Networks of Evil

Part 21b

Franz Erdl

April 28, 2013

Translated and uploaded May 14


Pools and Guardians

After uploading the article there were many reactions coming from the Earth snakes. Six or seven more times, groups of snakes came and announced their need for deprogramming by biting. That went until 2 o'clock in the morning but only because we were chatting away in bed anyway. Before falling asleep I said “please return when I'm awake”. At a quarter to eight I woke up, at ten to eight the first group came knocking. However there were only three more groups which came within 30 minutes. Then it was quiet. According to my questioning the various groups came from different regions.

Sadly I don't have clear communication with insects in case of they want some healing. Before noon some insect representatives were present but I only felt burdened. It took a while before I knew what was going on.

I don't have a problem healing these beings because the healing works very fast. I think however that the emerging of so many snakes is the result of writing this article. Apparently the energy for this topic was very strong at the moment. These last few hours have been quiet, for example.


The Beauty Pool

I suppose the subject beauty or ugliness has a lot to do with the second chakra. There are people who get energy from a pool and therefore become more beautiful and the people who deliver this energy get uglier. This is pretty mean! But these pools exist and the one I cleared out today had only Earth snakes as guards.


Astral Copies

I am pretty sure that with the astral copies of people in the pools there is a little astral piece which is an original part of the astral body of the person. I had energy flow with this thought and also with the command “bring back original part”. If you forget that you can retrieve these original parts later on, too. It appears they are being looked after.


A Pool for Throat Chakra Energy

There are, after all, enough possibilities to block the power of expression of a person. The meanest thing is probably to have to give it to others by way of a pool. The term power of expression is however not precise enough here. There is so much included like success, putting into reality and more.

The Guards

Healing the guards in this pool was highly informative. There were many Earth snakes and demons but apart from those there were obviously other types of guards. I asked for planet guardians of other planets but that was not the case. The first hit was solar system guardians. When all those were healed there were more. Galaxy guardians was the next kind. And there was yet another one. I had to guess for quite a while. Universe guardians? Time guardians? Time line guardians? Time base guardians? No, nothing. Those don't seem to exist at all. Sun guardians was the solution.


Pool for Solar Plexus Energy

Will- and defensive power as a special offer. I find all pools extremely mean, simply unfair. This stuff has to go, and fast.

The Guards

First I only found some Earth snakes and demons, but only a few. It was clear to me that something was missing. They also had an obscuring device like in UFOs. After destroying that I first found many Sun guardians, next many solar system guardians and finally a few galaxy guardians.

Ok, this is enough for a Sunday.