(written 2007, translated march 2009) 


From miscellaneous commentaries and private mails I feel that there is confusion about the point of the self-responsibility or self-causation. Is it so that I cause everything myself, what befalls me or do we have to blame the reptilians for everything? This is my opinion:


There is an understanding of self-responsibility or self-causation, that means approximately the following: If I, from now on, only occupy myself with positive thoughts, then, sooner or later my world, my life must become positive. Whoever represents this opinion of course, must think, that I create a negative world of fight and injustice for myself with my reptilian stories and the more I get into it it, I will be pulled in deeply. Furthermore I try to infect as many people as possible with my negative thoughts and to take them down with me into the darkness. Right?


Now I have to refer to my work as spiritual healer, which I have done now for more than 15 years. This work revealed many things, which I didn't know at the beginning. For example the knowledge, that we live more than once, came to me through healing-sessions. Until then I didn't certainly know that we reincarnate, but some patients just came in contact with former lives during normal energy-sessions. This solved serious trauma and their actual life changed.


Obviously, the astral canals were locked by trauma in bygone lives with most people. Cruelties like the early Christian-prosecution, witch-tortures and witch-combustions and so on traumatized abilities like healing, clairvoyance, astral-traveling, telepathy etc. and made unattainable for the individual person. I felt very happy when dissolving these traumas with patients psychic abilities came to light. Quite normal people, who werenít interested in spirituality, started to perceive their own problems clearly. Some of them collaborated with me a while in group-sessions. Some later became independent psychic readers or healers.


The point is that a normal-human being is to be compared with an iceberg. You can see only 10 percent looking out of the water. Conscious thoughts and conscious feelings are this 10 percent. Repressions are the others 90 percent - feelings, that we might fear so much, that we donít sense them anymore. Our true abilities are behind these repressions, but that is another story.


If we try to always have positive thoughts, we create a certain positive radiation. That is correct. Simultaneously, our suppressed fears create a negative radiation. The fact that we suppressed them, shows that they have much strength. Therefore, the energy-charge of these repressions is huge. Positive thoughts can never ever gain the same intensity, like our repressions. Therefore, we don't need to be surprised, if despite of our positive thinking our life is still a mess*.


(* Exceptions: as mentioned in other chapters, the reptilians allow a moderately bearable lifestyle to some representatives of teachings, that provide further repression)


All the energies inside of me, not only my thoughts, cause my life. Thinking positively might be better than always fearing the worst. But to concentrate only on light and love permanently can be assessed only as intensive repression. Real improvements in life I noticed with the people who were forced through illnesses or unbearable situations, to dissolve their traumas.


Existence and manipulations of the reptilians do not change the basic principle of self-responsibility and self-causation:


The energies in our body create our reality,

no matter how these energies got in there.


The problem consists in that we don't have access on 90 percent of our consciousness (iceberg) but the reptilians can access this part and literally do what they want. The reptilians know well about this principle and therefore they manipulate our energies, equip us with implants, so that we produce reality the way they wish. We cause this, through our astral blindness, that we not even notice. Stupidity doesn't protect from damage, is a wise saying.


If we would do a world-wide, massive effort to dissolve our traumas, maybe the reptilians would have finished their parasitic life with mankind.


But I don't know it for sure. It is certain that they have easy game with us because of our repressions. And quite independently from the existence of the reptilians, I already see the mass of suppressed energies* in the people completely sufficient to plunge the world into the very deepest abysses. That is not being pessimistic. It only would be pessimistic if I saw this as a given future. But there is remedy. There are healing-techniques. Unfortunately, they are used only by those, who are already in deep shit. Therefore my effort to show our blindness and our illness. To start now with healing is already twenty years late. But better now as not at all.

(*Ok, these energies come from former reptilian influence) 


I would like to put it big and broadly on the table once again:

The suppressed parts of our consciousness represent a severe danger. The accumulated horror in us pushes at the surface. Our soul wants to get rid of this scrap. If we still ignore this, so much inner pressure build up and energetically transmits into the outside world that our outside world invariably must explode. We could spare ourselves many fights in the outside, if we would clean up in the inner consciousness. The worsening conditions of our planet are only a mirror of our own fog. Somewhere, it finally must appear.


On this website you can find a fast-course in spiritual healing. For reason of the big healing-demand, many people are required, to rediscover their healing abilities in order to be able to help others. I determined that the rediscovering of the healing abilities can happen very fast. I experienced a case here, where a young woman with no experience, after one single admission of twenty minutes developed to be a master in three days. That was knowledge from former lives. And we all have this.


Also our healing abilities and clairvoyance etc together with our traumas want to come to the surface. Therefore, a fast-course for healing is no joke. Some people only need small impulses and these abilities come up at the surface.