Networks of Evil

Part 24


Franz Erdl

May 31st, 2013


Controlled Demolition of the Empire

As well as possible, I work along the principle of something being provable. So I donít want to claim anything that doesn't bring results later. However in some cases at first there are no results and there are things which are not provable at all. But if those things appear consistent/reasonable to me, I don't hold back the information but I point out that they are unproven perceptions.

There is also no proof for what I have been doing for the last five days. I myself have doubts whether it can be right what these beings from beyond space and time have been keeping me busy with for days. But basically I believe in it, otherwise I would not be dealing with it so intensely. The other thing that convinces me that I am not nuts are the massive counter measures of the dark side. They keep shooting with everything they have and throw loads of material into the battle. I would be totally lost without Wowo&co.

As the title indicates, the Wowos are working on the destruction of the network with me. How exactly this is being done I'll explain later on. Assuming all is real which I experienced during the last 5 days the following happened, in chronological order:



Demolition of

5600 programming bases where Earth snakes, Earth beings and dimensional guardians had been programmed. In 70% of the bases there were Earth snakes and Earth beings, in 30% Earth snakes and dimensional guardians.

1700 pools for root chakra

All those bases and pools were on Earth. Now there are no more installations of this kind (I hope this is correct). All respective beings have been healed, that is, thousands in each programming base for example. In the pools the chakras of the persons concerned were fixed. This concerned many thousands of people.

Since there are already millions of programmed Earth snakes, Earth beings and demons on Earth a permanent program is on for their healing.



Demolition of

900 programming bases for Venus guardians and dimensional guardians

600 pools for the second chakra

Astonishingly few, but there was nothing more to do. The healing of the already programmed guardians is running, too.



Demolition of

1900 programming bases for Uranus guardians, dimensional guardians, Sun guardians, Solar system guardians and galaxy guardians.

1400 pools for solar plexus

1400 pools for heart chakra

2000 pools for throat chakra

On Uranus, too, the already programmed guardians are being healed.

(The numbers are of course rounded.)

I would have expected more pools but according to my questioning that was all. If that is really true a lot of evil top people should run out of energy now. And that ought to appear as a visible result. If not, I am the fool. But I'm taking that risk.


Project Anunnaki Codes:

After this clearing out of pools and bases the Wowos brought me a wholly different project. You know, I don't understand those guys. I have to ask what they are up to and guess until I get it right. This project was about humans, that is, about the activating of the Anunnaki codes in 40 million people. Closer investigation showed me that only a part of the codes was being activated, but in all people who had Anunnaki codes, so apparently 40 million. This project took three hours.


Project Lions:

This is about Lion souls. The Wowos are establishing contact between the incarnated Lion souls - which concerns ca. 15 million people - and the non-incarnated Lions (?? million) in their home galaxy. I don't know more about this. The purpose might be to bring the concentrated healing power of the Lions into mankind or to back up the incarnated ones.


Project Dracs, Reps, Greys:

I was not able to upload this article. So I thought I'll wait until the next project starts. This has happened now, two hours after the Lions project. This is about Dracs, Reps and Greys. They are to be healed. It starts with mass healings of the Dracs, then it will continue with the Reps and then with the Greys. Oh man, if that is right, only the Anunnaki, too, have to be healed and there would not be any more attacks and manipulations by aliens. The Betas don't come into our time base at all but sooner or later they'll have to be healed as well. Insects and Mantis are in line, too. Well, much more is to be done, but it's progressing fast anyway.

This is the actual status this evening at seven o'clock. I have more highly interesting topics but I'm sending this off for your information.

The dark side of those actions lies in a massive rise of attacks against Karin and me. I'll write about the methods they are using later. Anyway, I have been unwell for the last 4 weeks which they keep up by veiled attacks. I have to be constantly vigilant whether there is another veiled attack in order not to get more ill.