Networks of Evil

Part 16

Franz Erdl
March 24, 2013
Translated and uploaded March 31



Solving Seals Automatically

Yes, it works. The solving of the seals, the search for the final number can be set to automatic. The counting has come to an end. A healer friend who works with my methods now told me that he runs an energetic program that solves the seals and closes down the station. I tested it today and it really works.

It actually works exactly like it happened to me with the Anunnaki bases. I gave the command for closing down and a few minutes later the confirmation came. Back then I didn’t know what was going on during that time because I did not know about the seals.

The second good news is that also the freeing of souls from storage facilities can be done quite fast now. Only when there are complications you have to go through all the containers. One such complication occurred to me today when one soul part was in such a bad condition that I had to help it out of its container with a lot of energy. But this is not normally the case.

Normally freeing a soul looks like that:


  1. Contact the base.

  2. Heal present aliens.

  3. Free all souls from storage!

  4. Eliminate all interfering energies of the storage facility!

  5. Are all souls free? - - Wait for affirmative

  6. Are all interfering energies gone? - - Wait for affirmative

  7. Is storage empty? - - Affirmative

  8. Destroy storage facility! - - You can feel that

  9. Contact the being with the seals.

  10. Command: I start the automatic program to find the seals and close the base.

  11. Wait (2 to 3 minutes) till energy flows.

  12. Ask: Is the base closed? Confirmation has to come.


That's how simple it is now. The “automatic program” are simply two words. So there is no program to buy from me. However if there are number locks and time locks there I have to solve them first separately. That also works automatically but I had to address each lock separately. In case the seal number is being veiled by an obscuring base you have to eliminate the obscuring base. This case is rare but if it happens, you might find yourself faced with an unsolvable problem if you don't know the solution.

Was my hard work and research about the seals in vain? And the tedious finding of seal numbers? All unnecessary? I don't think so. I think I was led to all this in order to understand the structure of the whole system. You may skip many details by now, but there might now and then be cases where you have to pay attention to them, know about them. I am glad about these experiences and the hard work has improved my sensitivity enormously.

I also want to write down my experience with seal numbers in case this information is needed at some point. The number of the seals is always straight. The most frequent numbers were between 400 and 600. That is why I started to count from 400 right away recently. The following list shows the number in order of frequency:

Level 1: 400, 402, 404. . . through 598, 600

Level 2: 200, 202 . . . through 400

Level 3: 600, 602 . . . through 800

Level 4: 60 through 200

Level 5: 800 through 1000

Level 6: 1000 through 1300

Level 7: 2 through 60

If it is clear that the base has high priority, you may skip the numbers lower than 400. The following numbers turned up frequently in high priority bases: 980, 990, 996, 998, 1000, 1002, 1010, 1100 and 1300

Numbers under 60 have not turned up for a long time now.

I load up this list mentally into my automatic search program so that the search can run as effectively and fast as possible.


Experiences with the Soul Scan

Sadly the soul scan is still very time-consuming. Maybe this task can be accelerated soon but I haven't managed yet. It seems to me that this way of questioning in detail according to the list and life after life draws much more to the surface than other methods. It even works very well for the present life. Everyone who is able to feel energy reactions may try it with themselves. Go through the list: implants, insects, magic, fear, etc. . The trick is to go from the start again as soon as you are through the list. Some points will bring a reaction again and in the next run again.

It looks to me as if only one implant at a time comes out. Then there is a pause of one or two minutes before the next implant shows up. The same goes for insects and clinging beings: always one after the other. It is however the same with magic and fear, too. There is always one portion and a little pause. So if there are still some unsolved points, for example implants, magic and fear, I take out one implant, a portion of magic and a portion of fear. When I get to the implants again the next one is ready. I have tried a lot to accelerate that but could not do it.

I was astonished about the amount of implants attached to old soul parts. Numbers like 20 do come along. It may also happen with magic and fear that you need a dozen or more runs.

Looking for implants and insects in the present life might force you to eliminate obscuring and shielding bases. And then so many implants, insects and even beings show up that you can hardly believe it. Most of it is apparently located in the brain, thus influencing our ways of perception and our wellbeing. 40 implants, 15 insects and 5 other beings is nothing unusual.

What I found in Karin is absolutely extreme. Close to 100 implants, ca. 30 insects, 20 other beings and in order to get to them I had to eliminate 2 obscuring bases, one double veiling and 10 shielding bases. That cost me 6 hours of last Sunday. And I think I haven't reached the most important regions of the brain yet, especially the regions for feeling well. I also remember drawing magic out of her body for approximately an hour.


Dragons and Earth

If you heal a dragon part it is possible that the dragon may be healed but not content. This may have two reasons.

The first reason may be his grounding/earthing. A piece of Earth, a certain place on our planet belongs to a dragon. If there is something wrong with this place the dragon has a problem and the human connected to him has a grounding problem. Often a curse or a ban is lying upon the place. Humans banned the dragon to his place a long time ago and probably installed objects in this place by which the ban is fixed. All that can be solved energetically.

The dragon's nest was often occupied by extraterrestrial snakes and a base (astral) installed above it additionally. All this has to be taken care of in healing a dragon – to clean his place on Earth.

Some dragons showed me their partner (male or female). They wanted me to free their counterpart, too. If the dragon pairs find each other, I think the human partners might find each other, too or be already together anyway.

The Earth soul part of a human may be considered another soul part. So if somebody had 50 lives including the present one, the Anunnaki part would be 51, the dragon part 52 and the Earth soul part 53.

I assume it is the same with extraterrestrial souls. They ought to have a planet soul part of which one might have to take care.


Earth Soul in Soul Storage

Earth soul parts may also be trapped in a storage facility. I got that confirmed just today with Karin's Earth soul part. It is much more difficult to get Earth soul parts out of containers than human souls. Automatic does not work. Today I had to find 10 containers in a facility that didn't want to be found. It went rather tough. I had to get some of the parts out with lots of healing energy. And the seals of the base were secured with 3 locks.

I found implants and energy fields. Karin's energy field had a base with obscured end number. And the seal numbers must have been very high because the automatic worked quite for long. The subject “Healing of Earth soul parts” is not done yet. It seems to me that Earth is not content with my work yet. I will go on searching.

The numerous security measures for these Earth souls show what high security level these parts have.


Origin of Insects – Mosquitoes

A question arose what kind of souls insects might have, where they come from and whether they are evil, or what? I was interested myself. The origin question was solved quickly: all insects on our planet come from the same star system as do the extraterrestrial insects. Aha! Now I understand why the alien insects look just like ours.

Well, and why are mosquitoes, for example, so obnoxious? Couldn't they behave differently, maybe for the good of all? The answer is, “Yes, they could behave differently.” But they are demonized and the demonizing is done in alien bases.

I am intrigued by this answer because it means we can change the behaviour of obnoxious insects. That sounds like a lot of work but at least a path has shown itself.

I was writing this on our terrace in the evening and a big locust seated himself on my laptop and wanted to crawl up the screen. I think he wanted to show me that what I'm writing is important to him.

Furthermore, close to my terrace was an obnoxious cricket. Total pain in the butt. I wanted to use my new knowledge at once. I made contact and could feel it. Just guessing I erased mind control, demonization and took out possible possessions and told it to please go somewhere else. And. . . three minutes later it was quiet.

I have tried this before but without success, though back then I didn't heal the insect. I think healing the insects is the point which brings us forward.


Origin of Dinosaurs

I was also interested in the origin of the dinosaurs. I wanted to know if they are related to the dragons. Far off! All dinosaurs, on land, in water and air were Reptilian souls. And like the Reps, they came from the Orion system.