Networks of Evil

Part 13

Franz Erdl


March 2nd, 2013
Translation uploaded March 11



The Source of Evil

I wanted to know who actually made those seals and the answer was that it wasn't the Anunnaki. It was another race that I call race B. My question whether race B was assigned by the Anunnaki to make the seals was answered “No”, and that lead to a whole new chain of revelations:

The Anunnaki were enslaved by race B. The seals were one instrument of this enslavement. The Anunnaki were influenced and used.

Humans have never met race B and there doesn't seem to be a name for them here. Reptilians, Dracs, Grays and the other aliens have never seen race B face to face, either.

It may sound like a contradiction, but the seals on the Reptilians and Dracs were installed by the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki however are not able to solve the seals.

Behind race B there was a race C. Race C however was not enslaved. I could not find another race. But race C consisted of entirely soulless beings, almost like machines. Well, very bad machines.

The snakes were made by races B and C.

The bigheads come from the factories of race C.

Race B, too, was enslaved. They are beings with a soul.

How these beings came into existence remains a mystery to me. I cannot come to any results. This machine race had to be technically, especially astral-technically, very far developed in order to dominate the other races.

Races B and C enslaved the Anunnaki and both races were on Nibiru (I just call it Nibiru no matter if it is correct). According to my questioning it is correct that race C was on Nibiru, too.

So far the results of my questioning that were confirmed repeatedly

Conclusion and commentaries to that:

Karin has direct memories of these cold soulless creatures with almost unbearable energies. She used to think that these memories were from Egypt because there were pyramids, but it was on Nibiru. There are also pyramids there.

According to the book “Inanna´s Return” Anu was on Earth a long time ago (they say 500 000 years) and apparently took with him the princess of the Dragon People. I assume that a lot of entourage followed for that would explain why there are so many Earth souls with dragon- and Anunnaki soul parts. Since I can perceive these soul parts distinctly this story proves itself for me.

At that time the Anunnaki were still free beings. The enslavement by race B happened later. Through mind control they created a power elite and a complete control system like it is about to come here for us.

The Anunnaki were used to subject the Dracs and the Reptilians. All of them together dealt with the Grays. Insect races got drawn into that at some point, too. And all of those together were sent against us.

The exact events on Earth at the time of the second Anunnaki arrival were apparently quite different than what has been told. From the beginning it had to be about making mankind the perfect milking cow.

Further inquiry about the origin of race C didn't get any results. There was neither “Yes” nor “No” to the idea whether they were mental constructions of one single evil being. But there are a few more consoling answers:

There are positive beings who dealt with race C. Questions were clearly answered that race C does not exist anymore. This was achieved among others by the “Wowos”, beings that I met together with Martina in autumn 2011 (A Historical Event). They exist out of space and time. That makes me guess that race C might have something to do with those realms.

Wowos and other races are dealing with race B, too. For us, that means no surprises are to be expected from there. This has been confirmed to me repeatedly.

The labour of Sisyphos of disassembling this entire autonomously working network remains for us, and to disentangle the mixture of positive and negative energies in every part of our souls.


Further Topics:

Incarnated Wowos

If a Wowo tries to incarnate here, he is even worse than other extraterrestrials whose alien soul part gets caught. The soul core that comes from out of time and space of course gets caught and the poor human child gets blocked by anything you can think of.

I don't want to describe the one case I have in any more detail. It is sad and this Wowo is not a great help to us, yet.



In the course of looking for Karin´s soul parts a 16 container storage turned up in which was also a part of Jesus. I was able to see his face like on the Shroud of Turin. The soul part was in container 7, with a few more souls. Karin was in 11, also with others.

I am not sure what the Mantis in the containers are for. This is very rare. Maybe their brain-blocking powers were used against the other souls.

G = Feelings, thoughts, etc.
M = Mantis
J = Jesus
K = Karin



















In further search for Karin's soul parts we came into two bases that belonged to the Vatican, one base with 64 containers and one with 128. Each base, of several hundred so far, only had one storage, and it was just the same here in the Vatican. Several storages require several bases. How many there are in the Vatican I did not research.

The Reptilians in the Vatican wear habits, like monks.



The solving of the seals has become much easier. I don’t have to proceed according to the Matroshka-principle. It doesn't seem important, either, how many beings on a base are sealed. The only thing that matters is the final number. Sometimes I was able to simply feel the final number. When I pronounce the number I can close the station at once. The way it appears to me now it might just be one single seal that is opened by speaking the right number. And you have an unlimited number of attempts. A credit card with only three attempts is much safer. I think race B who invented those seals did not expect them to be found out.

If a base is very important to them they built in more safety measures. One of those cost me a lot of time because they can obscure the final number. To that end they use a veiling base. If the final number is obscured it is impossible to find it. I don't feel any impulse when I reach this number.

The solution is shutting down the veiling base. (When I use the term “shutting down” I mean for ever.) There is nothing else there but the astral veiling machine and maybe two Reptilians, one of them sealed. Now you have to find the final number before you can shut down the veil and then try to find the final number of the actual base. There are also very, very important bases with obscured end numbers of the veiling station by another veiling machine. Of course with more seals, too.

Advice for finding the final number

Ask for the first digit.

Bases with less importance mostly have numbers below 100.

Numbers above 200 only have ten units mostly, like 210,220, 230 etc.

The highest number so far was 580 in an Anunnaki central station that disturbs the Skype connections. For that task there are also smaller space stations with lower end numbers.

Stations protecting insects and implants mostly have high end numbers. Implants rank even higher than insects.

The final numbers from 100 through 200 in less important bases are mostly tens, like 130, 150 etc. In more important bases there are also numbers in between, like 124 or 176 etc.

All end numbers are straight. So you can count 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 …

After some time looking for end numbers I notice that my nose is getting blocked. Besides, I start sweating every time and turn on my little ventilator. After finding the number the heat fades and the nose opens up again.

If you were able to empty a soul storage but could not find the final number to close the base, the freed souls are stuck in the base. They get a little better than in the containers but they are needed by the incarnated person.


Information about the storage facilities

The big facilities with 64 and 128 containers can only take 8 instead of 16 souls per container. All the smaller ones take 16 maximum.

The 64 and 128 container facilities are mostly filled very simply. In almost all cases they consist only of many containers with manipulating energies and very few containers with souls; here mostly the same type of souls is trapped in one container, e. g. only humans, or only dragons. There are few exceptions.

I divide a 128 storage into 8 16-packs (like with beer: 6-packs). If there are many souls in such a facility, there is however only one soul container in a 16-pack. More likely there is one soul container in two 16 packs or in four 16-packs. If a whole lot of garbage is to be loaded onto a soul, you´ll find only one single soul container in the whole 128 storage facility. This container is mostly in the middle in 64 or 65.

Whoever has had a little practice will soon learn that a soul container makes itself known when you get closer in counting. It starts to tingle and gets most intensity when you reach the right number.

I've still got some more topics but I will write a new article about them. This is enough to consider.