Born 1951.

I finished my electronic studies in 79. Then I started to work as an industrial engineer. Still in the same year I was sent to Venezuela, were I worked for the next 4 years. There I had my first experiences with the supernatural and I developed my healing abilities.

Back in Germany in 1983. Moved to another company, which send me to the USA in 1985 for the next 3 years.

In 1991 I finally quit my job as electronic engineer and started a career as psychic healer.

I had a very difficult beginning and after some years I had a good time of about 3 years and then again it became very difficult. Karin, who I've met meanwhile, and I were going to install a seminar-house at the Chiemsee /Bavaria. We just had a lot of expenses but no success. With this project we could experience a lot of influences of a mafia of spirits. We did not yet know that they were reptilians. Strange things happened here, like people I helped a lot to develop their abilities became enemies.


Soon we didn't see any possibility to start any project in Germany, therefore we moved to the Dominican Republic in 2000. Now we life in the Dominican Republic close to Cabarete, a tourist village. Cabarete is known for its splendid windsurf conditions. Almost every day sun and wind, summer and winter. There are a lot of websites about Cabarete.