Healing Reptilians - Detaching Snakes

Experiences and Recommendations

Ground staff (healers) required

23. October 2011


We can only rely on the experiences of the past six weeks. So these conclusions are still in progress, please regard them as temporary. But I want to share this information as quickly as possible, to enable others to experience it themselves.


Healing Reptilians and Co.

Martina's and my healing method is based on our relatively well-functioning soul connection (the Soul's channel through the heart chakra). If we have collected the facts of the problem sufficiently, all we need to do is to directly verbalize the cause of the topic and our souls carry out the rest.

Here, I want to make a classification of three categories. These classes might show the complexity of the named beings. This is not a classification of intelligence or skills.

The provisional categories:

  1. Draconians, Dragons, Reps and other astral beings such as monsters, etc.

  2. Mantis, Insectoids and Grays

  3. Human beings

(no animals, plants or earth itself included)

Healing those beings of the first category works well and quickly most of the time. Therefore we tend to believe, that such beings are not as complex as other beings. But this is an early conclusion.

When Martina and I are working together, Martina is usually the one, who can see these beings, which are seeking for healing. For those beings who are acting aggressively, we carry out forced healing. This seems easier and more effective than fighting.

When being alone and such beings are around, I ask: „Are there beings, which are looking for healing?“ If energy flows as an affirmative answer, I start the healing sessions for them.

The first thing, which has to be done:

I say: „I release you now from your snake influence!“ Then I wait for reaction (in my body). Usually a strong energy flow is the answer. Then I say:

I free you from all:

  • trauma, pain and wounds

  • magic, rituals, attachments and objects

  • suppression, programming, implants and your assignments

  • fear, threatenings and punishments“

Always wait a few minutes between these points.

At the end, these beings usually feel very guilty about the things they have done. Then I say: „I free you from all feelings of guilt! I know you were/are under mind control and didn't have a choice.“ Then I feel waves of love in my chest, in my heart chakra.

Some beings and groups of beings come back after a while. We have found out, that some processes take place on different levels, which take more time. Then they need a final batch of energy. Then they leave.



Detaching Snakes

If a healing sessions completely blocks and and no reason appears why this is so, you can assume the presence of a snake. When we expect snakes to be present, we instruct our souls to send healing energy towards them. We command, that all their protective shields, smoke screens, healing-blockades, energy contortions etc. shall be eliminated. This might take some minutes. Then the snake usually appears. For our own safety we always do this together.

Once the snakes are perceived, we start detaching it. We have found out, that some snakes have a collection of souls (soul fragments), from which they suck energy. These soul fragments are not visible at first, they only become clear when addressing them. As long as the snake has access to them, detaching is impossible. So it first must be said, that all souls shall be detached from the snakes influence and that they are free. They might need some more healing

When the snake loses its source of energy, it soon gets weaker. It becomes thinner and transparent and then disappears, or a Dragon or other being snatches and eats it. The client, who has been relieved of the snakes, might feel a great difference. This is an important liberation. Decades of suffering might be over.

Anyone who dares to work this way, should have good skills of perception and healing abilities. Also working together is recommendable.

These are our experiences so far. I certainly have forgotten some details and we are still learning about this. I will add new insight. Good luck!

Franz Erdl