The Dynamic of Guilt

Guilt is a weapon

October 28, 2012

To all of those that are plagued with feelings of guilt and want to get rid of them, I want to let you know in the very beginning of this article: "Feelings of guilt are a weapon of the dark side" and feelings of guilt are used in a targeted manner to keep people weak. Feelings of guilt are always a sort of weak spots onto which the dark side can attach itself. A feeling of guilt can be so strong that it actually really attracts dark beings, something that can even lead to self-destruction. So this is a very important subject.

Since September 2011, which is more than a year ago, I heal all kinds of extraterrestrial beings, that I come across. Then I release them into absolute freedom. The last part of the healing process is always the elimination of feelings of guilt. This is important. Otherwise they would continue to drag their weak spot around with them with which they could be drawn into darkness again. If that would be accomplished I would have these beings again as my enemies.

I want to look at it from this point of view: These beings have lost everything, they were enslaved and used against us by means of mind control. Their chance to get out of this on their own equals zero. This is true for all beings, even for the most brutal Reptilians who abuse and torment human beings, even children. I heal them and let them go without any restrictions. I release them into their freedom with love and peace. What they were really missing for a long time was love, and most of the time they react in a very intense manner to the word “love”. They sense it energetically and it causes a wave of gratitude coming from them.

In a healing session with a person, some being might show up that has been instructed to control, harm and manipulate this person (that is with me in the healing session). When I heal this being, it generally starts on its own to have an interest in repairing the damage which it caused before. Most of the time it still remains present at the session for a while and helps with the work. Would it happen any other way, an imbalance would remain, a sort of guilt. Actually I would not even be able to remove some of these manipulations without the help of these “specialists”.

Let's now apply this subject to us human beings. Many people think that because they have caused damage in earlier times, they have to suffer for it now or later, or they think that this guilt gets in the way of their progression (I want to avoid the word “ascension” here. That is utter esoteric nonsense. It really makes no sense at all. It is the weapon of the dark side that presents guilt in such a way that many people find themselves in a spiral without an end.

To suffer for something that I myself did not do, makes no sense. It also does not change anything. It is just a hypnosis that came about through religions. The catholic church still maintains this sin-cult. But anyway, let's concern ourselves with something that makes sense.

I want to present you an example that comes up a lot lately: A cobra is attached at a person's back. This cobra has already been there since ancient Egyptian times or even longer. It has stayed with this person for many incarnations. And this is where it had its origin: A person who was called to be a priest/priestess was officially united with a snake. The snakes were the recognized deities at the time. What did the cobra do? In these times it hypnotized many people and manipulated them by using the chakras of the priests. And even in lives that followed it would influence people in all kinds of ways. All in all it probably caused a lot of damage – by making use of its host's chakras.

What about guilt now? The cobra chose a person that it could use well for its purposes. Is it now the fault of this person that he/she has the faculties that the cobra was looking for? Did this person have a chance to wake up to the reality that the whole thing is just a very dark game? In those times – no. It is basically the same case: The person that has been manipulated by the priest or cobra is also a victim as is the Reptilian that has initiated the situation, etc.

I realized the following: If I want to remove a cobra, I first have to address the whole group of victims. I have to heal the manipulations and the hypnoses that took place. Before that I cannot remove the snake. Like that I put back in order what the priest/cobra has caused and no guilt remains in the sense of the feeling “there is still something to be taken care of”.

This principle applies for many karmic events:

First: When something bad happens and it seems that there is one person responsible, then you should always be aware that the person who seems responsible and all the other victims are all together victims of dark beings. The whole situation however is prepared and set on stage by dark creatures. None of the people involved is more guilty than another one. Actually nobody is guilty. Most of the injured parties will attach themselves energetically onto the person that seems responsible, and there they stay for centuries. From this you can see that guilt is used as a weapon. The person that seems responsible for the bad things that happened, permits this state of souls being attached to him/her by his/her feeling of guilt.

The healing of such a case is very simple. I remember such a case where I called the souls that were attached and said: “Hey guys, wake up. This person is not responsible. You were all tricked and fooled.” That was already enough and I felt how parts of souls were flowing through me. In some other cases it might take healing energy to repair the damage that was caused.

Secondly: Feelings of guilt disappears from you if the parts of souls of other (diseased) people are removed from you. This works by the methods described.

A prerequisite to getting rid of all feelings of guilt is first and foremost the understanding of this subject. Who is stuck in old, religious, esoteric imaginations will have a hard time to get rid of his/her feelings of guilt.

What is the case with people that are actually consciously doing evil against humanity? What is for instance the case with bankers that purposefully bring about a financial crisis? . . I will take the example of a woman who used black magic against us several times. That was tough and created quite strong reactions in us, and it caused damage. If however she came today and would say “I am sorry”, or if something would even just suggest that she has changed, I would immediately receive her with open arms.

All people have a good core. The bankers that I mentioned are just as mind controlled as are the Reptilians and others. They do not have the freedom of choice. They are separated from their souls and if anything their body is possessed by a Reptilian who again is controlled by a snake. May something like that never happen to us. These people are not more guilty of the situation than we are. If they manage to get out of this situation I would welcome them wholeheartedly. They do not have to do 1000 squats in order to expiate for their faults. Do you understand? As long as they are working against us however, we have to fight against them or … heal them.

Who thinks that people in general have a bad character is mistaken. The negative part does not belong to a human being. It comes through the interference and influence of other beings, through attachments, through black magic, through implants etc. and through traumas which were created through such foreign influences. Thus we do not have to judge a single human being and say he/she is evil. It can be advisable however that we stay away from some people until they are freed of these foreign influences.

The same applies for the Aliens. They are generally good. There are just the snakes without souls, the Big-heads, and the Grey Bio-robots (not the normal small ones and the big Greys), who were programmed to be evil and who cannot be healed. Who or what is behind that however I do not know, yet.