Networks of Evil

Part 23

Franz Erdl

May 17, 2013


The Secret of the Hidden Lives

Finally a positive Article

Before doing a soul scan I find out the number of human lives. That works pretty well but sometimes it gets a little blurry. The reason seems to be the fact that many people have some hidden soul parts. These soul parts are found under an easily dissolvable veil. No bases are used here. I think that would be too conspicuous. So, for many people there are a few veiled lives which you cannot access normally. Who thinks about dissolving veils in a regression therapy

After all, in my soul scan I haven't found them so far, either. Now this secret is revealed, too. One might assume very bad experiences would be hidden under these veils so that we could not discover the reasons of our sufferings. But it is exactly the other way round. Under these veils our most excellent lives are hidden. We developed certain abilities unto excellence in those lives. So far the following have turned up: leading qualities (for example: popular king), wealth and prosperity, maximal mother essence, beauty, healing ability (miracle powers), perception, etc.

It looks as if all these abilities unfolded without getting into trouble with the surroundings. On the contrary, the main problem that turns up in those lives is the great number of admirers and followers. A lot of healing work is necessary to separate these masses from oneself.

There are however not only those veiled soul parts but also veiled parts of accessible soul parts. I found this in myself. I was a popular leader then but this aspect was veiled. So whoever is disappointed that there are no hidden soul parts of them may be consoled by partly veiled soul parts. This means the soul part is normally accessible but one important part is veiled. Huge miraculous powers may be hidden there as it turned up in a session today.


Other Topics


Strong Opposing Winds

I met with conspicuously strong opposing winds during the last two weeks. My cooperation with the 4 races out of time and space is becoming quite productive right now and in some circles this is apparently not much liked.

Firstly, they tried to make me ill and they partly succeeded. It started with a scratch in my throat. I know by now that there is no medical reason for this kind of thing. It is always an attack. But I could not find the attack. I looked for black magic, with and without every feasible veil but I simply didn't find it.

Only 24 hours later I got it. They had sent a bighead to my throat. Three protections were removed quickly but my throat was already sore. That would have been ok soon had they not sent one bighead after the other to me. If the throat is sore already you don't notice at once when something new arrives. Until I noticed it the new bighead was able to do damage for half an hour.

What followed were almost only bigheads without protection. I asked myself, if not even a magician sends those which per se would be a security measure, who did send them? The answer was “aliens” but I did not find out which. I had to be vigilant all the time and observe every change in my condition. As soon it got worse – eliminate bighead.

Normally my throat would have been healed quickly but with all those continuing attacks the problem was prolonged. Karin was infected after a while, too, and so I had to take care of both of us. I asked Wowo&co if they couldn't watch out for us and defeat the bigheads automatically. The answer was “No”. So much for guardian angels.

Then I remembered there were beings which were created especially for guardian functions – the Earth snakes! They don't bother about being on watch 24 hours a day. That's their job. And right, Earth snakes were ready to take care of that, especially during sleeping hours. We agreed on them eliminating bigheads without protection immediately. For bigheads with protection they should just wake me up by tickling. And that they did. Once a night, they pinched me a little deeper than normally in a friendly way until I was awake. I then asked the Wowos to take over the bighead which they did.

That worked but later on the aliens were able in a way inexplicable to me (without magicians, that is) to put demons into my salivary glands. Twenty the first time and the next day several hundred. That was an extremely unpleasant feeling but it ceased the moment the demons were gone.

Nonetheless I was so badly damaged I had to pause for two working days and postpone all sessions. I am days behind with my mail and writing articles had to wait, too. Today I was able to work normally but who knows what they come up with before I have fully recovered.

The second way to put obstacles in my way was quite different. They directed 5 extraterrestrial bases to my house. I noticed that because I was hardly able to feel an energy flow. I had to fight for a little energy and find out with the little I had that there were 5 bases. As soon as I knew what it was I could leave it to Wowo&co. Within 10 minutes the coast was clear again. Today they treated me to another 3 bases. They obviously hope I won't notice. But if it affects my energy flow directly I am bound to notice, am I not?

The third way to slow me down is to use people against me by manipulated perceptions.

I published the following text in July 2011:


The Grays' film production

As far as I could witness, Grays are masters of reality manipulation: they make up astral holograms and even „videos“, which mock the sights especially of psychic people and make them perceive false visions. We fell into their trap, too, and have learned by and by to recognize manipulated perceptions. I warn you in particular from working with more than two or three psychic people in the same time. Two or three people can communicate much better than a whole group. Groups are under control of so called group dynamics. In psychic groups, usually one or two person are recognizably the most psychic ones. This often leads in a certain direction and the others being passively lead by this dynamics. This group dynamic strengthens automatically the direction, even if the direction is wrong! Grays amplify this dynamics even more and the participants perceive an epic „Repto vs. Human show“. At the end, all group members feel very fond of themselves, without that anything has really changed. I have experienced enough of such sessions.


This text is very meaningful again because the Greys are quite active again in sending other healers and clairvoyants negative information about me. Meanwhile many healers have such a friendly attitude that they want to heal away the evil things they get fed about me. And by way of those healers meddling with my system the Greys are able to meddle, too, and do damage to me. By that and similar ways dark beings find possibilities to get into my system for a short time on the running board and even steal a bit of my throat chakra.

I have noticed that the Greys are able to send the same fake information to many independently working healers without problems if they choose to. It proves especially difficult to tell all of them “You are seeing nonsense” when they confirm each other in what they see. And it was nonsense and the nonsense grew more and more obvious, and it could hardly have been more wrong.

I just want to shake up the healers and psychics who clear themselves thoroughly before their work but in the end don't really work with their soul. Good clairvoyants are in the greatest danger because these images overwrite softer impressions. The Greys are, after all, specialized in producing false images and videos. Falsifying feelings is more difficult, especially positive ones. Kinesiologists and people working with a pendulum are most easily deceived. I wrote about that in the main article already.


Bigheads for Physical Discomfort

I wrote before that bigheads are able to cause colds. It would be interesting to investigate whether colds are in general spread by bigheads. I think that in some bighead assignments the physical symptoms are mere side effects but sometimes the physical dilemma is the main purpose. In one case of a slipped disk for example I don't know if it happened in order to weaken the throat chakra. The same goes for a case of back pains. Both problems were made by a bighead. Another case of severe eye burning like from hot pepperoni was also caused by a bighead. Was it about the pain or about blocking something?



I don't know if they are bigger than mega-bigheads; in any case they are more important. They don't have 15 or 20 protections but 200 or 300, and what's more, these are in several layers with all sorts of veils in between. I took the fellow apart in two hours of manual work. For the next such case I'm going to get me some help but I think I had to have the experience that such a thing exists. The operational area of these giga-bigheads is false flag operations on intelligence agency levels and similarly nasty things. Bigheads also have massive influence on mind controlled persons who participate in such operations.


Only Four Races

I won't put my hand in the fire for it, but there seem to be only the four races who have presented themselves so far. I have no idea whether this goes only for our universe. It may be the case that we humans can only count on those four races (which I don't mean in a negative sense).


Only Four Time Lines

There are also said to be only four time lines. I found that out when I was looking for the soul origin of a friend who first lived on another planet where there are incarnations like here (and who happens to be your humble translator). It turned out that these first incarnations were also human incarnations, but in another time line. She went through 20 incarnations in the other time line, changed over to our time line and did more than 60 incarnations here. It might be quite interesting to explore the other time line in a hypnosis session.

I found out so far that in all four time lines planets with humans exist. Exciting, isn't it? The planets are however not identical with Earth. The solar systems are different, too.