Networks of Evil

Part 11

Franz Erdl
February 19, 2013

Translation uploaded March 2.


Autistic people – Helpers in a Soul Trap

I have only a few cases of autistic persons or teenagers who behave in an extremely abnormal way so that they can hardly be admitted to normal society. But even without those cases I know perfectly well that these people are actually very special beings. Mostly they are extraterrestrial souls who are incarnated here for the first time in order to help us all.

The problem is that they are allowed to incarnate here but their alien soul core gets locked away in a soul container in the moment of their arrival. That is tragic in the sense that this core is about all they have. The incarnated persons lack so much of their essence that they are not able to survive. And they are not able to defend themselves against the dark forces affecting them.

Actually it is still too early to speak about this case because we still have to wait for results, but I want to write down a few interesting data.

Well, the soul comes from an unknown race of our galaxy. I do not know more about its origin.

It is here for the first time, got trapped and was brought to another planet in order to be fed negative and isolating energies. The storage facility breaks the old record. It has 128 containers. That is what it looked like:


UA = Unknown aliens
G = feelings, thoughts isolations, negative energies of all kinds


1 G 5 G 9 G 13 UA
2 G 6 UA 10 G 14 G
3 G 7 G 11 G 15 G
4 G 8 G 12 G 16 G
17 G 21 UA 25 G 29 G
18 G 22 G 26 G 30 G
19 G 23 G 27 G 31 G
20 G 24 G 28 G 32 G
33 G 37 G 41 G 45 G
34 G 38 G 42 G 46 UA
35 G 39 G 43 G 47 G
36 G 40 G 44 G 48 G
49 G 53 G 57 G 61 G
50 G 54 G 58 G 62 G
51 G 55 G 59 G 63 G
52 G 56 G 60 G 64 G
65 G 69 G 73 G 77 G
66 G 70 G 74 G 78 G
67 G 71 G 75 G 79 G
68 G 72 G 76 G 80 G
81 G 85 G 89 G 93 UA
82 G 86 G 90 G 94 G
83 G 87 G 91 G 95 G
84 G 88 G 92 G 96 G
97 G 101 G 105 G 109 G
98 G 102 G 106 G 110 G
99 G 103 G 107 G 111 G
100 G 104 G 108 G 112 G
113 G 117 G 121 G 125 G
114 G 118 G 122 G 126 G
115 G 119 G 123 G 127 UA
116 G 120 G 124 G 128 G

Some of these extraterrestrial souls had to be dragged out by me. They were in very poor condition. There were more obstacles however.

Inside the base there were alien workers and Anunnaki. Both were shielded by several levels. 30 times 4 aliens and 30 times 4 Anunnaki and one demon had to be healed, too. The whole thing was a lot of work but the alien souls could be freed.

About the levels: I do not have any further data but I don't really believe that for example there are really 30 times 4 beings. Maybe there are 4 beings with 30 protective shields or something like that, but it doesn't matter. When I heal 30 times 4 beings the whole thing works. That is all it takes.

I do not know what effort is being undertaken to block the newly freed soul. It is possible that they try black magic first like they did even before the retrieval. And like they tried with Karin and me for weeks. Since I eliminated the magicians on a daily basis they stopped that and sent a UFO three times a day instead.

It is possible that with such special souls they keep on trying to prevent their assignment. We will see. I am very curious about the development of the individual cases. But first I have some more news about lion souls. By the way, if I publish something it has of course been cleared with the persons in question. Most of them are quite keen on getting everything out in public.


Lion – Horse – Human

One lion soul of the four-legged species came to Earth pretty exactly 1000 years ago, but not as a cat but as a horse. If horses have a rider they form a very close connection with their rider. That seems to be the purpose of it – to experience being human through the close connection with the rider. The next incarnation was already as a human and it stayed that way until today.

We had already retrieved human soul parts and this time I wanted to get the lion part. But there was no energy. A lot of energy however came when I asked about a horse soul part. So I went looking for the horse soul. It was on an alien base with present Anunnaki. The storage was like this:


1 G 5 G 9 G 13 G
2 G 6 G 10 ES 14 G
3 G 7 G 11 G 15 G
4 G 8 G 12 G 16 G
17 G 21 G 25 G 29 G
18 G 22 G 26 G 30 G
19 G 23 G 27 G 31 G
20 G 24 G 28 G 32 G
33 G 37 G 41 G 45 G
34 G 38 G 42 G 46 G
35 G 39 G 43 G 47 G
36 G 40 G 44 G 48 G
49 G 53 G 57 G 61 G
50 G 54 G 58 G 62 G
51 G 55 G 59 G 63 P
52 G 56 G 60 G 64 G

The storage was full of negative energies whose specifics I neither examine nor understand. I especially don't understand which sort of negative energies are being directed at the Earth soul
(ES) , and why?

In container 63 were a few horse souls (P). I think they were less than 16. “Why such a fuzz about a few horse souls?” you might think. But the horse soul is apparently imprisoned here instead of the lion soul for whatever reason. In that case the good thing was that the essence, ergo the lion soul, was free. Otherwise the person would not have been in a good condition but he was relatively ok.