Networks of Evil

Part 12

Franz Erdl

February 24, 2013



Seals, Shields & Veils (Obscuring or Veiling)

I want to go deeper into those three components because they appear to me like the basic safety pillar of the Anunnaki power elite network. Some parts are only of interest for those who want to eliminate stations.



The thing that almost drives me crazy at the moment are the shielded beings on the bases. What I introduced as the Matroshka-effect, i. e. the manifold protective levels, I want to redefine.

It doesn't seem to make a difference as to how I call the object. I may name them differently and yet eliminating them works. I have decided to call them “seals”. On many stations there seem to be one being or a small group of beings who have multiple seals. For example there may be a being that has been sealed 90 times. In the beginning I perceived this phenomenon as 90 singular beings. I healed the 90 beings which gave me the opportunity to close the base. However it works just as well to solve the 90 seals of just one being. I have tried to find out what it really is but without success so far.

Since it doesn't make any difference I stick with the image of seals. As I explained before there is a being and sometimes a small group of beings on a station who have quite a number of seals which have to be removed. The station cannot be closed unless all seals are dissolved.

To me this seems to be the crucial element of protection of a station. After all, there are many stations without a soul storage which works as a protection by its sheer complexity alone. Otherwise these stations would not have a protection of any kind. You can go in, heal the crew and close the station. Indeed I have come across such stations that you can close in two minutes.

On more important stations apparently beings with multiple seals are employed. Dissolving the seals still takes a lot of time and energy at the moment. My method may still be improved and simplified significantly but at the moment I don't have anything better. It goes like this:

  • I try to close the station – not possible.

  • I check for Anunnaki or demon – result: no.

  • I ask if there is a shielded being – yes – I curse (joke).

  • I then address every seal,

  • Ergo seal 1 (or level 1) or only simply 1,

  • Then a tiny energy wave comes in my legs,

  • Then I can say “heal” or “erase” or I don't say anything,

  • Then the wave proceeds a little.

  • Next I can address seal 2 and it continues as in 1.

Sometimes I get into a 2 second rhythm during the dissolving of the seals, but then I get stuck again. Sometimes I have to go back four levels because one seal further below has not been dissolved properly. Sometimes I think I have reached the final number but then I try to close the station and there is energy all right. But then I ask the final question, ”Is the station closed?” and nothing happens. Cheered too soon. That means continuing the dissolving of the seals.

Yes, it takes a lot of energy and it almost drives me nuts. But there is a final number in the end and the station can be closed.


The Final Number

The highest final numbers so far I found in stations securing implants. 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180 have turned up so far which doesn't mean that there won't be higher numbers. It is interesting that these numbers are all 30 multiplied. The decimal system shows up also in other numbers. 70 was the maximum so far for stations protecting insects. 20 was a frequent number in other stations. Today there was a station with 160 seals.

From this I conclude that the Anunnaki have 5 fingers on a hand like us. I had detected before that the digital principle (2, 4, 8, 16…) of the soul storages developed from cell division. So that has nothing to do with the counting system.



I would welcome a different method heartily. Until now I need a little energy flow for each seal. It takes concentration, energy and also physical strength to start this flow 180 times because the flow comes faster if I wave my arms. That is almost like doing Aerobics.

It would be interesting to know if one might replace that by a program or a radionics device. The method would have to pass the final test: “Is the station closed?” And the final test is, ”Are all protective stations for this implant closed?” “Is this implant removed?” “Does the patient notice the difference?” If healing is achieved you can trust your method.


Protective shields

Bigheads, snakes, insects and implants are those beings and things that are shielded; not in general but only if they are of a certain importance.

I experience it and I hear it from many others. They remove something from their body, get a feedback of success and after a while it is back. I think it was never really gone. Either it cannot be removed or it keeps coming back. That is typical for shields as far as I was able to experience it so far.

The shields originate very rarely from magicians but mostly from stations. How to eliminate those can be found further up. There are stations that are shielded by other stations. You cannot enter these stations. First you have to get into the station generating the shield and eliminate that one. When all stations are closed you have to check for another shield. Two shields for one implant are quite usual.

I just had a case where I found an implant in a previously freed soul part. Its purpose was to prevent soul energy from flowing. This energy is a basic predisposition in order to develop one's abilities. That is why the implant was secured twice. One station with 150 and one with 180 seals.


Veils (Obscuring/Veiling)

You look for the origin of a problem, everyone according to their abilities by asking or clairvoyantly. You test everything that might make sense but nothing responds. At that point you have to ask, ”Is the origin of the problem being obscured?”

If there is a “Yes”, you may assume that a station is responsible. Eliminate the station according to earlier instructions, and the veil should be gone. So far I did not come across a double veil. Now you may ask where the problem comes from and I think in most cases a station will turn up as the cause.

An example from today: Obscuring station: 90 seals, station causing the problem: 60 seals. Time must yet pass in order to tell if the problem is solved for good.

To me this revelation is one more step to the solution of incurable problems. Not always however, if you don't find a solution, it is because of an obscuring station. Sometimes you just ask the wrong questions.

Yesterday, about one topic I did not ask the right questions for a long time, either. I was researching where certain reoccurring fears Karin is experiencing might come from. It was clear that they did not come from her. It also became clear that they are not karmic but are coming to Karin at the moment. However it was no magic, no Milab, and no base. It turned out that these were beings, but no aliens, demons or humans. At this point I suspected that something is being obscured but that, too, was wrong. They were deceased souls who were in the soul container with Karin. I did not get this idea so fast.


My Implants

I was already able to remove some of my implants with the new technique. But there are still some left, almost all of them in the head. There was an insect in the nasal-sinus-area. It was shielded. After eliminating the shielding base (with seals) I noticed the difference within a few minutes. I can breathe much more easily. There were two more attacks on that same area. They came as sneezing fits. I dissolved them but I cannot remember what it actually was. It wasn't black magic, they stopped that some time ago.

Last Sunday I worked on a fat implant which sat in my right temple. As always the main work was dissolving the seals of the shielding station. There were 480. I could hardly believe it. There was simply no end to it. I think I worked on it for two hours twice, and I am not keen on doing that again. Please don't come to me with such things! It costs me a whole day of my life.


Now, a few other topics:


Reincarnation on other Planets?

That turned up quite new. A person with extraterrestrial soul origin had several captive soul parts, all from their home planet. The question “Does reincarnation exist there?” was answered “Yes”. The planet is in our galaxy, that's all I know. This is however an interesting topic about which I want to know more.


Skype interference form Anunnaki Space Station

One healing session last week was interrupted as soon as we wanted to start the healing after the initial talk. The second I wanted to begin communication became impossible. It was a new kind of interference, as if various tones were laid over pieces of the language. A speed test confirmed that my internet was completely ok. Then I found an Anunnaki base that seemed responsible. It took me some time to dissolve the seals of the station and then I was able to eliminate the station. It took two more minutes and the rest of the session went without trouble. It was nice for me to see the success myself.


Whales from Antares

Some time ago I had found out that whales and dolphins are not natives of our planet. This week I had a client who had a strong connection to whales and also a connection to the solar system of Antares (Red Giant, 500 times the diameter of our sun). The question whether he had lived on Antares got a “No”, but the connection was made through the whales because it turned out their soul origin is on Antares. Maybe it is a planet of this system; I don't know.

Dolphins however do not come from Antares but they do come from our galaxy. I think I simply know too few planets to find out more accurately. Oops… I just somehow thought about Sirius and energy came.


I was curious about all our many other kinds of animals, and where they might come from. Until now I thought they were all Earthlings. But I have found out that cats and horses are also not from here.

Further research brought the result that our pets are in general not from here. Getting close to humans in form of a pet seems to be appreciated among alien races. They seem to study our way of existence before they decide to become human or not.

So, here's who comes from other planets: dogs, cats, horses, but also small animals who are fit as pets like rabbits, Guinea pigs and hamsters.

Even if you want to call me crazy now, I want to list some animals according to their origin. Just a few examples:

Souls from other planets:

Pigs, rats, owls, parrots, African elephants, some giraffes, predatory cats


Earth souls:

Cows, singing birds, Indian elephants, some giraffes, lions (huh?)

For elephants and giraffes both Earth and extraterrestrial got resonance. I don't know much about giraffes as to where to make a difference. Elephants got clear results. Lions definitely come as Earth souls, what astonishes me a lot. I would have thought that the lion souls from the other galaxy are in them.

Anyone who is interested in learning about the origin of more animals, please send me your lists. I will publish the results.

These newly achieved answers about animal souls make one think and reconsider again. I will not be able to get away with asking for animal souls in the containers. At least I will have to make a difference about their soul origin.