The Dragon Sleeps No More

by Franz Erdl

December 21, 2012

Translation: January 9, 2013

I cannot claim that I have much of an idea of the origin of souls, since I see contradictions in my own experiences. I will talk about these contradictions in another article though. What I am going to talk about now, wasn't and isn't as smooth of a process as you find it described here.

Planet Earth has a soul. That is probably the case for any planet, but for now I will talk about the soul of the earth. It appears as if all beings of the earth (which are not visible in our dimension) were born out of this soul of the earth. All astral beings of the earth were once soul of the earth. The same accounts for dragons. Dragons are beings of the earth and came forth from the soul of the earth.

It might be that the soul of the earth and the beings of the earth existed already a long time before the earth itself came into physical existence (if you can talk here about “time” at all). At some point the physical existence, as we know it, came into being, and physical beings with a soul (humans, animals, plants, etc.) could emerge. The way it has revealed itself till now is that all souls sprang out of the souls of these beings of the earth.

Speaking now of us human beings: Not all souls of human beings emerged out of the earth. There are many souls of extra-terrestrial origin. At this point I only want to concern myself with those that originated from the earth. For now I will call them earthlings. So, each earthling was once him-/herself part of this earth, he/she was once a being of the earth. Well, why say “was”? He/She still is. Souls never die. In the dimensions of the soul there is no death. The soul of the earth exists eternally as well as all other souls. Just we as physical beings experience the death of our physical body.

(I do not assume that the physical existence has to necessarily comprise physical death. We generally accept that as given, as if it was natural and indispensable. There is increasing indication that the wear-out of body cells and the lack of regenerative capability, as well as thereof resulting illnesses up to death (or even death), are an intended and artificial faulty design. Our rather reduced capabilities, for example our rather limited ability to be able to form our body according to our wishes, belong to this faulty design. Keyword: “Anunnaki”. This and much more I hope soon to be able to outline in a new article.)

Now however back to the dragons. Some people believe that dragons really existed. Oddly enough narratives of dragons appear around the globe and in many cultures. How can that be if nobody ever saw them for real? I don't have an answer to this question. Now, whether they existed for real or only in an astral form, their souls continue to live in all eternity. Their abilities (once they are healed) are of great value. They are characterized by a big heart chakra and a strong solar plexus. In other words, they have a very direct connection to the soul of the Earth and to the origin of the soul (whatever that might be). This might be the reason why the healing of dragons so deeply touches our hearts. Their mission which is stored in their solar plexus is approximately this: “Protect all life!”, and especially “Protect all life on this planet” for which they are responsible. For this they are also equipped with the proper forces (given they find themselves in a healed state).

At this point I have to make some explanations in regard to the terms “soul” and “life”, “good” and “evil”. Everything which is evil is without soul or at least strongly disconnected from his/her/its soul. In order to drag a being onto the dark side, it has to be disconnected from its soul as well as possible. This can for instance be brought about through traumatic experiences, lies, deception, magic or technical means of mind control etc. The disconnection of its soul however does not necessarily mean that a being will become evil. Yet in all cases were I met evil beings they were disconnected from their soul. Since I can heal them most of the time, I experience how, with their healing, they go through a complete change, how they dedicated themselves to doing good, and how they love to assist in healing their former “victims”.

Furthermore, the soul seems to be the only source for the energy of life. Whoever is rather strongly disconnected from his/her/its soul, has too little energy of life, unless he/she/it sucks energy of life out of souls of other beings. In fact this is the very reason why beings that are disconnected from their soul have to suck energy from others, for example by subduing others. If they don't do it they are extremely weak.

In “Beings of the Earth” I have already related that the dragons were conquered. This however could only happen because we humans could be deceived. The dragons were depicted as enemies of human beings and many people believed it. To this day it is an old human idea that dragons are evil and dangerous. That is why dragon slayers became heroes.

If allies stab you in the back, you lose your motivation and strength. That is why the dragons could be conquered. Many dragons are still in bad conditions. They are captivated, enchained, locked-in and hurt. They are distrustful of people, they feel betrayed, are lonely and afraid.

A human being that has such a dragon-soul-part, is also suffering. This suffering cannot be healed by anything, but by the healing of the dragon itself.

There seem to be an incredible number of earthlings that have got a  dragon-soul-part, that means that they once were dragons. I have not undertaken to do any research so far to find out if humans also stem from other beings of the earth as far as their soul is concerned. It has only been recently that this thought came to me. Dragon-soul-parts show up so frequently with earthlings that it seems to me that this is the normal case. It also appears to me that the human-dragon soul-combination is something very special that we have been missing so far for our defense. What accounts for the dragons is concentrated combat strength combined with intensive love to all life. Its strong soul connection also increases the soul connection of a human being, which in turn expands his/her capabilities.

Why does a dragon need a human being? Right now it needs us first and foremost for its healing. More about that soon. Dragons also have their own intentions. Some for instance seem to be really eager to clear snake nests. They do it however quite independently. When they have found a nest they try to communicate this to us in some manner and then they wait for our consent (for some reason I am touched to tears here). We only have to say “Yes, get started”, and then stand consciously behind them as they clear the snake nests. On one hand this seems to serve the purpose of our symbioses with them and on the other hand the fact that they need our conscious decision. Emotionally this makes sense to me.

The clearing of the nests seems to be very important for the dragons themselves. I believe that these nests were originally dragon-nests. We got female and male dragons and they produce offspring, first in the form of eggs. These eggs need to be guarded by Mammy and Daddy. I got the impression that the whole underground network has to be occupied again by dragons and that this network will then again be an excellent defense for planet Earth.

Dragon eggs play another very special roll. When the Earth got invaded, and in particular when the dragon-nests got invaded by snakes, there were naturally already existing dragon eggs. Don't forget, these are astral. These eggs could partially be saved, namely in bodies of human beings. These human beings carried the dragon eggs from one incarnation to another over thousand of years till now. (Until now only one egg per person was found.) These eggs seem to be of immense importance. They do not just contain small dumb dragons. There is also something else of great importance packed into the eggs of which I can only write in a following article, because it will require quite an amount of explication. The whole concept – to free dragons, to regain the nests, to get the dragons eggs out of the human beings and bring them back into the caves, seems to be of global importance. What is still to unfold itself in front of us will leave us gaping with our mouths open.

Humans with dragon eggs are sometimes energetically blocked. This can for instance mean that I can not reach them. The healing energy might not flow, and that might be that way in order to protect the dragon egg. In such a case nobody – weather good or evil - can come close, and that might have been the very intention behind it. It can happen that such people are not doing particularly well. They might be lacking their natural flow of energy. This can have a negative effect on them in many areas of their life. The dark side also fills up these people with negative energies so that nothing can develop within them.

Now I want to address the actual freeing of the dragons. The time has come for the deliberation of the dragons which are nowadays human beings. That is why I call this article “The Dragon sleeps no more” (alluding to David Icke's “The Lions sleeps no more”). It seems to me that the dragon-soul-parts of the earthlings are now massively pressing for healing. The traumata of the dragons make themselves now more noticeable than ever in people that have a dragon portion. The people however do not know where this problems come from. It is easy for me to discern whether a person has a dragon portion or not. I ask and if it is true, I feel a strong wave of energy coming up. So finding the dragon works very well, the healing of it however does not work in every case, at least not right away.

I already mentioned that the dragons normally find themselves in quite a bad condition. People like me, who are not so overly gifted with clairvoyance, have to find out a dragon's problems by asking a set of questions. Generally my intuitions then bring me onto the right track. The captivity of the dragons has to end. I check for chains, ropes, prison bars, etc. One important issue is magic – magic carried out by people. The issue that dragons were banned by means of magic through human beings comes up again and again. Is that not cruel? Sometimes snakes have to be eliminated. One dragon was in the stomach of a giant snake with several heads. He found the exit however. The captivity can look differently every time. One simply has to search and investigate.

When that has happened it is time for the actual healing. The feelings as well as the body of the dragon are hurt. If the earthling with whom I am doing the session finds him-/herself in a good energetic flow, then the problems (of the dragon) will show up in his/her body. It can well be that the feelings of loneliness, distrust, fear, depression are experienced during the session, or that they are already there before the session. Physical symptoms can also show up and can be healed through the session. Very often people can sense that something is happening on their back, in the location where one would have wing roots. Some sensitive people re-experience themselves flying.

With people who are energetically blocked, I have to let these feelings run through myself, a procedure in which I am somewhat restricted. For this very reason not every healing of a dragon works. At least I can not say exactly to what extend a dragon is healed in such a case. For people who are energetically blocked the deliverance of their dragons does not seem to make such a difference for them. They are separated from it and the powerful symbiosis does not come about. That actually would mean that the dragon cannot really become active, but maybe it is doing better after the healing than before – I do not know.

As my last name, “Erdl(ing)” [German for: “Earthl(ling)], already indicates, I have a dragon-soul-part. I ask myself if I do not owe my long-distance-healing power to my perhaps already long before freed dragon. Is there maybe a general connection between the two? A dragon can fly to where the healing is needed. And with its marvelous soul connection it can bring healing.

I still want to make this one point: There seem to be different types of dragons. Earth, water and air dragons already showed up. I think they protect the corresponding areas of these elements. Are there maybe quite many types of dragons? Are there perhaps also other powerful beings of the earth which are connected to human beings? The awakening of the dragons as well as their help in removing persistent Big-heads, their help in clearing snake nests, and their powers to undo black magic, give me a flicker of hope for our future.