Networks of Evil

Part 15

Franz Erdl
March 10, 2013
Uploaded March 25


The Ultimate Healing Method: The Complete Soul Scan


How was this method developed?

During the last few weeks I freed approximately 50 soul parts of Karin from bases but that did not make any difference for her. I kept on checking if there were still locked up soul parts. From time to time I found one more but at some point it was repeatedly confirmed that all soul parts were free. However, the question whether they could be connected with Karin was answered “no”.

It turned out that she still had an isolating implant in her body and an isolating energy field affecting her. When this was eliminated, still nothing happened. Now it turned out that the single soul parts themselves were still so blocked that they could not be brought back. I began to scan life after life and that is how the soul scan developed.


For whom is the soul scan the right method?

The complete soul scan is a lot of work. The effort depends on how many lives a person has had and how blocked they are. In my case there are 86 lives. I have only just cleared 10 of them since I did not have enough time yet. You might have one hour of work for ten lives, or, like today, two and a half. I was astonished that most of my own lives were still pretty blocked. My last three lives were without problems. Perhaps they were beautiful, or had I healed them already? However, from then on I found lots of problems to solve.

For many people the soul scan will be too expensive and time consuming. Who wants to get out of the worst maybe gets enough out of two healing sessions. The scan is pretty much the most demanding of all healing work for me at the moment. It takes a lot of concentration. That is why I can only do a few sessions a day. And when a person needs 6 to 10 healing sessions the waiting periods become unacceptably long. I am overworked with emergencies as it is. That cannot go on like this. Healers are needed badly. We need many able healers and fast. I hope that something will come up.


The Soul Scan

Predispositions for the soul scan

The present life I call life no.1 or soul part 1. Soul part 1 has to be cleared so that the other soul parts 2 through x can be attached or absorbed into the physical body. The attaching process is blocked by the mere fact that almost all soul parts are still too burdened. But soul part 1 which is in the present physical body may make the healing process impossible.

The present body must be cleared of:

  • Snakes

  • Bigheads

  • Possessions

  • Present black magic or UFO influence

  • Isolating implants and

  • Isolating energy fields.

As preliminary work you may look for soul parts locked away in storage facilities and free them. In the course of a soul scan you automatically get to all imprisoned soul parts and have to free them. The soul scan also leads you to imprisoned soul parts you haven't found yet.

I recommend a certain amount of preliminary work on “freeing souls from bases” because the tedious counting wears you down during a soul scan.

The healer needs a well-schooled soul contact. Many healings have to be done “on the piece”, otherwise the time needed multiplies. The healer must be able to clear soul storage and solve seals in bases. The eliminating of UFOs has to be a matter of 15 seconds. And finally he/she must be able to solve every kind of blocking.

How to carry it out

Until now I used to work around certain topics, no matter in which life they occurred. The scan is just the other way round: I go through all the lives, one after the other, starting at 2 (1 being the present life) through 86, in my case. And the first tests show that this method is really, really thorough. Everything that is not yet healed emerges. And that is far more than I thought. If you miss only one thing the soul part cannot be coupled up, or if you force the process, there are negative reactions (see risks and side effects).

My first step is asking for the number of soul parts. Basically this is not necessary but since it seems to work for me I do it. So for me it’s 86, for others 56 or 63.For souls of extraterrestrial origin this number may be much lower.

Then I call the last life of the person, the one before the present one. I call this soul part 2. I feel the contact with every single soul part very distinctly. I was surprised myself as to how clear and distinct my perception of every soul part is, considering the large number of lives.

Now I ask for the details of this life, however not getting information about what people would like to hear: who they were, what they were etc. I ask for blocks that are still there, nothing else. I have already developed a time saving method, like follows:

Check whether the soul part is free or caught in a storage facility. (It turned out that you can also solve the blocks and then get the soul out because I had forgotten to ask if the soul part was free. I only noticed it was captured when I couldn’t integrate the part into the body. (That happened to be my body.))

The soul part may also be banned. If the following questions don’t get any results the reason might be a ban. Since a ban is a rare thing I do not ask for it as a rule but only when the assumption presents itself. Today I found a ban with a demon guardian. These have to be healed, of course.

If everything is alright so far, the questioning starts. Considering the large number of lives, you have to take notes, otherwise you might lose track:

  1. Implants

  2. Magic

  3. Fear/panic

  4. Mourning/depression

  5. Physical trauma

  6. Anger

  7. Guilt

  8. Other emotions

  9. Obligations/contracts/pacts

  10. Vows/oaths

  11. Possessions

  12. Souls

  13. Energy fields

  14. Conflicts (see addendum march 21st)

These questions are a good basic pattern which serves quite well for most lives. Hardly necessary to say that all found energies have to be healed, but that practically starts by itself.

Two final questions follow. First, ask whether the soul part is completely healed. The complete healing has to produce an intense energy flow. If the energy flow is mediocre you have to continue asking for problems.

The second question is, whether the soul part can be integrated into the body without problems. If there is no overwhelming resonance but only a little, do not give an order for coupling up. That can hurt (see risks and side effects).


In general:

Sometimes I have to go through some points several times. For example, in one case I had to mention magic 7 to 8 times and every time there was a response. The same may happen with fear.

About 11. Possessions

Pull out the possessions and don't forget to heal hem. Demons need a little extra treatment. Do not forget snakes and insects.

When the possession is gone it is recommended to check all feelings again.


About 13. Energy fields

Energy fields, too, may have the effect that questions don't work. This is probably an isolation field. When the field is gone the questioning works normally. There are other fields however, where the questions work in spite of the field. Those fields don’t turn up frequently, but you might have to find end numbers of seals.


Risks and Side Effects

The final questions are very important. If you do not care if the energy flow is strong you might invite past problems into your body. These problems which hang around in the subconscious normally are in the body within minutes.

Actually, I am rather glad about the mistakes I made with Karin because through those I was able to discover and remove the effects at once and now I know what is important.

In one of Karin’s lives there was a snake’s nest I had overlooked. It was a shielded snake which had an earth snake and two of its eggs for soul food. Very unusual in a human body. Somehow these snakes got through my controls and 20 minutes later Karin started to have strong belly aches. She could barely move. I had to find the cause in a hurry. When I had analysed the snakes I had to remove the 3 protective shields of the snake. Once UFO, once magic and a base, with seals, of course. I looked for the final number under stress. When I found it the pain ceased immediately.

Karin told me then she had had heavy legs for two days. I found an insect there which had escaped me the day before.

I know now there is one thing in this kind of work I must not do: getting impatient and forcing the coupling-up process.


Addendum March 11:

Requirements for the healer:

Who isn’t able to deal with bases, seals, storage and UFOs can still use the healing technique by not working on captive soul parts. There are enough free soul parts in need of healing. Most of the soul parts of the majority of people are not imprisoned.

You really have to make a list in order to find out which soul parts still need work.

And be careful with the coupling-up! Healers who work based on clairvoyance without feeling their soul’s impulses should not do this work.


About the UFOs:

The problem of one UFO after another being sent in order to obscure the final number is almost solved by now. During the search for the end number I don’t have to check if there is yet another UFO but I can feel it during counting. The loss of time is little but their loss of UFOs is high. The usual small UFOs are done within 10 seconds – heal the crew, destroy UFO. Sometimes bigger UFOs come; you notice that in that the healing of the crew takes longer. There was also once a mixed crew with Anunnaki among them. These you always have to heal separately.

I was thinking about why they need UFOs at all. They could just come themselves. The reason seems to be that they need the UFOs to transport gear and devices. In order to, say, block an end number they need a kind of energy beamer. That’s what they drag along. Abducting and manipulating people, be it astral or real, is also only possible by UFO.

Do not worry; you cannot destroy a UFO as long as people or beings in any form are inside. I was not able to destroy the UFO in which there were Anunnaki alongside with Reptilians as long as the Anunnaki were not healed yet. When I heal the beings they can leave the UFO and flee to their soul. Then the UFO is empty and can be destroyed.


Addendum March 21st

I forgot one very important topic about the soul scan. I call it “Conflicts” and it is about unsolved conflicts with other persons.

It is a rather tricky topic. I ask “Is this soul part healed?” and it says “Yes!". However, the question “Can I connect this soul part with the person now?” gets a “No”. The reason for that was that there were still persons from a past life who were angry about this person. On the one hand, this anger of others is no energy that belongs to the soul part – that is why it says “soul healed” - , but if you don’t heal it you draw the anger into the present life.

So be careful! Do not couple up soul parts before there is a very clear “Yes” for the connection.

Typical conflict energies are hatred, anger, envy, jealousy, but also admiration, reverence and desire. I can only advise against having been a saint because the reverence of thousands is something to get rid of in order to be free again.

During the work with one person who was rich in earlier times we found a lot of angry people. This anger however did not have a real cause but was put on scene and nurtured by spirit beings.

Speaking of money! I kept on healing around one soul part but something was missing and I just had the idea. This soul part wanted something, but what? At some point I got it. It had an inheritance to pass on. If the presently living person accepts the energy of this inheritance the older soul part is finally satisfied.

Such a case turned up twice recently. I am very curious as to what effect this is going to have. Is there going to be great or small wealth? Is anything of this kind going to happen? When, how, where from? Very gripping.