Grounding (Earthing)

What is it?

Juli 10, 2012

I think there are many definitions of „grounding“ („earthing“). I do not wish to lay down a definition for it now in any way. I just want to recount certain experiences which I assume have to do with grounding.

We should make a distinction between the basic state of a human who „is grounded“ and the already known exercises to „ground/earth oneself“.

Here I will be talking more about this basic state: Am I generally grounded well or not? If I am grounded well, I might not have to do grounding exercises. In this connection I want to remind you of a detail: Our physical body consists entirely of the elements of the earth (soil). Right? Where does the matter of our body come from? Originally from this planet, apart from some comets. We are so to say a piece of the earth on wheels, er .. with legs.

Normally our consciousness should connect with the new body in our mother's womb and after birth. We have to clarify nonetheless again that this consciousness which newly enters here does not have much to do, yet, with the new body. What arrives here, are usually soul parts of one soul, sometimes even only one part of a soul, which in a traumatized state is seeking for healing and which has hardly any contact left to his/her (Over-)Soul. It can also be that souls out of other dimensions and/or other planets are entering. This would mean: Into this new body, which is part of the earth, enters some consciousness which through its origin and past can have a strongly different relationship to matter in general and to this planet in particular. So we already have here two issues: The relationship to the body in general and the relationship to the Earth.

Of course we will see the following relation then: Who rejects matter itself or gives little value to it, will also give little value to his/her body and to the Earth. There are many spiritual teachings that propagate that you have to lift your spirit above matter and that you should distance yourself from the material. We (Martina and I) had sessions with people who were of groups of that kind, for example Hare Krishna followers, and we could observe the following:

  • The grounding of such a person was gone. This means, its influence on his/her material life was very reduced.

  • As a replacement people were held in an artificial energy field, which had a few advantages to offer: A sort of well-being and lightness which gave them the feeling of being spiritually advanced.

So, these people have given up their influence on the Earth, in favor of something higher of which they expect more of and of which they maybe think that they could come up with better results in the end. Yet, when they detach themselves from matter, they also abandon the protection which the Earth offers them. I want to emphasize once more that many who are willing to undergo ascension, have adopted the same kind of thinking. Well, that is their opinion. I personally think completely different in this matter, especially when I think of the many beings who have lost their planet. I simply believe that it makes sense to have a physical body and a planet. I believe this supports the intent of creation. And in this way it also pleases me, even when the current condition of the Earth and of our bodies leaves still things to be desired. My conviction is that we can create a stable paradise in a symbiotic relationship with the Earth-Soul, with beings of the Earth, beings of nature, plants and animals. The influence on our own body which at this time is much too small, will be so strong that we will be able to create our desired body.

Through the experiences we have made, I can say that the physical body and its grounding pose no hindrance to astral travel. On the contrary, a good grounding seems to be rather a protection when doing astral traveling. I also think that telekinesis or other forms of influencing matter only function properly when you are one with matter and interact with it in harmony, but not if you lift yourself far above matter. There are surely also other methods to influence matter, the way aliens can do it, but I don't think that I would like these methods.

We have experienced again and again that groups of (well-meaning) extraterrestrials from different dimensions have send one being out of their midst to us for incarnation with the intent that this one being should create a link between Earth/humans and their group. By doing this they want to help us with their special abilities/skills. In such cases the dark side however watches out very carefully and gets a hold of the being already in the embryonic state. They build in it all sorts of blockades and programs which will lead to its social isolation and its missing grounding. We could help some of those extraterrestrial incarnated beings to free themselves from these circumstances. Of course the extraterrestrial group could only have a real chance when the incarnated person is energetically permeable/penetrable for them. And then, if the connection to the Earth (Earth Soul) would be given also, this group could assist in the saving of our planet as well.

A good connection to the Earth is definitely stabilizing a person. Standing firmly on the ground, meaning to have clear points of view concerning matter and Earth and to have no blockages concerning the Earth from previous lives or through alien manipulations, reduces the possibility of a human being to be influenced (controlled). The possibility to influence someone however is not only dependent on a person's grounding, but for example also on the solar-plexus and the head.

I just mentioned 3 points for good grounding:

  1. Clear points of view concerning the Earth and matter.

  2. No blockages concerning the Earth from past lives.

  3. No alien (or earthly – black magic) manipulation.

I think that whether I like to be in nature, whether I can see nature´s beings, or can talk to them, whether I feel trees, hug them etc. are all rather just results of a good relationship to the Earth (grounding). They contribute however to keeping a good grounding (especially when someone can heal beings of the Earth or of nature).

Concerning blockages from past lives:

Very often people have problems in the area of the lumbar spine, which creates a lack of energy in the root chakra. A very common reason for this are earlier battles and wars, of which there were plenty of. In these battles there were multitudes of dead people whose traumatized soul parts got stuck in these locations. Apart from that the Earth and nature also got a lot of aggression off of that. These souls and energies are stuck in the Earth and the Earth cannot get rid of them. Human beings nonetheless who in earlier incarnations were present at such a battle, still hold the connection to these events. This makes itself manifest as a physical problem in the area of the lumbar spine, which in turn is actually just a sign that there is something in the Earth which still needs to be healed. In fact – if you clean up these old incidents, someone's back becomes better.

About the circumstance that here and there the Earth with its problems also attaches itself to human beings, where it can expect healing, you can find more in the article Rain Making Experience.

Also, let us not forget – black magic: Often a piece of land was cursed, maybe in order to harm the owner of it. In Atlantis they probably also used magic energies in order to destroy. Who has once experienced such a situation will also have problems with his/her grounding.

Some people's grounding was destroyed by others, for example, at some point their spine broke on a rack. The lower body part then stayed paralyzed and without energy. These energetic conditions are brought along into one's new life. Black magic is also still used today in order to take away other people's grounding. This reduces the success of the victims very drastically.

Here a few more details concerning common assumptions:

Does the Earth need my negative energies? Should I send my negative energies into the Earth?

I think “No”. The Earth needs us in order to get rid of its negative energies (which often have come from us or from aliens). At some healing sessions it happens that negative energy flows downwards out of the feet. This does not mean however that they flow into the Earth. Who has done a session with me, has maybe noticed that I send the healing energy through the feet into the body. It comes out of the soul and not out of the Earth. It just means that the energy sometimes has to take certain paths inside the body.

Are people who lived all their life at the same location grounded in a better way?

I think that doing this is rather based on certain fears which again are located in other chakras. A good grounding makes it possible for me to establish myself with ease everywhere on this planet. It also makes it possible for me to change my habits and nonetheless stay stable. If it is the case that all my life I want to have as little change as possible, then that is often based on other types of problems.

Am I well grounded if I am centered well in my own body,?

There is at least a certain connection between the two. Who lacks being grounded will also not be able to center him/herself well in his/her own body, at least not in the lower parts of his/her body.

Are Grounding Meditations improving my grounding?

There are people who can physically feel positive impacts of grounding meditations. In these cases it improves their current state of being earthed. I think that through repetition this would then have lasting effects. Nonetheless these exercises cannot replace the healing of blockages in the root chakra. Whosoever has strong blockages might not feel an effect from these exercises.

If I can still think of something or if somebody sends me further questions to this topic, I will just add it here.


Addendum of September 18, 2012:

The worse the earthing of a human being, the more sensitive he/she reacts to interference energies. A good example here would be the subject of mobile phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi networks etc. Who is not well grounded, reacts sensitive to such radiation and is maybe forced to find him/herself a location far from such sources of radiation. There are however many other interference energies to which these kind of people react sensitively and then they might be forced to learn to deal with it. We should not confuse this sort of instability with the ability to perceive. If you are well grounded you can often also perceive many things. You can perceive a lot as well if you are grounded and have your sensors open. That would actually be the correct method of perception: To perceive something without it “killing” you. I do not want to express here that mobile telephone radiation is harmless, I just want to say that ungrounded people are more impacted than others.