed ourselves, to reflect on and feel about it. We have to check out this group some more time, and also have to reflect on how to check them out. We do not want to fall into a trap.

One main agenda of the Snakes is the demonization of their enemies. This means, they present brave freedom fighters as evil. They do so with Humans, Reps and Dracos.

Often they do this with very positive beings, giving them a very bad, demonic reputation. But please do not mix this up with those Reps, who have been so mind controlled that they forgot their positivity. You have to be very careful with this kind and you cannot work together with them until the Snakes have been removed.

Well, let me tell you about a view experiences we made these days, which underline our assumption:

During a healing session we found a Snake in the abdomen of the client. A Rep is close by, having a connection to the Snake. He is negative, yet he isn't bothering. The space, where the Snake was settled in, had been invisible before. But when we didn't give up looking for it, it appeared like a beautiful light. Both aspects were a lie (the invisibility and the beautiful light). Then we unearthed the truth: something cold, white was there, and the Snake was wrapped around it. Apparently it wasn't full-grown yet. The Snake seemed to feed on the white thing in the center.

We started to focus positive energy towards the Snake. This works in general, but can take a long time until it works with Snakes. So we didn't see any progression yet. Then the White Snake showed up and attacked the evil Snake. After a short while we could only see black leftovers of the evil Snake. The client still felt sick in his/her abdomen. We were wondering. What should we do? Martina had a brilliant idea: the white thing inside the abdomen could be a soul fragment of someone. Has it been given to the young Snake to feed on it? Right, the answer was given through the strong energy reaction, which immediately started to heal this soul fragment.

Then we got one more information: this was the soul fragment of the Rep who was standing close by. It took some time until all traumas could be healed. Then, after healing, a friendly and deeply grateful Rep looked at us. He gave us a flow of grateful and loving energy and went away. This experience was incredibly beautiful and makes us more courageous to go on healing Reps.

I have other topics, especially about the demonization, but first, think about this!

See you, Franz




Reflecting on new insights

August 1

Until now, we always considered Reps and Dracs as the evil guys. Now we found out, that Snakes are operating through them. So what? The difference is huge. We know now, that Dracs and Reps are victims, just like us. But it's going much further than that. Our previous experiences kept us from healing Reps, who were acting aggressively to us. There was no other way, since healing energy only worked for chasing them off but not for healing them.

Now this has changed. We understood, that Snakes within Reps are the ones, who control the Reps and make them run away from healing energy. When we focus the energy directly on the Snake inside a Rep, we can help him. Today we did so for a Rep, who was instructed to watch me. We detached the Snake and he didn't know anymore, what was going on. Imagine, you detach the Snakes from Angela Merkel! All her driving force would fall apart, and she would stand there with egg on her face, too. Who am I? What do I want?

Though everything might feel totally chaotic first, life will feel much better without a Snake inside. Therefore the Rep let us help him after detaching the Snake. Then he left gratefully. This has proven our theory, that Reps are able to change, empirically.

This opens new possibilities, how to rescue this universe. So far, we believed to chase off Reps forever, banish them magically or something like this. It doesn't help to kill them. They have an eternal soul and therefore will continue existing, however that will look like. So this means, they had to be banished, if we want to have our peace. But this doesn't feel good to me. And who has the ability to banish them? Us? Other aliens?

And what about Snakes? Do they have similar issues like Reps? Our experiences so far say: „No.“ Snakes seem to be soulless. One can destroy them, absorb them, and then they are gone for good! Simply gone! We are not sure, whether it works this way for all Snake beings, but so far it looks this way. And I have to say: I like this kind of solution. Snakes end up in the garbage dump and Reps, Mantis, Grays, Dracs and Humans will be healed. From then on, we all live without deceitfulness, without maliciousness and in cooperation. This would be incredibly beautiful.

I fell in love with this final solution, it totally clinched me. Other options I cannot see any longer. As if!...Galactic Federation is coming to pick us up or some of this bullocks. No way.

Is there something worse behind the Snakes, operating through them? Something even more powerful? Is the rabbit hole even deeper? I don't think so. Even the mysterious alien beings, who seemed to have brought the Snakes here, apparently were only used by the Snakes to transport them to earth. If these mysterious ones were the great manipulators, we would have seen them again. This thought makes me think about, that Snakes most likely intruded other galaxies and dimensions as well. This could be a future task!

The recent situation shows us, that we are able to eliminate Snakes. But if we try to heal people, who are noted down on the Snakes’ shit-list, we are not coming through. This doesn't work yet. I guess, the Snakes purchase the energy for keeping up this blockers from all their sleeping sheep here on earth.