Networks of Evil

Part 14


Franz Erdl

March 7, 2013


High Security Bases, Flying Pyramids, Timelines etc.



High Security Bases

As I mentioned before, the network is little flexible. Only space crafts (UFOs) and humans (mostly black magicians) can be assigned flexibly. The bases are where they are and can only do what they are here for. A base that makes a veil cannot make a shield and never has soul storage (Sorry, I have had one exception (March 20)). A base with soul storage does not generate an energy shield etc. At least that is how things turned out so far.

Protective- and obscuring shields can be eliminated by finding the source and addressing it. Example:

Implant< ------base 1 (protection)< ------base 2 (veil)

The implant is protected by base 1 which is obscured by base 2. The result is that the implant cannot be removed because of the protection. Besides, because of the veiling of base 1 the protection cannot be perceived and therefore neither eliminated.

But most importantly there is always a last element in the chain of security measures that you can get your hands on.

Obviously not even the cleverest and most evil beings were able to change that. That is why their entire network is biologically degradable. Of course they tried to build in as many security measures as possible, especially in bases which are very important, high security bases, so to speak.

So far I have discovered the following security elements:

  1. Protective shields

  2. Veiling and double veiling

  3. Seals

  4. Time locks

  5. Number locks

UFOs and magicians are security elements that are variably applicable.


About 1: Protective shields (or Protections)

A protective shield prevents one from getting to an object or subject. You might think of the most violent weapons to destroy the protective shield, but that does not work. You have to eliminate the base, the generator.


About 2: Obscuring (or Veiling)

A veil can have the effect that you cannot see (perceive) an insect or implant or, as in the aforementioned example, you cannot see the shield of the implant. The end number of seals is sometimes veiled, too. Double veiling is very tricky. It means that the veil is veiled. So when you ask for a veil it says “no” because it is veiled. If you then ask for a veiled veil it says “yes”.


About 3: seals

I have already reported about seals at length. You have to find the number (final number) otherwise the station stays active. If a station with soul storage isn't deactivated, the soul parts stay trapped in the station.

After discovering a base, the seals are the only obstacle from closing it. If you find the final number the base is finished. So simple! That is why there are more elements built into the more important bases. For example the veil may be applied on the final number which means the final number is never perceived as the final number. But a few more tricks have appeared:


About 4: Time Lock (or time delay or timer)

There may be a time lock on the final number. That means the final number is not perceivable as such within a certain given timespan. Plainly put that means you can count to 1000 until your tongue falls off and nothing happens. So either you wait for the number to be free the next day (you can ask about that) or you find the time delay and erase it by speaking it.

Oddly enough that works under the presumption of our time system, ergo hours and days. I came across time spans like 5 hours, 19 hours and once 3 days.


About 5: Number Lock (or number bolt or bolt)

If the question “Is the final number free?” still gets a “no” or the question “Is the final number blocked?” gets a clear “yes”, then maybe there is still a number lock on the final number. You have to find the right number and then it is gone. That is not a big problem because the highest number so far was 21. I already had 3 number locks and one time lock in a row. You have to solve them in the order of appearance.


UFOs and Magicians

UFOs are mainly used for blocking the final number if it's getting hairy, meaning when all number- and time locks are solved and all veils are gone and the base is just about to be eliminated and this base is very important. While I was trying to open a number lock UFOs were sent, too. This habit is quite tiresome.

It works this way: I check whether the final number is “free”. It says “yes”. I go through the numbers and after, say, 30 numbers I ask if the end number is still free. If it is “no” an UFO has come for interfering. After all, it cannot be a lock since the end number was free before. In one case black magic was applied but that takes a longer reaction time. UFOs can be here very fast. I heal the crew and then I destroy the UFO. Then the final number is free until the next UFO arrives. How fast the next one appears possibly depends on how important the base is. One time I had just about 15 seconds for counting, and it was veiled again. Sometimes I have 30 to 40 seconds. A luxury.

I hope the UFO problem gets solved soon because at the moment I have 4 unsolved cases on my list with a missing final number. I just cannot make it in a session with constantly incoming UFOs. It strains me and my nose starts to hurt. There is one consolation however: UFOs don't have seals. Only stationary bases have them (a space station is also stationary).

My nose is suffering from this work. It is now sore at the inside and the right sinus is blocked. And I notice how the nose is affected during each session. For me this is a sign that this area has got a lot to do with perception. Another effect is that I get hot during the search for final numbers. That is not so bad, rather funny and interesting. A few days ago it was so cold here that I threw on a coat. During the search for an end number I had to put it away and a short time after I turned on my ventilator. A few minutes after I found the number I needed the coat again. That happened more than once.


Wrong End Numbers or wrong Reactions

It happens sometimes that a lot of energy comes with a number but the final question “Is the base closed now?” gets a “No”. I don't know whether this has been built into the numbers or my reaction is just wrong. It is not a problem but it's tiring.

Can I ask spiritual beings for a final number?

My experience is “no”, because I think no being is able to perceive these numbers just like that. That is the secret of these seals: if there were beings that could perceive them our problems might be solved for a long time already.


An Example for an important Chain of Security:

Here's an example from this week: it was about security measures for an important snake in a human:

There were four bases, each of them delivering a protective shield.

Base 1: with 2 number locks. First lock = 7, second lock = 20. Final number 72.

Base 2: Final number 100 (quickly done)

Base 3: Veil 1 with final number 58, veil 2 with 54. Here veil 2 obscured the final number of veil 1.The latter was obscuring the final number of the main station. When the veils were gone the number locks appeared. Lock 1 with 15, lock 2 with 20.

The final number was free now, but only for a short time. Now the UFOs came. Once, black magic was present, too. After eliminating ca. 5 UFOs I could work in peace for some time and finally arrived at the final number 920. However, I had to realize with some anticipation that there was another base.

Base 4: Final number 72, that was simple. After that the snake was actually without protection and could be metabolised by the dragons.


Ok, now a few topics for relaxing:

Bighead Magicians

I forgot about those in my magicians´ list. So there are mere bighead magicians and others who work with both bigheads and other beings.



I have repeatedly reported about whales that they are great souls. My experiences so far tell me they work on the energies in the Earth atmosphere and hereby can stabilize the weather. It is a new fact for me that whales can incarnate as humans. These humans come from the Antares system and first incarnated as whales, even more than once, and then several times as humans. As usual their soul cores are often locked away in storage facilities.

In this context I also learned that earthlings can form a kind of soul partnership with non-earthlings. Apparently there are special projects for such combinations.


Wowo 1

The race Wowo 1 lives within space and time. They look like the Wowo 2 race outside space and time: long, slim bodies, white, foggy appearance, a little like nice ghosts. They come from another galaxy but not the same as the lion souls.

The new experience is that also Wowo 1 incarnate on Earth. I have met two already. The soul cores are neatly locked away, of course.



Sometimes I get to a pyramid in search of soul parts or the origin of energy fields. The pyramid has a protective shield through its architectural structure. I came to a pyramid and asked for beings but couldn't feel anything. I thought it was an unmanned station. However, the problem was the natural protection of the construction. I merely had to address the field and I was inside. There were Anunnaki, Reptilians and… astonishingly… humans inside.

One pyramid which had a soulpart from Karin inside was protected by a second pyramid on another planet which had to be eliminated.

The latest thing are floating pyramids. Well, at least a pyramid in space that is to be taken as a stationary base like a space station.


Time Lines

I do not want to define what a time line actually is. But there have been already two bases on different time lines. The bases can be treated just like any other station. They, too, have seals. But you have to say “other time line” in order to find them.


Soul Origin

There have been some inquiries about the soul origin of some animals:

Rays = Earth soul and incarnated form of water dragons

Sea-eagles: = other galaxy

Unicorn = Earth being and therefore originating from the Earth soul

Mixed beings like centaurs or the so called Anunnaki experiments bring no results. They seem not to have really existed. Apparently they are mere fantasy.


I asked some questions about populations and original races.


1 = mostly Earth souls
2 = mixture with relatively many Earth souls
3 = mixture ca. 1:1
4 = mixture with relatively many extraterrestrial souls
5 = mainly extraterrestrial souls











other Planets



















Dom. Rep.
































Tainos = extinct natives of the Dominican Republic