Networks of Evil

Part 18

Franz Erdl
April 7, 2013
Translated and uploaded April 17


C- and B-Fields


Yes, there are also C-fields. But don't panic! They seem to act just like the B-fields. The difference is that you have to name them something other than B-fields.

Of course the fields are called neither B nor C, but that is only a matter of definition. When I say B-fields I mean the fields created by race B (or Betas); and by the beings I called Betas I mean the beings who keep the Anunnaki under mind control. The C-fields I relate to race C (or Gammas) whom I perceived as soulless beings and the origin of all evil.

The second difference between C- and B-fields is I cannot find a source for the C-fields. Some time ago I already had got the information that positive alien races had dealt with the Gammas. This seems to be correct about the Gammas, the race doesn't seem to exist anymore or at least they don't have any direct influence on us anymore. Their energy fields however are imprinted in our reality and apparently they have to be erased by us.

The Betas are not dangerous anymore, either (I think). They just sit in their pyramids, hypnotised and held in tight hierarchic structures. I will describe here how a clairvoyant client perceived them. I myself don't see much most of the time, so I cannot say how correct his perceptions are; however I find them fitting:

The Betas have approximately the contours of children. They are half our size but not similar to the Greys. Like the Wowos they are silvery grey to white. The pyramid he could see was teeming with Betas, many floors full of beings. The order “Heal Betas” created chaos in the pyramid immediately. The breaking up of tight structures seems to be a shock for the Betas in the beginning. After some time the first Betas leave the pyramid until all of them are gone and the pyramid appears transparent. The order “Destroy pyramid” vaporises it in a heartbeat.

I think these impressions might be correct and could also explain why the healing of the Betas sometimes takes up to ten minutes.


Experiences with C- and B-Fields

If you find a B-field you have to work on dissolving the field additional to destroying the pyramid. If you find a C-field you can start dissolving it immediately. That may take a little more work than a B-field. The C-fields seem to be more intense.

I classify and define the fields (so far) into:

  1. Obscuring and rendering invisible of beings and humans

  2. Shielding of bigheads, snakes and snake´s nests

  3. Fields which have an effect and whose energies accumulate in humans or things


About 1: Obscuring

Obscuring fields have the effect that you can neither lock on a target (subject/object) nor remove it. So far I found only beings behind B-/C-obscuring fields, mainly demons. However, I don´t want to deny the possibility that also implants, for example, may be obscured by those fields as it is the case with Anunnaki- and Reptilian bases.

An example:

In one person I removed demons, Reptilians, insects and demonised Earth snakes. Then nothing more.

Are all beings gone?” –No.
Is there an obscuring field from a base?” –No.
Is there a B-field for obscuring?” – Yes.

Healed Betas, destroyed pyramid, dissolved field. Then found some Earth snakes and freed them.

Are all beings gone?” – No.
Is there still a B-field for obscuring?” – No.
Is there a C-field hiding beings?” – Yes.

Then it really started. I think 24 demonised Earth snakes appeared.


About 2: Shielding (only concerning B and C)

I found shielding only with bigheads and demonised Earth snakes so far, and they were each B-fields only. The shielding fields were dissolved very fast anyway.

An example: A bighead with 14 protective measures = new recor

3 shielding bases,

3 black magicians,

2 UFOs,

1 demonised Earth snake* in a nest,

2 free demonised Earth snakes*,

3 Beta-pyramids.

The Earth snakes seem to have special magic powers. They are possessed and misused by extraterrestrial snakes in order to protect bigheads and even black magicians. I believe that the Earth snakes with their powers are very important for the Earth.


About 3: Effective Fields

There are C- and B-fields which cause something by themselves. It seems to me these fields were programmed quite at will. In Karin for example I found a B-field which is designed to draw negative energies to her. Another field is to push positive energies away from her. These fields cannot be destroyed just like that. They have been working on her almost her whole life. I could only now destroy the source but the fields are imprinted.

With the field pushing away positive energies, ergo making healing impossible, I was pulling out energy over and over again in waves for half an hour. Then I checked whether such energies might still be in the legs, and yes, I was at it for another ten minutes. Thus I could work through the whole body and there was work in various amounts in various places.

A few words about pulling out energies in waves. For me it works like this: for about 30 seconds energy flows and then nothing happens for one or two minutes. Then the next wave comes. Maybe this could work faster; for me it does not.

I found a B and a C-field at home with the same programming. Those fields are directed at our house with everything in it. The programming causes untidiness, discomfort, something like that. The effect is colossal. We live in a totally messy chaos between laundry baskets and other objects. Tidying up is impossible. Even if we manage to clean a little against massive resistance something happens and it is worse than before.

I began to pull out these energies which took some time. Then I had to switch to pulling them out of laundry baskets and objects separately. Waves after waves of energy. I have not finished yet and I cannot report any success because for the last two days they have been sending magician after magician to attack us, and especially Karin.

One problem about these fields is that the question mustn't be too widely asked. The question “Is there still a B-field on my house?” does not bring results. But the question “Is there a B-field which draws vermin into my house?” works. This means a whole lot of undetected fields might be directed on our house which we haven't found yet.


C- and B-Fields and Demons


Most frequently I found demons behind those fields. It appears to me that the Betas or Gammas are responsible for changing dimensional guardians into demons. They must have created an army of many millions of demons which they used themselves and which are also used by black magicians now.

I found demons who had contracts with Betas or Gammas. Those contracts have to be erased of course, otherwise the demon cannot leave. This is, however, rare.

I prefer calling them dimensional guardians, anyway. They like to hear that even if they are still demonised. I first noticed about the dimensional guardians that they are to be found in pairs in humans. Being demonised they don't have any gain from the soul partnership. They are isolated and sad, sometimes very sad. So if you find and heal one soul partner it may happen that they don't want to leave. They want me to find the soul partner as well. I healed both of them and they left with joy. It also happens that they only want to leave when there are four or six of them – a small soul family so to speak.

This effect has also occurred once with Reptilians and many times with Earth snakes. The family connection between Earth snakes became visible when the first snake wanted to wait for its partner soul. They were still not ready to go but wanted me to find a few eggs and heal those. In another case it was two snakes plus eggs; then they waited for me to find and heal four more snakes and their eggs. Then they were ready to leave. These family reunions do make me happy.


Chains of Veils

This technique has turned up quite a few times and right now with Karin. By help of magic she was given a weird insect bite on her leg. The area grew big and began to spread more and more, the next day it was more than 10cm long, like a tight brick underneath her skin, and painful. I found a lot of magic and eliminated it but there was no change. Later I found a veil (from a base) and behind it 2 insects. The spot did not heal. Now I found another veil and behind it a Reptilian – again no change. Finally I found yet another veil, this time from an Anunnaki base, and behind this one lots and lots of demons.


Dimensional Guardians helping

I began to get them out. That works without problems but it takes time until I get to the next demon. So if I get one demon or a couple out I have to wait one or two minutes until the next ones appear. So I was healing demons and after half an hour I had healed about 30 of them. I did find out, however, that there were going to be more than 70. In order not to lose too much time I tried an automatic program but it did not work.

My next try was to appoint a healed couple of demons, that is, dimensional guardians, to help. I asked them to do the following procedure with every new one showing up: dissolve magic, programming, appointments, mind control and demonization and after that heal their feelings. I only dealt with getting new ones out, connecting them to their soul and sending them back into their own dimension. That accelerated things. So did something else: addressing the demons by “dimensional guardians”. The waiting period was reduced to nearly zero when I looked for more dimensional guardians instead of demons. I had to speak the word over and over again, and they kept coming. When I felt some were healed I just let them pass through me to their soul and back into their dimension. After 10 minutes a powerful final energy wave came with which the two helpers said good bye as well.


Bases may have more than one Function

This has nothing to do with the above. I did once claim that bases only ever had one function. But that is not correct. I found protective bases which also had soul storage. And when I'm working with clairvoyant clients they notice that the bases have more than one function. I think they are right. I just wasn't able to see it myself.