Beings of the Earth



A Dragon Story

Transformation of Reptilian-Demons (or return of the Dragons)

The White Serpent

The White Owl (and the eagle and the white Dragon)

.... continuation will follow



There used to be a symbiosis, a harmonious cooperation between the Earth Soul, Nature beings and Humans. This symbiosis enabled a paradisaical state of being for all beings involved. An alien race, which we cannot describe in a more detailed way, had the intention to absorb this flourishing life force and created an awful disharmony among us. Their tool: alien multidimensional Snakes. These Snakes, who are hardly seen while hidden behind Dracs and Reps, are a significant factor of the root of all our problems. More responsible than we had expected. The reason for our misinterpretation: these evil Snakes are barely detectable, yet they are highly able to influence our perception and consciousness.

Nature beings are very close to the Earth Soul and they play an important role in protecting and preserving all life on earth. We were able to find out that many Nature beings have been manipulated and blocked as us Humans. There is a great necessity for healing.



A Dragon Story

Revelation of great importance


As I have described in the main chapter „experiences with alien beings“, we found out a couple of people with soul fragments of Dragons. This means, they had once existed as Dragons, physically or astrally. Today we had contact to such a Dragon, which lead us to deeper insights. Pieces of the puzzle re-connected and one insight lead to another...

This Dragon revealed a picture of a fully protected planet earth. This protection was set up by a large number of Nature beings and Dragons, while Dragons were responsible for bigger areas. The protection shield was perfect, no evil was able to intrude earth. Nevertheless, disaster occurred . . .

What happened, how and why?


Chaos and disaster was started by Snakes. Astral Snake beings infiltrated human beings, due to their ability to be sneaky and unseen. Their ability and preference for spreading lies defamed the Dragons. They made people believe, that Dragons were dangerous and hostile. Most people let themselves deceit by the lies of the Snake.

In a short while, the Dragons lost all their power. They lost their backing from human beings. This backing and support made them strong, but all of the sudden, it was gone. The Dragons became unmotivated and weak. During the session, we could perceive our Dragon, collapsing during his flight, then falling down. Nobody suspected this to happen, but from now on earth had lost its protection. Hostile beings have gotten free access to this planet and were able to take up human beings more and more. This opened doors for all sorts of deity cults, and these deities were nothing else but skillful alien beings, looking forward to suck our life energy.

Our Dragons and others as well are full of grudge about these events and about the Snakes. I had to promise our Dragon, that I will publish this story as quick as possible. This helped to heal his anger. Think about it: Dragons never had a chance to make this truth about this big sneaky lie public, since they had to back down a long long time ago.

Those Dragons, who haven't been totally blocked and banished, are living very withdrawn lives and are extremely weakened. They are able to lay eggs, but not able to raise up their children. So some people might wonder, that they had been given an astral Dragon egg to take care of. This must be people whom the Dragons trust and who guarantee a certain protection.


To save our planet, those Dragons have to be healed and Humans and Dragons have to be reconnected, so they can work together symbiotically and full of trust in each other. Strong Dragons could save this planet and they will be able to do so again. Maybe this is the only way to help earth. I don't know, but I could imagine. Furthermore Dragons are soul fragments of some people, which means that the Dragon in them has to be healed first, so they can fully heal themselves.

Please, forget all lies, saying, that you have to leave earth to ascend. This Dragon story clarifies even more, that we have to stay here on earth, together with all beings to be whole again.


The Dragons thank you for reading this!


Transformation of Reptilian-Demons

or return of the Dragons


You are used to get negative information from me, in terms of exposing the agenda of dark inter-dimensional beings. Although I am stirring a pretty black soup by doing so, many people have thanked me, because this information helped them to liberate themselves.

But this time, I have real positive news for you, I'm sorry (smirk). But I hope, this won't make you become lazy about trying to defend and free yourselves. This would be fatal!

Well, the good news: Today, Martina, I and a person, whom we had several sessions with lately, met up on Skype. These were sessions, to free us from the influence of Reps. We had to talk a lot about different things and reflected recent experiences. After some time Martina realized, that a real dark black Reptilian-Demon was around. We had to chase it off. Our standard procedure: fighting it with positive healing energy. Nothing happened. 20 minutes later, the Rep-Demon was still around. We couldn't get rid of him, so we went through all kind of topics. Two hours later he was still around, yet even more present than before.

Now we had to really take care. All three of us fully concentrated on this being. Energy started to flow, until all of us recognized in the same moment: „He is not evil!“ Wow, such relief! We are so happy about every being, who is not on the dark side. And even more – such a dark Rep-Demon appears to be friendly. Incredible!

Martina asked him: „What do you want?“ He answered: „I need your love!“ This answer made energy flow through all of us, but mostly in me. My whole body started shaking. Tears started to run (this is really rare for me) in a mixture of sadness and happiness. Martina said: „He is a messenger. Behind him is a great number of Reptilian-Demons. They are all waiting for deliverance!“

The process of liberation was fully working. I could feel it like never before in my body and especially in my heart. I never had  an energy experience of such intensity and length. How did it continue? The demons transformed into Dragons. Dragons of all kinds and sizes. Beautiful, loving and lovable Dragons! Martina could perceive a Water Dragon (however this looks like) very well. Then a huge Dragon came close to Martina. He touched her head, his head to her head. Thereby she could hear a humming, which touched her heart directly. This was a big party of happiness. How many Dragons were there? „When you look into the skies, you only see a part of the sky. Imagine this part being filled with small figures and each one is a Dragon“, Martina answered. This must be thousands of them!

Well, enough sentimentalism. I hope, you readers won't be envious on this experience. I know everyone wants to save the world. I think, many of these Dragons were soul fragments of some of today's incarnated human beings. This means, some people here on earth will have more access to their formerly blocked powers. But I will be careful in being too enthusiastic. Let's see if we can find some confirmation soon. I will let you know. With all those dragons now the world's defense against aliens must improve a lot!

Yet I don't know how to measure this.

If someone had told me such story, I would not have believed him. So I won't be mad if you don't believe me either.



The White Serpent


During the next session Martina perceived a big White Snake. This was not one of the evil alien Snakes. This White Snake was hurt, weakened, scared and shy. Behind her a Dragon was standing. This Dragon protected her and encouraged her to open up to us. This Snake had a hard time doing so.

Well, finally it came closer and certainly needed our healing, which we started with directly. Martina received an information. The most important quality of this kind of Snake was „wisdom“, but not the kind of wisdom we know.

An alien Cobra had bitten the White Snake and the poison paralyzed it. Her original role it had to play for the symbiosis of the earth had been replaced by the alien Cobra. Nobody has seen it. The false Snake has spread lies and the white one was unable to stop it. I believe we all can imagine how the white snake must have felt.

Interestingly, Martina had already sensed the snap of the alien Cobra three weeks before meeting the White Snake. She felt pain in her right arm. Then, while healing the good Serpent, this pain increased strongly until the process was finished and she could relax. The White Snake was healed and healthy again, stronger than before but still quite careful and shy. I asked it if we were allowed to publish this experience of meeting this Snake, because it was important for others, too. This scared it and it didn't want us to talk about it. But behind her the Dragon said powerfully: „yes, yes, yes, yes!“ We were delighted.

Today, one day after this experience, we held a session for Martina. The White Serpent came for helping us without us asking for it.



The White Owl

The eagle and the white Dragon


At one session, when the White Snake came to us for the first time, another being appeared as well: A white Owl.

It simply stood there and nothing happened. We were wondering what the owl wanted, whether it needed a healing. No reaction. Then it took a wing and picked a tiny snake from the ground. Wow! It was there to help us fighting the Snakes!

The Owl placed itself in front of Martina, grabbed into her with one claw and took out a small, blue ball. Whatever this was, it apparently had to be removed. And then the Owl kept staying without saying anything again. Actually, it never said anything at all. It stayed and stayed and we were wondering, what for. Then we started a healing with a person, which had been already planned before the Owl appeared. When we started, the White Snake joined us and helped us to remove two small snakes from the client.

A few days later, at another session, the three of us were fighting a powerful snake. We were unable to do anything about it. The Snaked seemed to lose some power, but there was no victory for us in sight. Then help appeared by the White Owl and an Eagle. They simultaneously attacked the evil Snake. On the fly, both pinched their claws into the Snake. This fight took its time. The Snake reeled itself in more and more. It was getting tired.

But then, it reached the high point. A White Dragon appeared, looking like a Chinese Dragon. He came flying and with only one bite he swallowed the Snake. He made us understand that he was absorbing the Snake. I understand it like this: the Snake is gone forever, dissolved.

Martina would resent me if I wouldn't talk about, what happened with me during the appearance of the White Dragon: well, the Dragon stayed for a while and I began to burst into tears again. Sorrow and happiness in the same time again, like a few days ago, when we had the big dragon liberation. I didn't know what was happening with me. When five other Dragons appeared, I was ready for the shrink. I was shrugging, I was crying and I was almost unable to speak. But the Dragons are so thrilled when this happens to me. What is this story of the Dragons and me?