Networks of Evil

Part 20


Franz Erdl

April 21st, 2013

Translated and uploaded May 9



My Contracts with the Vatican

My discoveries started with a friend recommending me a book by the Russian healer Grigori Grabovoi. I had read reports before that Grigori had managed for example to grow back organs. Karin and I were interested to feel into the matter whether Grigori´s work is ok or if there are any shenanigans going on.

The healings were apparently ok, but when we looked into the source of his energies Karin wasn't feeling well at all. My questions got the result that Grigori draws energy from a pool (gathering pool). This pool is filled up with other people's energies like, for example, Karin (I for my part think that Karin used to be a pretty good healer but her healing energy is being drained completely from her.). No wonder she felt badly during this research

Further inquiry told me that Grigori is not aware of this contract. The contract, mind, does not have to be from this life and has eventually been made by his parents. I do not reproach him for that.

I asked whether my friend had such a contract, too. And yes, it was the same situation; contract from former life, but not entered by himself, ergo without his knowledge.

Naturally I checked whether I have also got such a contract but I got neither yes nor no. My friend got the same results for me – none. Only the next day I had the idea that the subject is most likely obscured. Right, it was even a veiled veil, that is, two bases. In the first base the seal number was bolted with three locks and obscured by another base. No wonder I never found out about that. What could I have known about extraterrestrial bases in my former lives?

If something is veiled three times there has to be something fishy about it. Surely enough I found about 6 or 7 contracts from former lives which connected me in some form or other to pools of healing energy. Me of all people! So many corrupt contracts? I think however they, too, were signed behind my back.

The real damage of these contracts is done in those whose healing energy is being drained for the pool, like Karin’s for example. I think there are many people, mainly women, who lack a great deal of energy because of that. The healings per se are ok, as it is with Grigori. It may happen that one's own energy is being drained, according to the respective contract. As my friend noticed the contract prevented him from receiving the full power from his healing channel.

I found the following type of contract in myself:


Contract for Holiness

I found out the following facts: When a gifted soul is born who is apt for becoming a saint the Vatican tries to seal a contract with the parents, or there is probably still a contract from a former life. I don't know that exactly. Anyway, there is some contract with the Vatican of which the soul doesn't know. The said person is provided with healing energy and that way from time to time a miracle happens. This is what the advertising department of the Vatican needs. It draws large crowds and therefore money. After their death the person is declared a saint which is also good for publicity.

Controlled miracles. Through the contract these miracles can be controlled – according to the purpose of the Church, naturally. This person feels of course strongly connected with God which is why they must not know about the contract. Their conscience/mind must be fairly clean, otherwise they would not be able to play this role.

Out of lack of time I have only worked through 30 of my former lives. However in two of them I already found myself as a saint. Oh my! Two Vatican contracts and on top of that the energies of so many people who revere you and/or plead for something. I had a hard time dissolving all that.

The contracts were solved easily, with all the others of which I don´t know what they said or with whom they were made. All had to do with energy pools.

Several healers have already dealt with this topic and through this research it became clear that there is obviously hardly a healer who is not influenced by such a contract. Who wants to solve their contracts should not forget: if the questions get neither yes nor no there will be a veil. And behind that surely there will be contracts.

Dissolving those pools seems to be not quite simple, even dangerous, at least at the moment.

It is quite simple to attach oneself to an energy pool. Only get initiated in Reiki. It is the same with all initiation ceremonies. Get yourselves an initiation, people. Then you are under alien control again. Or to put it the other way round: when all these contracts are solved our healing powers are free to increase with no limit, I think.


Other Topics:


Earth Snakes

The possessions with many Earth snakes have ceased. It was extreme during the last week, many cases like that, one after the other. And at first the cases with few Earth snakes came and then they became more and more. That happened with a lot of subjects. First I get the simple cases of a subject, next they become massive and then the whole thing levels out and the topics mix again.



The subject of Cellulites still needs some time. Cellulites may be caused by large numbers of Earth snakes, for example in bottom and thighs. There seem to be so many of them that it takes me a long, long amount of time at my present rate of drawing them out. Where is the turbo?


Giant Earth Snakes

Earth snakes can be very big, as big as a house and even like a skyscraper. Such giants have so far turned up as soul parts of humans. They are the equivalent to the dragon soul parts. As soon as you pull out their alien possessions – almost always extraterrestrial snakes – which works quite fast, they are healed quickly.

I think that the Earth snakes, like dragons, act as a defensive rampart for Earth. That is why all of them got possessed. Maybe the snake form was chosen for the alien snakes for that reason. Maybe the Earth snakes can be possessed more easily with those. I could feel the power of these freed giant Earth snakes when I had contact with them. I can well imagine them shooting out of the earth and chase a UFO in 100m height.

I can only advise anyone who is able to work with energy to heal the Earth snakes and other Earth beings in their area. The first thing to do would be to take out the possessions and to eliminate them, and to look again from time to time.

So far I only met one Earthling whose origin was neither dragon nor Earth snake. It was another Earth being but I don't know which one.

(Addendum: When I was writing this part I was not at home. Ten minutes after my recommendation to heal the Earth beings in your area something bit me in the diaphragm. I already know that Earth snakes do that and freed this one at once. I was however still busy writing so I said if there is another snake present please bite – which actually happened shortly after.)


Earth Beings and Nature Beings

I was never really clear about what Earth beings are and what nature beings are and so I did some research. It turned out that Earth beings and nature beings are the same. The plants among which I would have counted the nature beings have their plant souls. What you can find between plants, what frolics about are Earth beings. Dwarves, gnomes, elves etc. are Earth beings. Unicorns are also Earth beings as I had found out before. Fairies are no Earth beings, they are of alien origin (hee hee). That is what I found out. Check for yourselves!


Healing Soul part 1

In order to integrate the dragon- or Earth snake part probably the most important thing is to free the present soul part from the worst. The many problems of other incarnations go on causing trouble, but if they are not too massive the healing of those may be delayed.

I recommend to work through the present soul part according to the soul scan points. Almost every time there are astonishingly many possessions and attachments. It is also very likely to have possessions hidden behind veils and double veils. Before coupling up a dragon or an Earth snake magic, fear, mourning and pain should be healed in order to avoid surprises. Implants seem not to be impeding the reunion.


My Sinus-Problem is solved

The problem with my nose and sinus was something like an implant as well. In a chat with two female healers they saw a conduit/line from my nose through my sinus far away to a soul storage facility. From there I was able to free a part of me. They explained to me that this was a part of me when I was sacrificed as a child. I wanted to write that down in order to show in which way the soul storage may affect us.



It is rare but in two cases I found an Anunnaki as a possessing being. Mantis are rare, too but in the rare cases when they show up there may be masses of them. In one case an hour was not enough to get all Mantis out.

Mantis also have to be added to the list for magicians; they are used rarely however.

Some magicians send Earth snakes. That is also rare but has to be on the list.

Mantis are further developed than other insects. I always have to ask for insects and Mantis separately. The same happens when I say aliens – I have to call the Anunnaki extra.


New Race beyond Time and Space

I already had hunches that there are races beyond time and space besides Wowo 2 and now I had contact with a new race. This race was the soul origin of a person I was working with. They came in through me and in a few seconds removed all the remaining attached beings from the person although there were quite a lot.

But that is not all. I have a list of “homework”. If people have acute and severe problems I print the message so I can deal with it in a quiet moment (haha) on the terrace. I had a person on my list who was being attacked very nastily by black magicians by help of a bighead. After the session with the new race she wrote to me “thanks for the healing”. But I had not healed her yet. I found out that she originated from that race, too. The few seconds I had contact with that race were obviously enough to annihilate a bighead with multiple protections. I just think it was like that.

I don't know yet how to call this race. Maybe they are already known. Maybe the Wowos have other names, too?


The Seals

I just went through my articles to see what I had written about the seals. I had my first encounter with seals in Networks 8 (Feb.18) and I barely understood what they were. Only in Networks 13 (March 2nd) the final results were there. I want to sum up the thing with the seals once again:

Imagine having a lock and about 500 keys. In order to open the lock you have to try out the 500 keys. So far there is no fast solution. You cannot find the number by pendulum or clairvoyance. This has been done so deliberately.

The number 500 is approximately correct because the right key is almost always a number between 2 and 1000, but only straight numbers.

For long weeks I was looking for the right key myself, that is, I counted through all the numbers until it went “pling” and the lock opened up. Now it is enough for me to say “I start the automatic program for solving the seals and for destroying the base”. Then it takes a few minutes during which time I do not need to do anything until the destruction begins which I can feel energetically.

The seals are always attached to a being. You have to call this being to you and heal it, too, before the solving of the seals.

There are three things which may prevent the solving of the seals:

  1. UFOs

  2. Obscuring of the seal number

  3. Time- and number locks


If a UFO shows up the search program is blocked. When I was counting myself before, there was simply no energy on the right number, either. So you never find the number. The UFO has to go, as described earlier, and then it works again. You have to school your sensibility for UFOs because they may do other mischief, too.

If the seal number is obscured you have to go into the obscuring base and eliminate it.

Time locks and number locks also work on automatic. You may however start the search for the seal number first and then order the automatic opening of the time- and number locks. If I find 3 additional locks, for example, I give the order to open all three locks at the same time. At some point later three impulses come knocking.

I always keep asking whether the seal number is free. In the three above mentioned cases it is not.