Networks of Evil

Part 7

Franz Erdl

February 17, 2013

Translated and uploaded Feb. 22, 2013


Hi People, I am bursting with information. I am so stuffed with knowledge and I hardly have time to publish it. When I am doing a session for single persons I have to take down entire systems. That is an incredible amount of work. The sessions now take up to two hours, and that is why I will only make two a day from now on. Of course that prolongs the waiting time. But what presents itself every time during these sessions serves all of us. And almost every time soul parts are freed, not only those of the person in the session.


Extraterrestrial Souls – Soul Partners

Humans with extraterrestrial soul origin have  not get much information from me recently. I still don't know much more about them but I do have a little bit of information here.

The souls I have known until now seem to have originated out of planet's souls. Suns obviously are among those, too. If someone is here for the first time – and there seem to be a lot of “rookies” at this time – they don't have experienced reincarnation yet. According to that there are no locked-up soul parts of these persons. (By the way, the new ones and the ones who are only one or two thousand years old usually do not have snakes. Why? Snakes were fixed on a human beings only in very old cultures, either through ritual acts or through sacrifices. You cannot get snakes fixed on just like that.)

Whoever is here now for the first time can be pretty sure that they are here in order to establish a connection between themselves and their “people”. That way the abilities of themselves and their people can get into action in order to help us and other enslaved races. – Of course it was seen to that all this does not work. I will come to that point later.

So how are things with soul partners of extraterrestrial souls? Unfortunately, the soul partners of the newly arrived stayed at home in most cases. How sad! But why? That is quite simple! It's because the soul partner is the most apt being to establish contact. Yes, folks, that's very sad for all who miss their partners badly. But this is actually the best way to make contact.

How is contact prohibited?

There are several levels:

  1. Energetic manipulation of the embryo or later

  2. Black magic

  3. A global energy field in order to prohibit every communication in or out

That is as much as I found out so far. Some also bring problems of their original existence with them. I am not able to say much about that yet. At least I try to heal it.

Points 1 and 2 are well known anyway but I want to say some things about the energy field. This global field is generated by a series of base-structures one of which may consist of up to 3 bases (so far). One of those bases has the field generator; the others are used for shielding and obscuring. I also found soul storage there. Other structures may look differently.

In a solo session I came across such a structure and one of the bases could not be shut down. We first had to notice that within that base was a special apparatus generating such a global field. After that the base could be closed. I did not know yet which sort of field that was. Now I think it became clear. However, there might be more fields of another sort. The number of these structures might be eight (but I'm not putting my hand in the fire for that number). Two of them are gone. Unfortunately I cannot put all my efforts into that because there are too many topics going on at the same time. Gifted personnel is needed.

About the extraterrestrial souls: it is possible that soul partners are here together. There are alien souls who have been incarnated many times, and there are earthlings who were on other planets for a long time and have memories about that. If they have progeny there, these might have earth- and alien planet parts.


The Soul Containers

I have gathered important and unimportant information about the soul storage facilities. Here's a list:

Turned up so far: storage facilities with 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 containers. Among more than one hundred facilities that I found so far, there was not a single one with a different number. The term container is of course ill-used because they are no physical things.

Every single one of these containers can take 16 souls. This figure is highly probable. Yes, only 16. Now, is that good or bad? I do not know. If the number of all locked-up souls is very high there will still be an according number of storage facilities out there.

The facilities consist of energies of eight different levels of our dimension. Our real 3D level is not among those. The astral-, emotional- and mental levels belong to them and five more about which I do not know enough. The facilities in other dimensions are also generated out of energies of our dimension.

The storage facilities have technical and biological components, similar to the bigheads. (I mean biological in the sense like our organs have a kind of biological function in the astral level.) They do not, however, have a conscious core like the bigheads. Their manufacturing may be working like a kind of cell division, hence the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, 32.

There are cross connections between the containers. These connections can for example bring the fears of one container to the souls of another. With this procedure all feelings, thoughts etc. from one container are transmitted to all the souls in the other one. If there is only one soul to be tortured, it has to be alone in a container. The incarnated persons feel these tortures which is actually the purpose. The cross connections cannot be changed but the intensity of the energy flows can be influenced by the crew.

The people in charge of the storage facilities are the Anunnaki in power. Dracs and reptilians are the manufacturers. The good news is: no new facilities are being built.


Shielded Aliens

Again and again I find Anunnaki or other aliens with special shielding in the bases. When I enter a station and heal the present individuals the shielded ones are not included. In order to heal those every single one of them must be addressed. The biggest number of shielded individuals was 16 so far but more often there are 1 to 6 of them. It is one thing that this takes a lot of time. Another one is that sometimes configurations appear which allow conclusions about a bigger structure. You can dissolve the entire structure, or in better words, you have to dissolve the entire structure.

Real examples are best:

In search of a soul part I discovered an Anunnaki base. I wanted to contact the Anunnaki but it was not possible. In such a case there is always a second base which shields base 1. So I went on to base 2 but I didn't get contact. So there is a base 3. That is rather rare. On base 3 I got contact immediately, I healed the present beings and found a 32-container soul storage facility. The specialty in here were 3 containers with sun soul parts, in the others were only human souls and feelings/thoughts-containers.

I emptied the containers but the station could not yet be closed. The reason for that were 4 specially shielded Anunnaki. Well, all were individually healed and the station could be closed.

Forward to base 2. Now I could get in contact with the crew and heal them. There was no storage. Again, the station could not be shut down because there were another 4 shielded Anunnaki.

When that was solved I could enter base 1. Healed the crew – no containers – but this time there was only one shielded Anunnaki. But as I suspected I was not able to close the station. Since there were 4 shielded ones on each of the bases 2 and 3 but only one here I thought there seemed to be four assignments and logically there were 4 stations beneath bases 2 and 3. And that was correct: there were bases 1a, 1b, 1c and 1d. All of them had to be shut down until finally the whole system was inoperable.


Another example

We discovered a black magical attack on Karin. Somebody had sent a demon. The magician who turned out to be a grand master was found quickly but he had 3 shields. Unfortunately I didn't write anything down because I was already in bed but I think they consisted of Anunnaki bases and extraterrestrial bases. In the first base there were five shielded beings and one soul storage facility. The second base only had aliens without shields and was done quickly. The third base had five shielded beings again.

Well, I think you can figure it out by yourselves. Yes, there were 5 magicians who were protected by this structure. All five magicians could be eliminated easily by dissolving this structure.


Shielded Snakes

A few months ago I was not yet able to do anything against certain snakes. They were big arrogant cobras that laughed at me because they knew I was not aware of the secret of their security system. Those times are gone. Even if some of them can make themselves appear as big as a skyscraper in New York, their power lies only in their protective shields.

This week I had a client with what appeared to be a very important snake. Its security system was as follows:

  1. Base 1 on other planet

  2. Base 2 on other planet

  3. Anunnaki base 3

  4. Anunnaki base 4 with 16 storage containers and

  5. Base 5 in another dimension with 16 shielded aliens.

I did not think of asking whether there were perhaps 16 snakes. I was also too exhausted. The snake in question could be eliminated.


Talking about exhausted – to be continued in part 8 as soon as I can.