October 24. 2011


The Wowos' Rescue Package

We have received clear hints, that the Wowos' rescue package, which they have send to us on October, 14th had the task of healing an energetic attack of the era of Atlantis. As far as Martina could perceive it, Atlantis had not been slowly infiltrated by alien energies (as I was expecting it), but at a moment's notice. The problems started with a massive thunderclap. A huge ray of energy hit the earth, changed it and almost all people in Atlantis energetically. This was the beginning of the detachment between head and heart, by installing an isolation inside the throat.

The energy of the Wowos' rescue package heals the changes, that the Earth has suffered at that time. This also facilitates the healing of the head-heart-detachment.


Electrical“ Blue Snakes

These ones are not very often. When feeling them, they feel somewhat like electrical current, yet not identical to that. During a session Martina perceived these snakes inside a spaceship, which had been on earth a long time ago. This ship was floating above the earth's surface. These blue snakes and their ship are incompatible with earth. They have to stay away from earth's energy and therefore cannot leave their ship.

Why are they here? Martina received the information, that they have been called to come. Other snakes might have done so for their purposes. Though these blue snakes don't leave their ship, they can bring humans astrally inside to possess them as hosts. We don't know yet, if they manipulate them in other ways, too. But one thing happens for sure: people who have been made host for a blue snake, have huge difficulties to get grounded. The detachment of these snakes is an unsolved issue to date.


UFO Landing in Egypt

This was an experience, both Martina and I had during a session. We were in a city of ancient Egypt, thousands of years ago. One-storied houses, dusty streets, both of us perceived the same images. Then, during our vision, UFOs were flying above our heads; no big mother-ship but many impressing flying saucers. Something between 6 to 10 ships were flying to a plaza, where a greeting ceremony had been prepared for these UFOs. We didn't perceive anything else though.


The Reproducer

Both of my cats are hosted by snakes. Tomcat Miko is also possessed by other beings, which I kick out regularly (nowadays I heal them), but soon other beings possess him again. We guess, these are mainly attacks against us. But this is another topic.

One of my attempts to detach the snake from Miko resulted in a strong nausea, so I had to miss one dinner. It took hours for me to feel better.

We found out, that Mopsi is possessed by a snake and a reptilian. Martina received the information according to the rep: „reproducer“. To heal him away didn't work. His function was to bring snakes from another dimension towards earth. Like a portal in a way. Very calming to have this in your house, isn't it?

We succeeded to kick the snake out of Mopsi. The reproducer became active instantly and a very transparent image of a snake slowly developed. Of course we started to fight this immediately, but we couldn't get rid of the reproducer. Mopsi's behavior changed though. Usually she always annoys us. She bothers us during sessions, especially in important moments, when we wouldn't need her at all. But now, this changed immediately. She seemed to meditate for hours and lost all her automatic behaviors. Well, this came to stop after one week, now she is back to routine.



The White Snake, part 2

This is a complicated story. The beginning of this story you will find in „Beings of the Earth“. Two days after this acquaintance, this snake came to Martina from behind and fused into her back. We were totally confused. No one of us wants to have a being inside his/her system. We contemplated a lot about this. Could this White Snake represent a sort of power, which belongs to Martina? Was this meeting symbolically? We left it at that until we would find out, because we couldn't detach the snake from Martina and at least it helped us.

So we forgot this story, until Martina was raped by a man in her dreams, which she hasn't been in a long time. These attacks were extremely real and went very far, so she finally was deprived of a lot of sexual (life) energy. Martina was suspecting the white snake to be the cause.

So we had a session, and found out, that the white snake was possessed by another snake, which was forcing it to act this way towards Martina. This might be the reason why we perceived the white snake in a scared and shy way. The draconian behind it was controlling it. A few days before this session Martina felt something fearful inside of her. This was the white snake.

By throwing light on this tricky story, we were able to free Martina and the white snake. After this, Martina had not been molested in her dreams any longer.


A Cobra inside the Internet

We were doing a healing session for me this time, because I had experienced some attacks which caused physical problems. So they weren't solved by then. We found out that I was still under attack. This attack came through the internet. Maybe via my e-mail, the forum or the website. We searched and found out, that this attack went through my homepage, which also used my picture. A cobra was inside my homepage. How she got into it, we don't know.

We attacked it, took back all souls it had stored so it would have no more energy to live on any longer. Thereby we weakened it extremely. I asked for support to get rid of the Cobra. I was hoping for a dragon, but instead, a unicorn appeared! We were touched. Martina said, the unicorn made something, which could be called „sweeping blow“. The cobra was gone. Shortly after that, a dolphin appeared with his great heart chakra and filled us with joy.

Franz Erdl