Networks of Evil

Part 10

Franz Erdl
February 20, 2013

Translation uploaded March 2


Lion Souls

About a year ago we got support by lions from time to time. I would not have recognized them as such but Martina was able to see them back then. There were two races and both helped us. There was the four-legged race which looked like our lions, and the upright walking lions. Their energy quality was very similar to our dragons. They have a big heart which also means great healing abilities, and strong willpower and courage.


The four-legged Lions

Since I cannot see them I had almost forgotten them. Only when the topic “cats” came up a week ago the lions got back into the game as well. I did some research about the cats and came to the following results: cats are incarnated four-legged lions. Their souls originate from a planet in another galaxy. The same goes for the upright lions and both races seem to come from the same strand of development. The upright walking lions seem to be further developed.

There were times in ancient Egypt when cats were especially revered. It is my perception that they arrived on Earth back then in form of a large soul group and incarnated as house cats because they wanted contact with humans. Back then people obviously realized their healing powers and the ability to free the deceased from their trauma and transport them back to their oversoul. That is why cats were something special in those times.

By now there isn't much left of what cats used to be. Like us humans, they, too, have been traumatised and blocked in course of time. Especially since they can redeem the dead they are very much in the way of black magicians who work with souls of the deceased. I believe that the lion part of most of them has been caught. Therefore their core, their essence is missing.

I want to tell you what happened last week:

When Karin and I went to bed one evening Karin noticed a cold area in the bed where she puts her feet. When she pulled up her legs a little it was ok. The cold area was quite distinctively unnatural. I started to check where this cold spot came from. The result was – an Anunnaki space station. I examined the station and found a soul storage facility with 16 containers. In 5 of them were alien souls but I did not find out which ones until it clicked. They were lion souls.

A short time before we had talked about the fact that cats had lion souls and that the lion soul of our constantly sick cat Miko is probably being held in a container. And sure enough, Miko´s “lion” was in the container and I could free him. I was fascinated by this event. The boys from the space station had made themselves known so that we could get Miko´s lion soul back. They had waited until I realized cats had lion souls. That was just a few hours earlier.


The upright Lions

So the four-legged lions have been here for a long time and may already have locked-up cat souls parts. I have to look into that sometime soon. The upright lions however seem to have arrived here a short time ago. No, they are not incarnated as lions but as humans. That is, all that I have met so far (10 days) are on our planet for the first time. Therefore they are not missing a human soul part because they have not died yet as a human. But the lion soul part is locked away. It is pretty clear that their healing power and decisiveness is not wanted here. Since this soul part is the one thing where their whole power is contained, these people are in extreme trouble. They are helpless prey to most attacks and manipulations.

So first of all you have to retrieve the soul core and then look for further manipulations. For that I have not yet had enough cases.

I believe that the “lion people” have come to help in this liberation phase. I think they knew that they would be locked away at once and that this would be very uncomfortable for the incarnation. Thanks for being here anyway!


Soul part freed, now what?

In most cases nothing happens at first. Miko for example still runs along with his open infected skin spots. When a soul part is retrieved from a storage that does not mean he is healed but he can be healed from now on.

What is it that clings on such a soul part?

  • The traumas, blockades and negative energies (magic) from a previous life. There can be a lot from human lives, rather not with lions, I think.

  • The artificially fed energies from the container. These may be all kinds of bad feelings and much more.

In some cases the persons noticed a difference immediately, at the very moment of retrieval. It is possible that right after the retrieval a whole package of emotions flows through the body. It is also possible that problems heal by themselves within one or two weeks. After all, the lost soul part is finally united with the oversoul and can therefore be healed.

20 or more soul parts of some people have been locked away. It is normal that healing takes a little longer in such cases. When I ask whether all parts are free and there is clear resonance, it may nevertheless mean that there are still hidden soul parts out there. That might also be connected to my learning process because I have to recognize something before I can open certain prisons. However it is also possible that the person has to integrate the retrieved parts first before we can go on.

The shielded insects and implants have to be found and removed independently from soul part healing. These can keep the well-known symptoms despite all else that has been freed. I am so happy to have found this. At the moment I am busy detecting and removing insects and implants in Karin, myself and the cats. And there are noticeable effects. But there is still much to be done.