Networks of Evil

Part 17

Franz Erdl
March 30, 2013


New Energy Field discovered: The B-Field


Those who know Karin and me a little better are aware that I have done incredibly many healing sessions with Karin but this has not contributed anything to her condition getting better. When I researched something new like the protective fields or the soul scan I was always full of hope that by this her problems could be solved. But nothing has changed yet.

That is why I asked on Good Friday if there might be something yet unknown that causes Karin΄s problems or holds them in place. However there was no resonance. I was especially looking into the problem of a tooth that had had root treatment. I wanted to know where the pain that had been reoccurring for years came from. I asked:

“Is it because dead nerve endings are rotting?” – No.

“Is there an inflammation?” – No.

“Is there an astral insect?” – No.

“Is there another being?” – No.

“Is there an implant?” – No.

“Is there a veil?” – No.

“Is there a veiled veil?” – No

“Is there an unknown energy field?” – Yes!!!

Well, well! As I found out later the trick to find this field is to address a quite specific area. The general question “Is there another still unknown energy field?” does not work. But the question “Is there an unknown energy field on the tooth?” works. This is important for further dealing with these fields.

Now let's go on. Where does this field come from? I asked:

“From a base?” – No.

“Black magician?” – No.

“Snake's nest?” – No.

“UFO?” – No.

It had already said “Base – no”, but nonetheless I wanted to ask whether it came from a base from another time line. But I said it wrong and out came “Does it come from another time base?” – It said “Yes” here. But it was no for both time line and base. (Time base: not base as in station but base as in basic. So it means different time reckoning or time basis.)

So it is another time basis. I imagine timelines running parallel to our time. But in a different time basis time obviously must pass quite differently. I think nobody really knows that.

But let's go on. If the field isn't coming from a base, where else does it come from? I asked for pyramids and had a hit. So far everything was correct: a pyramid in a different time basis.

Next question: who is in there? First nobody at all because you have to work your way through the protection of the pyramid before you can make contact. Finally I was inside and there were beings. After asking the result was: beings of race B; that is the very beings who had enslaved the Anunnaki; the beings who were themselves enslaved by race C.

Since those beings have never appeared among us they do not have a name. I just call them Beta instead of race B. Should anyone know of a name for this race, please inform me via e-mail. Just out of laziness I simply called the energy field of the Betas B-field. But there might be different B-fields. So far I was able to put my finger on the fact that those fields definitely work like a veil. For example, they can obscure a demon in a person so well that you cannot perceive it, no matter how clairvoyant you may be.

So I was in the pyramid and as always started the healing of the beings inside. However the Betas seem to be a little resistant to healing which means you need time. A 10-second healing like for the Reptilians does not work. 5 minutes, 10 minutes it may well take. In one pyramid it went very fast, the energy there was strong from the start and I felt a friendly welcome there. In most cases, however, it takes longer.

The good thing is that the Betas don't have seals. They are after all the inventors of the seals and therefore were not keen on sealing themselves. So as soon as the Betas are healed you can give the command for the destruction of the pyramid. I then feel a “Whoom” in my legs during this process.

The B-field however is still there in our reality. You have to give the command for the dissolution of the field. This may take another minute and then. . .Well, then you can see what it was the field was keeping hidden. In the case of Karin's tooth is was a demon that I sent back healed into its own dimension very much to its delight. It is a bit hard to imagine the notion of a big demon in a small tooth but in the astral plane this is possible. The research so far shows that it is mostly demons that are hidden by Betas. There was also a Reptilian and a few insects and some implants, each in different parts of the body.

I detected more B-fields on a bighead with multiple shielding and a snake's nest in a human.

I think the B-fields turn up rarely compared to already known obscuring- and protective fields.

You can only find those fields by addressing a detail like this tooth. Since Karin, for example, never feels well I addressed the area of the pineal gland because I remembered it has to do with feeling well. And right, there was a B-field behind which there were a demon, a Reptilian and an insect.

What also worked was the question “Is there still a brain area with a B-field?” You don't have to know where exactly it is. You can just start to eliminate the field. What did not work was the question “Is there a B-field in the body?” You have to be a bit more specific.

I found 16 fields in Karin and destroyed also 16 pyramids. The question comes to mind, “Do they invest so much in one person?” As far as I was able to find out – no. A pyramid is specialised on one topic, e. g. a tooth, but it affects several persons. I got 8 persons as an answer to my question; that is quite few. If that is correct?

Furthermore it became clear that there are more than 100 different subjects in the human body alone for which specialised pyramids are in charge.

If these changes have an effect on Karin we can say only after some time of observation. It is quite possible that something even one step higher shows up in her.

I do have more topics but I want this information to sink in. Maybe one more thing: Maybe you have heard of pyramid-shaped space ships being seen. I wanted to know whether there were Betas inside. But no, the Betas do not show up here. There are Anunnaki inside. Then I wanted to know more at once but could only think of the cigar-shaped ships. Nordics was the answer. I did not ask more questions.