Networks of Evil

Part 9

Franz Erdl
February 19, 2013



Preliminary observations of March 22nd
The following report represents the state of affairs of February 19. Meanwhile a lot has changed and simplified in finding the numerical code, which you need to disable a base. In subsequent articles new methods are discussed.



Shielded Insects and Implants

I should have noticed much earlier. There are insects and implants with shields. The shields come, as usual, from some bases wherever. I finally noticed it yesterday. Well, that has its reasons, just like everything else that happened during the last months seems to have had a reasonable and well-orchestrated order to it.


The Matroshka-Principle

Last Sunday's discovery which I want to call Matroshka-principle was the basic requirement for removal of shielded insects and implants.

If you have a Matroshka-doll before you, you don't know how many puppets are in there, and that is what happened in insect- and implant bases. As I pointed out in part 8 there were 20 times 3 shielded beings. And if you contact the first three, you don't know whether there will be 3 more behind those. And you don't have any idea how often this is going to repeat itself. You have to simply go on stubbornly and hope that it is over soon. Asking in advance how many there are does not work.

So from the start: I get to a base and say that I want to heal all aliens there. This way all of them are healed that are not shielded. Then I check for shielded ones. I find a certain number by addressing one more every time. At one point the energy goes away and then I know that was one too many. Let's say the number of beings was 6. I say “I heal these 6 beings”, feel the reaction and then I say “release level 2!” If there is a reaction to that, I say again “I heal these 6 beings”, and so on and so forth until there isn't a reaction anymore.

The number of beings stays the same. It would be a lot of work if the number were different every time. The numbers 1 through 16 have turned up so far; in most cases only 1 through 6, and mostly 2, 3 and 4.

The number of levels cannot be foreseen. In most cases there were 8, 12, 18, 20 and 22 levels. Once 40 levels. In two cases with implants there were 90 levels with 3 beings each. In another cases a double safety net: a base with 90 levels of 16 beings (that makes 1440 beings) and the second base with 70 levels of 4 beings. Meanwhile I manage one level of 16 beings in 2 seconds. However there are hold-ups sometimes. People who deal with this will see for themselves.

I never wished for such a dull, mechanical way of healing but you have to go through with it and success will gratify the effort. This kind of insect- and implant systems that could not be removed so far can really mess up your life. I give you one example about myself. I've had problems with my nose ever since I was a child, about everything you may get.

During some of the monster sessions last week my nose got blocked after a while. In that context I even came to think it was a counter measure against my work. Since I failed several times to get an insect out of there I checked whether there was a shielded insect. Bingo! I destroyed the protecting station in tedious labour and I was able to remove this insect that was with me for such a long time. Within half an hour I noticed that I could breathe more freely and it stayed that way today, too.

I think that the insect was not assigned for blocking my nose but for interfering with certain channels of perception. I believe that insects can cause massive, so far incurable disturbances throughout the whole body. Mostly they are positioned on the spine (if not in the head) but sitting there they are able to influence the nerves leading to the various organs. That way they can influence everything in the body according to where they sit.

So far it looks as if you only have to bother with the shielding of one insect. The others have the same shielding. So if you destroy one base you can remove all insects. These bases however mostly have 12 to 40 Matroshka-levels.

With implants it is very much the same. While destroying the base the patient in question may feel his entire system of implants as if connected. It is possible that friendly aliens help to eliminate the system. I think this topic is very important. So many resistant problems will become curable that way. Also, many abilities will be freed as soon as these manipulations can be erased from the head. I am really curious.

Well, that's the news from last evening and today.

(The tinnitus is still changing.)


A little later:

I want to make a correction: it may be that all insects have the same shielding(s), but it doesn't have to. The same goes for implants. If you are lucky all implants are protected by only one base.