Networks of Evil

Part 2

Franz Erdl
January 20, 2013


I really cannot blame anybody who takes me for a nut. It does sound like a fantasy novel. Infiltrating astral underground bases of the enemy with a horde of dragons and extraterrestrials or bases on other planets. What else is he going to make up? Fact is, it works. This work actually has a high success rate. In most cases people feel it as soon as the interfering force field in the site has been destroyed.


Energy fields around humans from bases/sites

Here we come to the first point momentarily. With this I contradict my claim from part 1 that energy fields are rarely aimed at humans directly. That is not correct. I just was not able to perceive them well. These force fields are being used more often than I thought. The majority of people appear to be free of such fields. That is what I believe at the moment.


Minor flexibility of the force field

As far as I was able to explore (until now more than 200 bases), and if I'm not entirely deceived, this network is little flexible. This means the tasks of a station cannot be fulfilled easily by another one. If one source of interference is taken down, normally there won't be another one to take over. This may be the reason why a person sometimes has 10, 20 or more interference fields and some fields are supplied by up to five stations.

I imagine this is like in black magic. The magician needs something physical which relates to the target. I think there has to be something in those stations that builds a relation. Nothing physical, obviously, but eventually some energies of the target. When the station is destroyed there is no replacement. That is maybe why important persons have multiple blocks.


Anunnaki bases

A week ago the first Anunnaki base appeared. Yes, they exist. I did not know that myself, but they actually are part of the network. Since the first one showed up I find them every day. There is something special to them: if I find energy fields of different bases on a human, it's the underground bases and extraterrestrial bases on other planets that show up first. The Anunnaki bases come last. At least now I know that as soon as Anunnaki bases appear no other bases will.


How to deal with Anunnaki

When I met the first Anunnaki in one of their bases I was of course not sure how to deal with them. I tried healing. I do not remember what it was like at the first station, but sometimes that works; it means they accept healing. However, sometimes they don't accept it. This may mean they don't want it because they don't need it or because they don't trust me. It is also possible that they are shielded by another station and therefore show no reaction to healing. I just try something and wait for some reaction.

At some point the time comes for me to say what I want. So I say, ”I want you to shut off the interference field of Johnny. Is that ok with you?” If these Anunnaki are healed, i.e. have a soul connection, they agree. This may take some time. Once I perceived, that one did not agree and a discussion arose. So after a couple of minutes I ask again and sooner or later the “Yes” resonance comes. There are other cases, however, where nothing happens and the search begins.

If the Anunnaki agree to shut off the field and I ask them to do it, nothing happens at first. Mostly it takes a few minutes until it happens. Sometimes my thoughts wander while waiting and then I am surprised when the energy wave of the shutdown comes. This procedure takes some getting used to. Also, I do not know whether they will really go through with it. Sometimes there is an obstacle I have to find and they cannot shut down yet, although they agreed to do it. I really cannot claim to see a hundred per cent clearly what is going on. So sometimes the waiting periods accumulate. Oh I wish I could communicate telepathically with them.

Since I believe having healed the Anunnaki I also assume that they are willing to shut down all energy fields around all their victims. Mostly this is confirmed, however, I cannot check the result. I can check with the person I'm working with, because when the field dissolves physical relief sets in.

I believe that only two or three Anunnaki are present in these bases. These beings seem to be very different and individual, albeit under a certain amount of mind control. Dealing with them is a little different every time. Many are obviously human-friendly, despite the fact that they guard these harmful facilities. They often agree immediately to shut them down. That is astonishing and it looks to me as if there were a plan or schedule behind it all. In one case, for example, they signalled that the shutdown would be performed within a week. The result is yet to be confirmed.

You do not get results with Anunnaki stations as well as others as long as any other problem is still unsolved. I believe it is the collective interest of the healed inmates and dragons and others not to leave anything behind unhealed. For example, sometimes there are store rooms where traumatized souls (or parts) are held captive. If they are not found, the interfering fields cannot be shut off. Sometimes one being is shielded and therefore excluded from being healed. That also prevents success. Sometimes parts of the facility are shielded and cannot be shut down. All these details have to be found and solved.


Shielded beings

This is a subject with probably far reaching consequences. It is about beings, e. g. reptilians, dracs etc. and also humans who are shielded by a base. I discovered this phenomenon on the bases. They cannot be healed and therefore stay constantly evil. So they block the shutdown process.

I am thinking now also of many people I know who are plagued by very persistent and resistant ghost creatures. They do everything that's possible but the beings keep molesting them. This thought of remote shielding gets me a whole lot of new ideas. This until now nearly unsolvable problem might find a solution now. Until recently I just had to find the protective shield and demand its destruction. Sometimes I had to discover where it came from and deal with the base that generated it. Probably they put multiple shields on a being that is important for them. But there might be a solution to all this now. I also assume that important (evil) persons are protected in that manner.


Shielded snakes

Last week I had an interesting experience when I drove somebody to the airport and I spent some time there waiting. Spending all this useless time there gave me the idea of connecting with the dragons. Shortly after, I got cramps in the area of my diaphragm. For some time they were on the left side, then more to the right. I know that to be a typical snake attack by free moving snakes. This is rather rare because most snakes are bound to humans or nests. But why does this start now, when I address the dragons?

The answer became clear after a while. What the dragons presented me was a shielded snake. They cannot beat a shielded snake, but the snake can bite the dragons again and again. I could feel the bites. The protective shield can apparently only be dissolved by humans (with a soul connection). All I had to do was to say “I want this snake's shield to be destroyed” and the bites stopped.

Apparently the dragons were happy that I had got their drift because on the very same day they sent me three snakes that were shielded by the same base. A little later there came another one, but then it was quiet.

Shielded snakes did turn up in underground nests, too. I only notice that because the dragons cannot demolish the nest. Then I have to ask what is going on, and sometimes it is this shielded snake which the dragons cannot beat on their own.

At this place I want to resume what dragons cannot solve alone:


Shielded facilities or nests,

Shielded parts of facilities or

Shielded single beings, humans, snakes or bigheads.

Soul parts of humans or animals if there are some to be freed.


Snakes with a soul

Some snakes with a soul turned up recently. I believe they were earth snakes that were possessed by an extraterrestrial snake. In that case they cannot clear the nest in the sense of eliminating all snakes. Then they wait until I find out that there is a snake with a soul among them and free it. Lately, there were snakes with a soul in humans twice. These snakes seem to have a strong loving quality.

Snake´s eggs

In a snake´s nest in one person there were also eggs of the snake with the soul. These eggs had to be freed, too, before the whole nest could be cleared.


Internet disturbances

Since I have been working on the numerous enemy bases the disturbances of my internet have grown quite a bit. I seem to become a nuisance. Together with other people I was able to confirm that extraterrestrial bases on other planets play a role in these interferences. Although I was able to affect four of those bases that doesn't seem by far to be enough. It is not yet clear how far technical facilities on Earth are used for this purpose. Maybe they are able to achieve this from afar.


Using women for alien offspring

This subject may not belong here, but it did turn up again these days. I was talking about the fact that most races lack female energy. The feminine essence has been bred out of them. Offspring was generated synthetically. However, the races want to go back to normal and sadly they still keep abducting human women. They take them away and insert one of their eggs in their uterus. After a few months, when the egg(s) has/have apparently absorbed enough maternal energy, they take it out again and continue the breeding themselves.

This procedure is repeated on and on which does not add to the health of the women, not to speak of the emotional trauma that stays hidden in the subconscious. Apart from that, they are constantly pregnant and therefore a little bigger, and they have problems getting their own children.

The women are treated well or less well depending on which beings are dealing with them. In order to solve the situation I use my “heal and deal” technique. First, healing the extraterrestrials abundantly until they can feel their own soul connection again and become more loving creatures. Secondly, negotiating because the extraterrestrials don't want to lose the egg that is currently in the uterus. So you have to negotiate when they can take the egg. Then there is the problem that they don't know how to get normal babies in the future. I do not know that, either, but I ask them to leave the woman alone and find other solutions for the future.

In two cases they already kept their word and took the egg out at the agreed time or, in another case, they removed the manipulations from their victim. In these situations I wish again to be able to communicate telepathically.