Networks of Evil

Part 3

Franz Erdl

January 26, 2013



Last week so many new things happened that I can hardly keep track with writing it all down. A lot of details get lost because I cannot remember everything that happens during the sessions. All these details are very interesting but I have to limit my articles to the most important things, otherwise I would not have any leisure time left which I need badly.

I also want to mention that my clients who sometimes have good perceptive abilities themselves have helped a lot to uncover all this. Thank you.

The thing that cost me a lot of grief last Friday were internet interferences. I have always had disturbances and they are definitely not coincidental, but on Friday my internet worked only for seconds so all my sessions had to be cancelled. So I was forced to do something about it and I first checked whether there was black magic going on – bingo! I found two black magicians who apparently were hired independently to disturb me. Both magicians had protective shields from underground bases – I don't even remember what else was behind them. In any case, it was two hours extra work but since then my internet works better than ever.


Bases in other Dimensions

When I discovered the Anunnaki bases I thought that was finally all. But this week bases from other dimensions were to be added. All that I have mentioned up to now plays in our dimension. Three D level, astral level + + +, all in our dimension. So other dimensions are a completely different thing. I do not know much more about that and it does not matter because that is enough to address “base in other dimension” and the contact is established.

So there is a number of isolating and interfering fields that come from stations in other dimensions. The work is exactly the same as for stations on other planets but they have to be addressed separately. I want to mention that stations on other planets and in other dimensions are easier to destroy than stations on our Earth. What does not exist in these stations are humans, snakes and bigheads. No humans, ergo no black magicians. Humans cannot be healed as fast as extraterrestrials, either. Snakes and bigheads are in charge of sucking energy out of people. Therefore you don't find them elsewhere.

Among the bases in other dimensions there was hardly a second base protecting the first. Until now I only had two cases out of maybe 50 stations in other dimensions that had a backup station. If a station has no protective shield of a second station, it is especially easy to destroy. Internal shields are easy to dissolve, whether on parts of facilities or on extraterrestrials. Did they think we'd never find them?


Getting back locked away soul parts

Very often, however, you may find locked away soul parts of humans on these extradimensional stations. Remember: One incarnation means one soul part. The extraterrestrials see to it that humans die traumatically and then they are able to abduct this soul part into some station and lock it up. Those that get dragged into other dimensions are probably the hardest to find… Well, not any more.

Since this discovery my new hobby is “looking for soul parts”. Obviously our enemies have taken great pains with humans they want to block extra strongly. The soul parts of those are especially far strewn around the universe. But the parts are not floating anywhere in the cosmos. They are all in special facilities. And these may be:

Bases in other dimensions – very often

Bases on other planets – often

Underground bases – sometimes

Pyramids – rarely

Space stations – rarely

Buildings on Earth – once until now.

It is quite simple to go through the questions. First you ask, “Is there a locked-up soul part anywhere?” If it's “Yes”, you have to ask, where it is. Then you have to check through the whole chain of security measures. That may be pretty complicated at times. For important stations you may have a good two hours of work to do.

Also, all souls have to be freed every time, otherwise you simply don't get on with the process. Most times a protective shield has to be removed before you can get to the souls (or parts). Then free all souls and heal them. Then I ask if all are freed. If it is “No”, it may be necessary to remove another shield before being able to reach the next souls. Up until now I have experienced four stages of this kind. This is like discovering yet another even deeper cellar.


Soul Partners

These locked up soul parts have the effect that soul partners cannot find each other. My interpretation of soul partner right now is: For earthlings it’s the dragon couples who naturally evolved from the earth soul as male and female. On other planets they are in my opinion the first beings that came into existence in pairs. The connection of two soul partners in unblocked form releases great powers. That is why our enemies don’t let us find each other.

By the defeat of the dragons nearly all partnerships to us earthlings have been destroyed. I think that the short life span, which the Anunnaki have installed in us, serves the purpose of producing many soul parts, which can perfectly easily be locked in the different facilities. Speaking of which, our dragon part is clearly a soul part of ours, as are the other previous lives. Every life, every part does go on existing. So by making of these many parts we can be torn apart especially well; every soul by itself and soul partners anyway. For extraterrestrial races it does not work that way. That is why they can be healed more easily.

Two weeks ago I asked the Anunnaki whether they would be willing to remove the separating energy between Karin and me, but there was no clear answer. For another person I got the answer that it was not possible and that it would take a week or so to erase the separating energy of the two soul partners. Shortly after that I discovered the agenda with the soul parts in those facilities and that they are mainly in other dimensions. Then it became clear to me that the separation is only over when all parts of both souls are freed. Meanwhile I am in possession of all tools to solve this problem and I am sure that a few friendly Anunnaki were helping unnoticed. But there is still much work to do.