Networks of Evil
Part 4


Franz Erdl
February 3, 2013



I am a bit tired at the moment and could use a rather longer holiday. There are two reasons for that: firstly, the sessions are much more demanding than before, and secondly, black magicians, Milabs and Remote Viewers are hired to work against me simultaneously. It is no problem to stop those people but it strains me.

There are Remote Viewers and Remote Influencers. The latter get no resonance to the word “black magician”, although they work similarly. So they have to be addressed separately. One apparently was working with a technical construction that was additionally shielded by an underground station. Maybe the human was stationed in the base with his machine. As always, everything had to be destroyed until I got rid of him and had my peace.


Examples for the Network

Here I want to show you graphically the system of safety measures of a bighead that turned up this week in a session. Every safety system looks different but the complexity is approximately typical. A lot of effort has been put into some energy fields, too. In the search for soul parts it is possible that also a very complex system turns up that has to be completely cleared before you reach your goal.


Example: Safety measures for a bighead:

1 and 2 = Magicians

3 = Anunnaki base with 8 cellars with souls

4 = Anunnaki base with 1 cellar with souls

5 = Anunnaki base only for energy sucking

6 = Small protective beam

7 = Base in other dimension, strongly veiled


When I asked how the bighead is secured “black magic” got the first resonance.

So I went to the magician. Question: Does he have external protection?

Yes. So question: Where from? Result: Magician 2.

Does this one have protection? Yes.

Where from? – Anunnaki-base (3)


A check of the base told me that there were a lot of soul parts from humans. There were 8 separate compartments which I call now cellars or containers. I do have the feeling of going deeper every time I open up another layer of protection. I mean the cellars have a protective layer, some sort of lid. If one cellar is cleared empty the next lid appears etc.

After emptying all the cellars I was able to find the second station (4) in which soul parts were captured, too. Next, in accordance with the healed Anunnaki, close down the whole station. Then a domino effect sets in: the next station collapses and with it the 2. magician's protection. So the protection of magician 1 also falls but the bighead is still standing.

Next, my search led to another Anunnaki base (5). This one apparently served for sucking off energy which the bighead drains out of humans. There were no souls and no more security measures. Apparently they rely on the other three branches of security.

Then the security beam of the UFO turns up. This is quickly done, you only have to heal the crew and turn off the beam.

It took some time to discover the strongly veiled base, but then the shutdown was no problem. They probably hoped no one would find it.

After all that was shut off, the dragons were able to eliminate the bighead. I presume it was a mega-bighead, what with all the security stuff going on.


Example: securing a negative Energy Field

2 bases on other planets

Base 2 with shielded beings

Base 1 with one soul container

Magician with container of captured soul parts

Snake nest. Incl. 1 snake with soul, eggs present, too


This energy field was one of three that I was able to remove during one session. (In the session there was even additional work before these fields.)

The source of the field was an underground base with a snake's nest beneath it. Both had to be cleared. Snake's nests belonging to bases are mostly shielded by the same base. The three additional protective shields by magician, UFO and extraterrestrial bases were standard procedure. But the dragons could still not take over the snake's nest because there was a demonised earth snake (with a soul). I first had to free it from its possession and it needed a lot of healing. The nest could not be destroyed yet because there were eggs of the earth snake inside. These have to be saved. If you don't get this idea you lose a lot of time with the snake's nest.

In another case a demonised earth snake protected a magician. Until now I did not know this was possible.

The second energy field was generated by a UFO.

The third field came from a base from another dimension. The base was protected by a second base. Base 2 had two containers, in one of which was a dragon. Base 1 held a dragon captive whom I had to free from magic, then he was free.


Anunnaki-Rebel-Soul Parts

It is hard for me to guess, but I think in the meantime I have been working on circa 250-300 bases. In approx. 50% there were captured soul parts to be found, each in soul containers that have to be found and opened. It is easy to check whether you have found them all – you cannot eliminate the base as long as there still are souls.

In all of these bases there were mostly human souls, rarely animal souls. Sometimes there are mere containers for feelings. These are the feelings that are transferred to some humans from the outside and therefore cannot be healed.

There is a phenomenon about these soul containers. There are either 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 of them – always the double, like in digital technology. So if anybody finds a container number 9 they can be sure to find 16.

Two days ago I found the first station where Anunnaki soul parts were held captive. The Anunnaki don't normally die except they are killed. So if you find soul parts of them I assume they are mainly executed rebels. This was also confirmed energetically. So, two days ago I met a station with 8 containers of Anunnaki souls, today there was a station with 16 containers. The distribution as I remember it was approximately as follows:













Unknown aliens


Unknown aliens


Earth beings














Earth parts




This mixture causes a lot of questioning. It is a lot of work because shields have to be repeatedly removed from the containers. I was not prepared to find extraterrestrials. That does not happen in other cases since the aliens I know, do not have incarnations. They may be enslaved or banned but they don't die and therefore leave no soul parts behind. So the aliens in containers 6 and 7 must have had a limited physical existence.

In container 15 there were Earth-soul-parts. I was not aware of the fact that they could be abducted. I had found some in another Anunnaki base. Maybe these are parts of the Earth soul that belong to humans. I did not ask about that. If the Earth parts of humans were blocked I either found an energy field, black magic or there were still deceased souls in the ground (e.g. battlefield).


As long as soul parts are missing, one will always have a feeling of a kind of imperfection. However, what is worse is that you can feel the unsolved problems in these parts but you cannot heal them. I also believe that some soul parts are used like voodoo dolls. This happens in a few of the containers. Also, problems or abilities can be switched with other humans. It is a kind of Karma exchange. It would be interesting to research how far alcohol and drug use are connected with the missing of soul parts.