Networks of Evil

Franz Erdl

January 4, 2013

Translation: January 17


This could as well be the sequel of “Persistent Bigheads” but the subject has broadened to different targets that are protected or isolated by the dark side. It gets clearer and clearer by which methods and principles the dark side tries to secure its position of power. That is what I want to explain in detail here.



Bigheads turned up who have a massive amount of energy pipes. Thousands and millions seem to be an adequate number. Accordingly, masses of humans can be influenced by them. At the same time, they are like huge vacuum cleaners, they suck energy from humans (animals, plants, Earth) and send it to other planets through their portal (or maybe portals). These mega-bigheads get protected by shields because of their importance. Maybe that is also the main point in the article “Persistent Bigheads”: mainly shields and probably an alternative energy supply, in case they have to pull back all their energy pipes.


The Network

I call “target” what is protected or isolated.

All that delivers energy for the shield or the isolation I call “source.

Until this moment I know the following targets:

  1. Bigheads

  2. Mega-Bigheads

  3. Snakes (in humans)

  4. Snake´s nests (in humans)

  5. Snake´s nests (in the earth)

  6. Humans

  7. Unmanned stations

  8. Manned stations

And the following “sources”:

  1. Underground bases, manned

  2. Underground stations, unmanned

  3. Space stations

  4. Space crafts

  5. Stations on other planets, unmanned

  6. Bases on other planets, manned

  7. Pyramids

  8. Demonised beings (only energy supplier)

  9. Snake's nest in the earth (only energy supplier)


For Example:

Now here is an example about the way I find the components that are active in each case and how I work with them. Some I discover intuitively or I can actually see them (for example the pyramid, otherwise I would never have realized that), but mostly I ask and then I feel the energy resonance in my body. This can be so strong that I am positively overwhelmed by it. In order to deactivate the sources I ask a group of dragons and extraterrestrials to cooperate. I can feel their presence and cooperation.

In one session, for example, there was a reaction to “bighead”. The question whether he was protected was answered “yes”. After some time it became clear that it was a mega-bighead with massive shielding. I do not remember precisely, but there were at least one (or two) shields from an underground base. If the base does not have a shield which is often the case, you can go into the base directly with your dragons and other helpers. Then assign them to heal all personnel. Extraterrestrials are healed the fastest, as always. Get the extraterrestrial influences out of the humans and heal them, heal the humans, as far as possible.

In the beginning I was content with working on the source and its attached personnel. More and more I get the feeling that something urges me to heal the beings of the whole station. Whether it is those beings themselves or the dragons I don't know. In any case, the amount of work gets bigger and bigger at the moment. Rarely one hour is enough for one session. It is just about removing one bighead from a human? No! Not quite correct. Here one bighead is removed from thousands of humans.

Then I have to find the end of the procedure. I believe to feel that but I still ask if everything is done. If yes, back to the bighead. “Can he be removed?” –“Is there another shield?” Mostly there is an uncertainty of time because the next shield cannot be found at once. After a few minutes a “yes” comes for the next shield.

With the mega-bighead, there was also a shield from a second underground base, then an emergency energy supply from a snake's nest. The next thing I saw was a pyramid from which came a beam. I had to free the imprisoned souls from the pyramid first before I could continue.

Then another protective shield appeared, this time not from Earth, but from an unmanned space station. The source could not be destroyed, though, because it had a shield from a base on another planet. The term “other planet” is enough, by the way; you don't have to know the name. The base was manned which means there were extraterrestrial beings there. They welcomed to be healed and there was joy. They helped in destroying the site.

I do not know whether the unmanned space station was only a portal and not a real source. If you ask for the source you'll get there first. I also assume that the mass of energy delivered by the bighead is transferred to the other planet by way of the space station.

Well, this was not yet the end. There were two more bases on another planet which protected the bighead. The solution of each was similar. In the end I had to find a demonised being which had a lot of traumatized souls in its belly. These souls had to be freed and then, finally, the mega-bighead was unprotected and without energy. Annihilating this monster still took quite some time.


More about the stations and bases:

There are unmanned stations in the Earth, in space and on other planets. I always ask, “Are there beings in the station?” Sometimes it is “No”, but this may be wrong. If this station has a protective shield you are not able to perceive these beings. As soon as the shield is gone you feel them immediately.

You have to ask whether the shield comes from another station. If yes, you have to go there first. If the shield is fabricated in the station itself it is enough to know that and you (dragons and others) can destroy it. The longest chain of protective shields consisted of three elements: a space station close to Earth, protected by a station on another planet which was again protected by a base on another (the same?) planet. This base had its own protection.


Snake's nests in the Earth

Until now, I have discovered only some that were protected by a beam from a space craft. The dragons don’t go in as long as the beam remains on. Neither do they enter while human souls are still held captive somewhere. They have to be released first.


Snake's nests and snakes in humans

Finally, the problem of not being able to remove some snakes or nests has been solved. It was the protective shields. The shields that I have found ever since all came from other planets. I think this is less about the snakes than about keeping the humans blocked from being healed.



The technique to envelop humans in isolation fields is rarely used. They only seem to do this to persons that could be very dangerous to them. It might be that they use isolation fields from more than a dozen sources, just to make safe that this soul is unable to act. Dissolving the fields can possibly not be done in one day, since it takes time in between the various activities. Once all are gone there could be more surprises waiting for us. So it might be endless. I hope to learn more about this soon.