Networks of Evil

Part 19

Franz Erdl

April 13, 2013

Translated and uploaded April 30


The Week of the Earth Snake

(and of the black magicians)


When I was working as an engineer in New Jersey, USA, in 1988 I made good money. At last I was able to afford a better car and when I was signing the contract with the car dealer I thought “Now I did it!” Very fitting to that thought on the radio they were playing “Fool, if you think it's over”.

I had a hunch the song might be right. Whenever I think nowadays “Ok, now I found out the last dirty tricks” something new turns up. And now that the secrets of B- and C-fields were disclosed an infestation with Earth snakes emerges out of nothing. “Fool if you think it's over”.

I don't have an explanation for how it is possible that in almost every client 20, 50, 100 and more Earth snakes are found. That is astonishing in itself but it is very weird that the same happens in persons who were already snake-free. The notion that all those had been sent anew doesn't fit because in some persons certain symptoms they have had for a long time disappeared after removing the snakes. My next thought is that by removing the B- and C-fields and /or the actions of other beings these things become perceivable. Whatever the right answer may be I can advise anybody who is able to do it to ask for demonised Earth snakes.

How they appeared so far:

  1. In the body without nest. The snakes may be anywhere in the body, for example in single chakras or in weak spots. 100 and more can be spread all over the body.

  2. In the body in a nest. There may be pairs with eggs among them. The eggs are possessed, too, and with Reptilians, strangely, instead of extraterrestrial snakes. (Heal the Reptilians as well.)

  3. In the body with several nests.

  4. With a big extraterrestrial snake. In that case the Earth snakes have to support their slave keeper with energy. I believe this combination to be dangerous because the Earth snakes have so many magical powers. All this magic is to the evil snake's disposition!

I came to notice that these extraterrestrial snakes are very important. I assume they are fat and big from so much magical energy of maybe 100 Earth snakes. In the first cases I had this week the first UFOs came while I was pulling out the Earth snakes. This is irritating because pulling them out takes time anyway. I have to dig a dozen or more times with intervals. The snakes also need to be healed before returning to the Earth.

In later cases the UFOs only arrived when I wanted to remove the evil snake. All of a sudden nothing works anymore as soon as a UFO is near. The dragons stay away. In another case they tried to make us believe that there was no evil snake anymore. UFOs come practically every time you want to remove such a big fat evil snake.

Obviously our enemies are neither able to veil nor to shield their UFOs from afar. If a UFO is veiled or shielded this is done in the UFO itself. That can be erased with one command, so no problem there. But you cannot destroy a UFO as long as any being with a soul is in it. Therefore the beings are the only protection for UFOs. So if you cannot destroy a UFO although you have addressed all aliens in it there may still be Anunnaki in it – they always want to be addressed separately. Sometimes they board a demon on the ship and it must be called separately, too. And finally they bring humans from time to time in astral form.

But all those things are no real obstacles. A UFO with a complicated crew only slows down the elimination of snakes for 30 seconds. Sometimes they send bigger ships which you can notice because the healing takes longer. If it is to be or not to be for the snake they do send 4 or 5 ships simultaneously or in short intervals. But that's it then. Then they have shot their bolt and the snake can be eliminated by the dragons.

The most extreme case this week was an evil snake with a lot of Earth snakes for supply. This alone was almost an hour's work, including the eliminating of UFOs. After it said “no snakes anymore”, a shielded snake's nest appeared nonetheless. After eliminating the base I found a lot of Earth snake couples, partly with eggs. When the nest was empty more single snakes turned up yet again, also in great numbers. After more than two hours all were gone.

Most cases are not so extreme but you may count in half an hour at least normally, except somebody finds the turbo.

Strangely enough, the week started with three persons who had a snake's soul part. The very first clients were Earth snake once instead of dragon. Dragons and snakes are after all said to have been the first creations of the Earth soul. Apparently both are crucial for Earth. For months now the persons I have been working with have been either extraterrestrial or Earth souls with dragon part. And this week started with three snake souls in a row. So, right, the week of the Earth snakes.


How do you heal Earth snakes?

Most importantly, remove possessions and eliminate them. The possessions are almost always alien snakes. Then erase assignments and heal feelings. Healing feelings may take most time. Then back into Earth.


And now a few more Earth Snake Stories

When I had freed Karin's Earth soul part (yes, this is the soul of a piece of Earth, a piece of land, so to speak) from a soul storage facility and respective base she felt something like little balls in her abdomen. These balls turned out to be demonised Earth snakes which were imprisoned in the storage together with the Earth soul.

A short while ago I noticed a slowly growing pressure on the front of my thigh, a little more every day. When I searched I found black magic. I always deal with the magicians when it comes to black magic so that they cannot do magic anymore. I found magicians, and there were nine of them. Two only served as shields and seven for the attack. One of them was secured threefold. He surely had a higher pay grade.

I took out all nine of them, drew the magic out of my leg and was quite proud. But the next day there was still pressure in my thigh. I found two demons now. However that was also not yet the solution. Only when I was working with Karin's Earth snakes I looked for snakes in me, and lo and behold, ca. 15 Earth snakes were in my leg.

The point of this attack was to send me false signals through my right thigh, which worked for a short time. There were wrong energy answers which were caused by the magic of the snakes. However I noticed the impulses came from the thigh instead of my feet. So I found the black magic in the end.

Speaking of magicians – I think they intended to let Karin's insect bite grow into a really nasty wound at which they partly succeeded. But I think they had planned even worse because they assigned about 25 magicians in three days to attack Karin. Every two or three hours there was an attack. Karin noticed this by a stinging in the leg. I looked and yes, another attack, and every time it was a new magician; for one because I eliminate the predecessor thoroughly, and for another because I could identify a different type of magician every time.

Once they sent three at a time and varyingly they used veils and double veils. But the pain gives the attack away so the veil is of no use to them.

One trick they apply sometimes they used today as well. They didn´t attack Karin for three days and apparently today sent a demon and an insect sneaking in behind a veil.

They tried it again on my leg, too. They even got approved a B-field in order to hide the attack. By the way, obscuring fields from bases are extremely rare in magical attacks. In order to get those they surely had to hand in a lot of forms with three copies.

The highlight happened today. I was talking with a person whom I found rather unpleasant. When I looked into her eyes I saw Reptilian eyes. I looked again a few times inconspicuously when she was looking far away. There were undoubtedly Reptilian eyes. When she finally left I stayed behind with pressure on my chest. I found six fear-laden demons and two snakes.

A certain pressure on my diaphragm remained and I could not find out why. Only later on I made progress. I checked whether this person was possessed. “No.” Does she have a human soul? “No.” Is she a full Reptilian? “Yes.” I asked my dragons and Co.: Can she be healed so that she cannot harm anyone anymore? “No.” Do you have to get her out of her body? “Yes.”

I began to understand the situation. The pressure had remained so that I deal with the problem again. The dragons and co. needed my approval in order to get the soul out of the human body. Since I trust them I consented and with that the pressure on my diaphragm ceased, which was one more affirmation for the correctness of my action.


A Short Manual for the Handling of Black Magicians

You should have one or more dragons for help. If healed Reptilians, Dracs etc. and Wowo1 are with you it is even better. They all love to help. I would only contact a magician with at least one dragon.

The most important action during a black magical attack would be to call out the possessing being of the magician and heal it. That way it does not come back. This takes away a lot of power from the magician and a change of conscience is possible, an awakening so to speak. If no reaction can be felt it is mostly a full Reptilian in a human body. If your helpers are fit they get them out of their bodies if necessary.

If the magician works with beings you have to free them before you can leave the scene. I check which beings they are using:

Human souls (deceased or sacrificed)
Animal souls (mostly sacrificed)
Earth beings (very rarely, stone magic – Peru)
Spirit beings (aliens, frequently)

So, free whatever can be freed. For that purpose render all their magic and magical objects powerless (dragon food). Then, of course, get out their magic out of yourselves and the respective beings as well.

You don't have to free beings from bighead- and mental magicians. Simply have their magic erased.

In order to finish assign the dragons and co. to neutralize the magician. However that may be done it must be sure that this person cannot attack anyone anymore. We can't afford it to be attacked ten times by the same magician and to have to deal with him again.


Another Subject about the B- and C-fields

There are anxiety fields. You can ask, “Is there a B-field on xy about the subject anxiety?” If it is “Yes”, destroy the pyramid and then you will find demons. The demons themselves are full of fear and you have to heal their fear before they can leave. This renders the healing process a little slow. Then very probably another C-field will appear about the same topic and more demons.