Rain making experience
Stunning revelations

(written May 17. 2011 - translated by Franja, May 19.)


Somatic problems in the lower parts of the body, such as feet, legs, buttocks and the lower vertebrae of the spine, usually indicate a lack of connection to earth. Until now, we believed that this is the only reason for having issues in the lower body parts.

Since the day before yesterday, we know that such physical problems may even occur because one has an exceptionally good connection.


Here our experience:

Martina and I have met up on Skype for a healing session on May 15. The reason was the ongoing pain in her lower back, which she has immensely suffered from for two weeks (and what she had for years in varying intensity). After we had worked on it for an hour without success, we focused on another topic: The recent (abnormal) dryness in Germany. Therefore we wanted to make rain. We also wanted to figure out why the earth cannot bring about rain, since we already know that the earth doesn't want to have any drought-catastrophes in Europe nor anywhere else. Obviously, something is in its way.

The answer came in an instant. There's a grid of dark energy lines, whose fix points consist of negatively charged places, like powerful energy places, which were distorted by satanic rituals or other rituals including a considerable number of churches, built on power places, are part of this dark web. This were no big news, however, big news were that the energy blockade of the planet was being reflected in Martina's back! That means, she can sense that the terrestrial problems are identical to her physical problems! And this is an extraordinary and important discovery, important for many people with problems in the lower back and important for the planet.

How did the story continue? Perhaps because of Martina's strong earth connection, we could very easily send positive energy (which we asked the Divine Origin for) to the dark grid. Then, very quickly, the grid turned light and positive, it clearly lit up. Simultaneously, Martina's backaches decreased and she felt relieved. Healing energy flowed strongly and continuously, especially through her legs into her back.

The next morning: Rain, finally!! Not only passing clouds like the days before, but clouds showering. Just as beautifully as it was raining, just as great it was that Martina was free of pain for the first time in weeks. Plus a beautiful side-effect appeared: Her body regenerated during the night. Her face, hands, everything strengthened and is looking younger now. Well-known wrinkles vanished. She was not the only one noticing this.

The same day, she watched a documentary on Japan. Suddenly the backaches returned. But when the film ended, the pain ended, too. This clarifies how strongly she reacts to earth's problems, emotionally and physically. This experience shows many aspects of Martina's life in a different light now. And now she understands why she could not heal her body in earlier efforts, because we haven't found the appropriate basic approach back then.

I don't want to nurture unsatisfiable hopes. I don't have any idea, if this experience can be generalized, surely we will research it. I don't assume either, that the dark party is simply going to take this without counteraction. Let's see how it is going.


The effect of rain by reversing the polarity of the dark grid is showing us once more that negative happenings, such as the planned drought, is caused by dark astral forces. HAARP alone won't do.


Addendum,  May 17, afternoon:

The dark side -as expected- has already begun their counteraction. The grid is re-distorted and Martina's back is hurting again, yet not as bad as before. At least it was raining a bit and more rain is being prognosticated. Farming has already been negatively effected by the drought of the past weeks. We have been acting too late. Why? Because I am not living in Germany and therefore didn't know what was going on and Martina has never been working with the weather before. Anyway, it was an informative experience.


Addendum May 19:

Martina meanwhile did some more work on the energy-grid and obviously she succeeded again. She saw the grid change again (there is no other evidence than her clairvoyant perception) and again simultaneously her back feels a lot better.


Addendum May 21:

A friend wrote that the rain was already announced before the May 15 by weather forecasts and therefore it would have rained anyway.

Now, on my island, there was the same problem with the dryness. Two rain-periods simply did not happen. Recently, the weather-services announced rain for the whole coming week, every day rain.

And, what happened really? A whole week, no drop of water fell from heaven. That was the moment I noticed that something is wrong. As I finally intervened, the predicted rain really came the next day. It now rains every day (more at night) a few hours although actually we have no rain season now.

Rain or not. The more essential, more important point for me in this whole article is the realization how much we are interconnected with the earth. And this tells me on the other hand how important it is to be grounded and not to keep your mind in thoughts of getting away from here. Please, first be really here! And then learn to create a paradise here. We are one with the earth! We are one with the weather! Do you understand?

If enough people are grounded, we can delete the word "Catastrophe" from the vocabulary. This is the message!


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Ken published one comment he received:

Subject: Stunning Revelations
From: June
Date: Fri, May 20, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

I hope you are well!

Thank you so much for posting Franz Erdl's letter! I worked on balancing out energies in the earth, and sure enough: The pain in my lower back around my tailbone and my hips instantly melted. The milder pain in my lower legs left too! Wow! I then went to a different part of the world, in meditation, and the pain was back and really bad. I balanced the energy there and instant relief! Franz is onto something here, and I'm so glad he shared it and you posted it!




Subject: RE: Stunning Revelations
From: June
Date: Sat, May 21, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

A friend of mine wrote and asked "how I did it?". Here is what I wrote back to her, in case you'd like to know, too.

I wrote to her:

I really don't know for sure... let me think.

First: My symptoms matched the lady in Franz's story. And the pain just wouldn't go away. I did energy clearing, I did cording removal, I did herbs (Comfrey always works... but, not this time!) My hip sockets and lower back were so bad, if I drove in the car for half of an hour, I could hardly get out and walk, because of the pain! It just wasn't going away. Then I read the story, and thought I'd give it a try!

Second, "the try": I laid with my head to the north. I do not know if one has too, but I think it makes it easier. Then I had the intent to clear up the energy in the ground, here on our property and around. I saw energy lines with nodes, that looked kind of like lymph nodes running parallel and I think they were north-south. Then I pulsed energy, to get rid of "static" stuck energy. I do this with my eyes closed, then look up and in and immediately straight down. I did "see" some sparks behind my eyelids, indicating the static had been grounded. Poof! Pain was gone.

So, I'm thinking that intent is over half of the work! It could very well be that the work was done in higher dimensions and my request is what brought that about. That would not surprise me. So, it could be that the land was healed from beings in angelic realms. Lots of times, all we need to do is just ask.

The other assignment I took on was in a much much larger area, and in a place I suspected had huge tectonic stress. The meditation was intense and much longer. As soon as I made contact, the pain in my body was instantly intense. I started by contacting the spirits of the indigenous people there to see if there were those who wanted to work on this. There were four volunteers. Not many, but enough. Then, I contacted a few nature spirits there and got their co-operation, then I asked for willing spirits of the descendants of the white settlers there.

After that, I followed spirit. I received confirmation during this effort, by a surprise from the spirit of those trying to control and manipulate! So I thought I'd try what I do here. I organized our little band to play the Blue Danube. They were right on it! And more and more spirits joined. First whales, then dolphins and many beings I do not recognize yet. They are probably higher dimensional beings, similar to sylphs, and of course a lot of sylphs joined in.

Gradually we blasted the wannabees (they want to control) out and our song prevailed. I then pulled a big, white-metal, with burgundy-colored decoration, rod out of the earth there. What a relief in my body as well as the earth's body!!! I stayed and worked with the group a little more.

When I came out of the meditation my body was still improved. I'm a little sore off and on this morning, but nothing like before! If you try this, follow spirit. You will be shown what needs to be done, like I was shown that big rod that had been driven into the land, on an energy level. Your experiences will most likely be different than mine was.

We were attacked on the way home last night. We were on a country highway and a car from the opposite direction crossed the center line, driving right at us! I thought about it later and decided we had been protected from an planned attack. I had been warned that I would be attacked, so had organized help from the angelic realm to be safe. I believe that my angels woke up the driver from a projected mind-controlled" mission". Looking at her on the highway, it seemed like she woke up and pulled the car over into her lane. In the mean time, the pick-up behind me and I both corrected our course from our "dive for the ditch" back into our driving lane. Whew!!! I still am having intense attitudes of gratitude for that one!

Also, I no longer question the above meditation. The wannabees-controllers just confirmed it for me with their attack. So nice of them to do that.



From: "Franz Erdl"
Date: Tue, May 24, 2011

Hello June,

I'm so happy about your comment. What you describe is so similar to my (our) experience. So I would like to emphasize those points that seem to be typical or essential for earth-healing and/or weather balancing.

As I am living in the Caribbean I am regularly confronted with hurricanes. Trying to not have hurricanes at my place I started meditations about that but did not know what to do. My wife supposed there must be beings who know, so I should try to contact one of them. Good idea. So in a meditation I met a very old (American) Indian. But all he did was to show me a group of whales. He didn't show up anymore so I contacted the whales I saw. Well, I just told them what I wanted and it looked like they did it. That was all and it helped.

Whales seem to be the #1 earth-healers and weather-harmonizers and I feel like they want us to notice what's going on and what they are doing and want us to make decisions. They are not willing to do healing on people but only because they are overloaded with earth-healing what also means fighting dark aliens. They need our cooperation.

June, you mentioned "intent is over half of the work!” and “follow spirit!”

That's exactly what we experienced. Example: We were looking for the energies of the Dominican Republic, where I live. Martina detected a vortex close to Pico Duarte (the highest mountain) which seemed to be the major vortex for the island. But that vortex was dark gray and rotated the wrong way - from the sky to the earth. So what could we two little people do with such a huge vortex.

Well, it happened as you said. It was as everything was already prepared and if only our decision was required to make things happen. A book appeared and a feather waiting for us, to say what we want. We said something like "We want the vortex to work in a positive way for the island and the people” . . . can't remember exactly. And the feather started writing in the book. Than book and feather disappeared and the vortex began to change. That's about a year ago and the bad guys couldn't turn it around again. If you are able to have a look on it you might see that they are trying to strangle it.

So I agree with what you say: “Lots of times, all we need to do is just ask.” But that includes and I have to admit that it is not always that way. For example alien bases are not easy to remove. We could make it with one place, with many hours of work and with the help of a well grounded woman who live there. But there are other places where we were not successful. Lots of research and healing still have to be done.



From: "Franz Erdl" <adamundeva1@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, May 24, 2011

I didn't know if Martina wanted me to write the following. Meanwhile I talked to her and she insists that I write it:

Martina has also been attacked and she was also warned but did not understand it as a warning. Saturday evening an extremely low flying Milan (a raptor bird) passed by when Martina and her partner and the three cats were in the garden. The bird screamed quite a lot of times. Very unusual. It felt like a warning but they did not yet understand. Sunday morning one of their cats, Mellon was badly hit by a car and they had to end his life the next day. It was strange because the road where it happened was a lane with stones and holes where a car has to move slowly. Mellon had very fast reactions and would not have stayed till they hit him.


When later on, being in their car, they discussed that the Milan wanted to warn them, they heard another scream of a raptor bird. Must have been a confirmation.

What could they have done with that warning? What can anyone do after a warning? Well I think June did it right. She asked for protection from the angelic realm. I would have asked my soul to organize help. I think something like this is all we can do.




Addendum May 30:


What to do with warnings?

I must correct my last section. Whoever developed psychic abilities, can still do a bit more about warnings or threats. It is also them who are attacked.

There is a law: “Nothing can happen in reality if it doesn't exist in the astral-level as energy”. Therefore every attack requires some form of black-magic. Even if a car accident should be staged or they want to send you a killer. It needs the black magic to make it work.

Those who are gifted (have developed their gifts) might be able to perceive and dissolve this black magic. I myself cannot always perceive it for example, but if I interrogate, "has a negative energy been created against me?" then energy flows through me, if the case applies. The problem immediately dissolves on that occasion.

I recommend the corresponding people to execute a personal “Virus scan” at least once daily or in case of they fear to be attacked. I personally test regularly:

  • Are dark entities* close to me or in my surroundings?

  • Are dead people (souls) close to me or in my surroundings?

  • Have negative energies (black magic) been sent?

  • Did earth-energy-problems connect to me?

    *It often is necessary to find out which entities are present. Therefore I individually test for dark astral-entities or aliens like Draconians, Reptilians, Grays, Mantis or other insektoide types. One can already recognize the presence of the different beings with some practice on the basis of your own crooked feelings. (More about this in an article to come)



Further experiences of our relationship with earth:

A Dominican friend came to us a few days ago and she complained about a pressure in the chest-area. I laid down, went through above list in order to check her psychically, however only in thoughts. As I thought "problems of the earth" immediate energy-reaction came and simultaneously, our visit said "now it gets warm in my chest”.

The problem-energy was released. On the next day, however, she came with quite strong kidney-pains. Result: Problems of the earth. On the third day, it was headaches. Same result. Nothing new came after that - until now.

This small experience has a big meaning: Problem-energies in the earth reflect not only in the lower body-area, as determined until now, but can appear in the whole body. Maybe that is different with each human being. Is our friend a rare exception?

Experiences in this area should be collected urgently. I would be pleased if these information is forwarded to people who heal, so that they can fit these topics into their work. I would be pleased if experiences are exchanged. I can publish on my site or a blog or a forum could be established.

These realizations are so important, not only because until now incurable symptoms might be curable now but also because we can recapture our planet earth. The earth doesn't have any desire for catastrophes, into what however, she is forced. She would like to be lovingly to us. With much joy, she would gladly deliver a paradise. Let us help her!