Networks of Evil

Part 22

Franz Erdl

May 3rd, 2013

Translated and uploaded May 21


Pools, Chakras and Planets

It becomes clearer and clearer that energy pools are attributed to our chakras. Furthermore there seem to be clear relation between chakras and planets and between chakras and their kind of guards.

Pools for Root Chakra Energy

Until now I found all pools for the first chakra to be exclusively on (rather in) Earth. The guards consist exclusively of Earth guardians, that is, Earth snakes.


Pools for the Second Chakra

I found those only on Venus. The guards are Venus guardians whose appearance I don´t know. Sometimes there are also dimensional guardians there.

The working staff on Venus mostly consists of aliens*, Anunnaki and humans. Yes, I do meet humans again and again on Venus, and quite a few of them. As always: the whole personnel must be healed, otherwise the pool cannot be destroyed.

(* I never check whether they are Reptilians, Dracs or Greys)

Pools for Chakras 3, 4, and 5

Pools for solar plexus-, heart- and throat chakra I found exclusively on Uranus so far. The guards for solar plexus- and heart energy always consisted of Uranus guardians, dimensional guardians, Sun guardians and solar system guardians so far.

There are the same guards with throat chakra pools, but in addition to those they have Galaxy guardians there.

The personnel consist of Anunnaki and aliens*.

Chakras 6 and 7

So far I haven´t discovered any pools for these chakras. My research brought the result that there are said to be no pools for these chakras. Who knows?

Damping Aggregates

As I mentioned before the energy from these aggregates makes continuing work impossible. It is the same phenomenon as an appearance of a UFO. You simply have to order the destruction of the device and the problem is gone. Whether an aggregate is used seems not to depend on which chakra it is. Apparently it is more about the purpose of the pool, e.g. if there are important people connected to it.

There are pools without aggregate and others with up to four aggregates which I think is overinvestment because whoever is able to destroy one aggregate can also destroy four. Well, and if in addition a few UFOs come meddling it does get irritating.

I can often remove some guards but I can find the rest of the guards only behind the first aggregate. It may repeat itself that there are again guards behind another aggregate. One more aggregate may prevent working on the astral copies (of course only slow it down).


Pools for Healing Powers?

I have found no extra pools for that. Healing powers seem to be combined of a mixture of chakra powers. This means that contract healers get powers from various pools.


The Stolen Original Astral Parts

This is a serious topic. If a person is connected as a victim, ergo an energy supplier to an energy pool, he is missing a piece of the respective chakra. Apart from the fact that energy is constantly being filched from these people the lacking of these parts per se is a problem. According to each chakra this deficit will have various effects. It ought to be clear that without this astral part the complete healing of this person is impossible.

Inserting of the Original Parts

Retrieving the parts is no problem, as I described above but this doesn´t mean they are also built into the chakra. For the time being it is within the aura of the person and seems to be relatively safe there. However it cannot function there yet.

I then tried to build in the part but it wouldn´t work. I was then forced to discover that few helpers have an idea of how to insert these parts. The Anunnaki and the Greys seem to know a little about it; possibly they know how to steal them. But repair them? Finally I found help among the beings out of time&space: the Jackies. They distinctly made it clear they were in charge of that.

When I had the connection with the Jackies and I asked them to insert the parts there was at first a 20 second energy flow. Then I asked whether the parts were inserted. The answer was “No”! Now, what´s that? Well, I just asked them again to build in the parts and after the next energy flow they were inserted. I did this several times and it always took two energy flows. That does not matter. Besides, they insert all available parts at the same time. This is possible with many persons at a time.

This is still so new that I am still waiting for the first results.

The fact that the Greys have experience with these parts is evident because I just found out that one Grey living in a human body stole a piece of Karin´s second chakra three years ago. Yes, we know him. I was able to find out which function this piece had – it was about beauty. I was able to retrieve it and build it in with the help of the Jackies. Steal beauty? Sorry, we don´t give that away.

Direct Energy Theft by Way of the Chakras

It is not really news that people steal energy from other people, quite without energy pools or stealing astral parts. A few nasty events have shown me some important connections lately which in the end presented me with some liberation though.

Healing began to strain me lately. I thought I was doing too much healing but that was not the point. The fact was that more and more people linked to my chakras lately which I need for healing. I have to say immediately that 98% do that unconsciously and this is driven by aliens. So I accuse no one except those 2% who did it on purpose.

Most of them were plugged into my heart chakra. I found healers and some that wanted to be healers. Sometimes I could see the faces. Use a bit of my soul connection and healing works better. Great invention. And I was wondering why I was exhausted so soon. There were some connecting to me whom I've known a short time – that's why it became so straining for me lately – but I also found persons whom I've met during the last 10 years.

The healing is running along easily and better than ever but this is not about me. And it is not only about the heart chakra. Anybody might connect to any chakra. This is probably known commonly. And it is perhaps connected with conditioning from former lives. Since it was important for me at this moment I wanted to just mention the pattern.


Holy Problems and Healing Channel

One kind of conditioning from former lives and an invitation for linking to someone are former lives as a saint. I had two of those after all and I found one of Karin as well.

There were all kinds of linking points of former and present believers and help-seekers to dissolve:

  1. Through bones which have been distributed to several churches

  2. Through holy objects, pictures, statues

  3. Connections without objects – prayers, addressing

  4. Further connections – kind unclear but dissolvable


Veiled Former Lives

I experienced for the first time this week that all former lives of a person were veiled. It was a lion soul and it seemed that this was their first human incarnation. So I was looking in vain for the causes of certain symptoms. But there were still eight former lives under a slight veil without base. Of course the fat pieces had to be there.


Radiation on the House

Our house and grounds are in a very miserable energetic shape. The house is stuck in a semi-finished state with a chaotic mess inside against which we have no chance. The grounds are almost only good for coconuts, nothing else edible will grow there. The fish pond is broken and neglected and so on and so forth.

For some time I tried to do something about that intensely but I was not able to make a change. There was a system of two above-Earth and one alien base which I cleared but no effect. Next I found out that the Earth soul of my grounds was in a soul storage facility. This liberation brought no noticeable change, either. Then I erased B- and C-fields – nothing.

This week I found a system of bases which put some sort of fields on my grounds:

6 unprotected bases
One double veil – behind that a base
A B-field – behind it 2 bases one of which was on Venus – humans present.

Result ?


New Race out of Time and Space

More and more persons contact me whose origin turns out to be beyond time and space. Now the fourth race turned up which I call the “Renas”. The time of contact was quite long, approximately five minutes. The whole time there was lovely energy and much joy.

How many persons have showed up so far with which origin:

Wowo 2 – 4 or 5

Jackies – 3 (maybe 4)

Michies – 2

Renas – 2


I did ask once who might be the angels. Wowo2 brought resonance though I didn't know the other races yet back then. I think they all might belong to the category of angels. However the word angel is so overloaded with interpretations which is why I don't use it. Most people cannot see whether an angel appears or a Reptilian acts as one.


Activation of Anunnaki Codes

They are not forgotten. Possibly there are new impulses. We are waiting if something develops.


Reptilians want to leave Human Body

In Networks 19 I have told you about the person who showed me her Reptilian eyes quite conspicuously and sent me some demons on top of that so I would not forget her. I know now that she made me aware of herself on purpose. Later I found out that she knew I could get her out of her body and she desperately wished me to do so. As soon as dragons and co. had fetched her out the Reptilian was healed immediately and changed over to our side which was what he had wished for.

The human body did not drop dead but was taken by a human soul. This soul does not belong to the body because no soul belongs to this artificially bred body. The soul just took the chance for a fast incarnation.

Since I've been aware that the Reptilians want to leave their bodies more and more come knocking. They don't call me, no, they attack me with magic. The black magical attacks of the last two weeks were almost entirely done by full Reptilians and rarely by Reptilian-possessed humans. I ask the Reptilians whether they want to leave their body if we heal them afterwards and the answer is always “Yes”.

I don't believe that a human soul wants to take over the body of a full Reptilian black magician. The Reptilian surely was involved in a hierarchy from which you cannot quit. Nobody would want to go into that situation voluntarily.