Solar plexus and Heart Chakra

(Oct. 2010)

(translation March 2011 – thanks to my friends)


Sometimes, I first have to ponder over something to find the motivation for writing on the next topic. Lately I surfed the web and found quite some nonsense about the Chakras, e.g. colors or stones that supposedly go along with particular Chakras. In that, I found the drive for this article. By reading this you might get what I’m getting to.

The condition of your Chakras does have reason. The chaos that is to be found there has its purpose. This meaning should be understood when working with your energy centers, otherwise after Chakra balancing old disorders may re-originate due to unsolved and unaware mental patterns and philosophies.


Soul, Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra

The co-operation of these three components is most important of all and should be thoroughly understood.


I don't want to define “soul” because I don't believe that anybody really can do so. The soul is a part of the Divine Origin (from my perceptions, the soul was created through many replicated processes of division: first there were large soul groups that were split into smaller and smaller sections ... up to the single, individual soul). However, it has a connection to the Divine Origin and therefore is a quite powerful construction.


Heart Chakra

Primarily, the Heart Chakra is a dimensional gateway, a portal to the individual soul. It is also a gate to the soul plane in general, through which other souls can be reached or lost soul fragments can be recovered.


Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra (SP) is your private room. It should be only entered by things that truly belong to you. The SP stores the natural intentions of your soul. If those remain unhindered, they will fuse together to potentials within your SP, that create reality.


The interplay of these Chakras

So, if your SP is free from foreign influences and free from your own confusions (regarding your true will) and if your gateway, the Heart Chakra, is unblocked to the realm of souls and protected by a clearly defined SP, your soul will be able to perfectly communicate to you. The better this channel, the "Soul-Heart-SP” (SHS), is functioning, the more Divine Origin can be present within you. And that's how it is supposed to be.

The other Chakras serve the “Divine within you” so it can be active on all levels. Of up-most importance is the condition of the SHS, because otherwise your Chakras work for the wrong intents, at the worst contrary to yourself.


The Solar Plexus' tasks

Since the SP contains the motives of your soul (or higher self), it is the force within you, that is steering your life. Nothing from the outside is allowed to guide your life, no authority, no human being, no spirit (even if it masquerades as God himself). This is a heavy task for most of us! All information, even that which is passed on by the most seemingly loving spiritual entities, must be examined by your own SP to find out whether it suits you or not.


The right, male side of the SP is your department of defense. It is used for the energetic advance of your intentions and for its defense. So it must be trained to defend quickly and powerfully when being attacked. Attitudes such as pacifism, nonviolence, "to be all kind and nice”, “not wanting to harm anyone”, “to please everybody” are not permitted on this level. You can't betray your soul’s purpose for the sake of (false) peace. "God within you" might back down otherwise. Believe me, this “defense-ability” will be provoked more and more in the near future. (On the physical plane the liver is the organ that is arranging and sorting out damaging substances).

In particular, the right side of your SP (liver etc.) has to supervise and defend the Heart Chakra, the gateway to the soul. Otherwise this station can be (mis-) used by any creature inhabiting our universe. Therefore it must be clearly defined that only your soul has access to this channel and those people or spirit beings, that you have chosen consciously. Nobody should have access to you on a permanent level, especially astral entities.

The strength and power attributed to the right side of your SP is essential for your development. This leads us to the issue of why dark forces attempt to weaken you there from time immemorial (former incarnations). The chart below demonstrates several ways of manipulation of your SP.

The “defense-ability” of your SP doesn't need big-time martial arts, but rather clarity. Clear decisions and differentiation about what is good for you and what is not, what do you really want and what not. All intent-garbage of past lives (q.v. Chart 1) must be resolved. Influences from the outside only disturb this essential clarity, especially old influences and dogmas of religious teachings. It seems that religions were only brought among us to confuse our intentions.

Don't think you can loosen your “defense-ability” just because you are close to God, your vibrations are so high, or you are so enlightened, etc.. This might work for a while, but the dark side will eventually find its ways to creep back into your system. As I said before, such “defense-ability” is based mainly on clarity and the ability to differentiate, not on the strength of fighting back. Once you clearly understand what might come in and what stays outside, your high vibrations can help you to keep the proper distance. But as long as no clear decision is coming from your belly area, your high vibrations are not of enduring use.

Simply put: "You have to make use of the willpower that is within your SP! "I know a couple of egoistic ignoramuses without any spiritual quality, who make reckless use of their willpower. Unfortunately, most people who enter the spiritual path start denying this willpower, fearing they would be too egoistic otherwise. Beyond question, this is handing over authority of our reality to the ignoramuses. We suffer from a lack of spiritually progressed people whom possess strong willpower and therefore able to influence our collective fate into a positive direction.

"Oh lord, make me an instrument of yours"... A long time ago, I used to think so, too. Yet it is dangerous to say so, because it can be understood in the wrong way. Under no circumstance should we give away our willpower while waiting to be given the right intuition or guidance. "Father, let me find your true will within myself!” would be the better prayer. (Well, why do we actually say “Father”, not “Mother”? However, this is another topic...)

The reason why your are here is to be found within your SP and it is possible to receive this deeper knowledge through your feelings. And if you perceive it, it will become reality. I noticed that many spiritual seekers that I know fear this last step. They rather send positive energies, massage or meditate. However, somehow they lack the ultimate usage of their willpower to demand that their will be done. This is especially the case when practicing healing. Go ahead, demand your client (or friend) to really find healing because you want it this way! Does this frighten you? Are you afraid, to cross “God's plans”? Keep this in mind: the dark side is unscrupulous with ruining health and life of a person. They don't mind to cause wars at the expense of millions. They do dare to manipulate God's creation without asking. But should you, as a healer, always must ask for God's permission because you may cause an overkill of healed folks? Come on...

(By the way: If you aren't aware of this mental pattern yet, take a deeper look. I am pretty sure it dwells somewhere in your subconscious.)

Repeating the significance once more: You don't need any angels or archangels, nor alien “Kryon” or the “spaceship-commander Ashtar”. Quite the contrary, these lads are a threat for your SP! The so called ascension groups are an accumulation of the esoteric flock, amputated of their SP and (in the meantime) full of implants. The implants hinder a path back to the Divine Origin, and make a return almost impossible. They are lost. They can deal with their SP in their next incarnations. Sorry!

Everything mentioned above weakens your strength and “defense-ability” (your good “true self” and its divine intention) which allows you to defend yourself against the evil intruders who do not hesitate making use of their nasty willpower. And, once more, this is the reason why the situation on our planet is in such a bad condition. You have probably already noticed that the right side of your SP consists physically mainly of your liver. It's easy to draw a connection between alcohol abuse and SP issues. As far as I can see, alcohol opens your doors for dark entities. Those “demons” are very eager in holding down your liver's potential of defense and keeping you addicted to alcohol so they can stay in control of you.

Those who want to get rid of his or her addictions should deal with these intruding entities at the outset. Why do they have such an easy way with people? Surely, former lives are involved. Oftentimes, false spirituality that is mixing up "ego" with "self", has led people to suppress their true nature's needs and intentions, and make them dependent on “angels” or “god(s)”. The SP expresses itself through feelings and desires since they are part of the Self. Whoever suppresses these feelings will suppress his “defense-ability” as well. And those who then open themselves up for the authority and guidance of others and especially entities, will soon find parasites attached.

This situation is typical:

  1. Suppressing one's own needs leads to addictive behavior.

  2. Entities relate to this and sustain addictions.

As written before, we originate from the Divine, which is Unity. Yet, we are not going back there to dissolve into the Unity once again. And within your SP you find your personal “ID card”, that identifies you with the Divine Origin. Like a code that is showing: “Here, this individual, who arose of the Divine, on its independent journey in eternity, to create freely as it likes. (Well, something like that)

I have plenty experience with the right site of the SP. When miscellaneous enemies appear, specifically Reptilians, I feel pain at the liver. This pain usually subsides after a while.


I am less experienced with the left side of the Solar Plexus Chakra. Yet I suspect the left side to be the receiving one, fulfilling the task of attracting support for my intentions. Since we were finally created from the same source, our intentions are connected. If they were exposed, these intentions would ally, support one another and display a powerful strength. Such interplay would mean endless joy!

The most important organs on our physical left side would probably be the pancreas and the spleen. Therefore, problems in this region might indicate that we are not able to assume help and support from outside or we are deprived of such support, for any number of reasons.

The kidneys also belong to the SP energetically. More on that in the "Collection 1.0" on this website.

Heart Chakra and the Soul

Some may not understand the statement: "True faith is rooted in the heart". This is not a famous quote but rather my own belief. What leads me to hold such a belief? The answer is quite evident: because I simply feel it. I can feel the presence of my soul inside my heart. The soul is the branch office or the agency of the Divine Origin and it does feel very divine to me, it feels something like what some may feel about Christmas. A religious person might say it this way: "I feel God within myself."

This peculiar feeling inside the heart is overpowering and overruns the rational

mind. It simply makes you “believe” and have faith in the Divine. Since this feeling expresses the presence of the soul so deeply, it is the basis for miracles. Put it in different words: Whoever wants make miracles come true needs a good connection from the Heart Chakra to the Soul.

You might wonder whether all of us are connected to our Souls.

Therefore, concepts such as “the Soul” must firstly be defined. I consider the soul to be a paramount unit and beyond all individual incarnations (maybe it is what some call the Higher Self). Each physical incarnation carries on an individual soul fragment, that is more or less separate from the main Soul (capital S). Most people do live their lives while being extremely cut off their Higher Self/ Soul. According to my experience, this separation is deeply necessary to experience and develop an individual sensation (Yup, I too find it cruel). This soul fragment is shaped, distorted and mutilated in the course of a life, and is loaded with plenty of experience.

The soul fragment leaves this realm again when our body dies. And what happens then? The outcome depends on how strongly this fragment is negatively charged and traumatized. Less traumatized soul fragments are able to return quickly to the Soul (which is its home at last) and where the earthly experiences are well received for other incarnations. Yet, strongly traumatized soul fragments get stuck somewhere in between and might cling to the physical realm (well, that is another topic for another article).

The point is, we all do have a soul fragment with us, but still we can be totally disconnected to the Higher Self/ Soul. To say it in different words: “Your Heart Chakra is blocked” or “your connection to your Soul is interrupted”.

Typical blocks of the Heart Chakra:

(to be added)

Feeling of guilt: I have done wrong and therefore get rejected (by God). I am not loved (by God). I am useless/worthless. I am not anything beloved (All these beliefs take effect on the Heart Chakra and SP). These feelings are based on events or possibly on non-physical existences as well (e.g. astral experiences: “I have failed as a guardian angel”).

Painful separations: The most hurtful separation is the separation of the Soul. This has caused “primal pain”. This pain renews itself over and over, causing painful experiences again and again until this system is transcended and we start to heal this primal pain.

Brutal experiences, that have lead us to think: "God doesn't exist, this world is ruled by darkness and there is nothing I can do about it, I have to surrender”. Beside this brutality, black magic is strongly dis-unifying as well.

Envy and hate of others: dark entities work hard on triggering envy and hatred to hinder the spiritual development of someone else.

Dead people (their soul fragments) from this live of former lives can be attached to you. Deceased, traumatized people can attach to you or might have been attached by black magic. They can do so to all body parts, which always forms a burden on the Heart Chakra.

Alien influences (manipulations, implants): certain aliens try to disconnect us of our Heart Chakra since it is a feasible threat to their agenda.

All blockages in the heart cause feelings of mourning, pain and burden, of which nobody is free. Loneliness, helplessness and servitude are related feelings. The Heart Chakra can be attacked and threatened, yet it cannot attack and be aggressive itself. This is a task of other chakras which is leading us to the interplay of the SP and the Heart Chakra: The SP must defend our Heart Chakra, our Soul's gateway! This needs a clearly defined decision and will, for instance: “What is good for me?”, “What has to stay outside of my system by all means?” or “What do I have to keep far away from myself?” Perception and realization are demanded as well, however explanation into such connections would over-complicate this article and will therefore be left out.

Since this topic is very complexed, please go ahead emailing me and asking question which might lead to other important insights!




Chart 1


Astral Entities


Dark entities that appear as angels or as god(s), telling you the way it should be, playing the role of authority. Through such false perception they anchor themselves in your SP.


In former times, dark powerful beings appeared in human bodies to subdue ordinary people. On the one hand, this allowed such entities to attach themselves to humans, on the other hand they created a belief system of an external God, which still is prominent nowadays.


Admiring and adoring others (idols or totems such as saints, gurus, external god) allows foreign influences to have access to the SP.


Ritualistic inauguration of all the types (e.g. cures, magic, religious groups, secret societies). Related to this are all oaths, vows, that have been declared in front of any groups in past or recent lives. Such group-related influences on our SPs are found in many cases.


Human sacrifices: Only parasites need sacrifices, God definitely does not need such things. Such rituals create relations and access to all chakras.


Alliances with astral beings, for example caused by a magician or a medium to benefit (e.g. power, success, money sex partners...) to the point of selling ones soul, making a pact with the devil.


Beware of so called guardian angels! It's far better to teach your children to have access to their own Soul/ Higher Self, which offers the strongest protection since it is part of themselves.






Authorities (especially of former lives)


Kings, sovereigns, lords of castles, military leaders etc. who demanded oaths of their subjects (those of you who have been in positions of power and authority themselves should think about enfranchising former subjects from their oaths).


Fathers, teachers, superiors, church authorities who strictly demanded obedience.


Slaveholders and any application of suppression, force, humiliation, degradation.