(also fear and aggression)

September 30, 2012

Translation 11.11.2012


Depressions can have numerous causes, of course. According to my experience most of the depressions people suffer from developed out of occurrences from past lives. Because of the intensity of those injuries to the soul (resignation, hopelessness) these happenings engraved themselves into our energy system. These “programs” got saved and can now generate similar events and occurrences in this life. This in turn might lead us to believe that these depressions have their root in this life. This form of depressions can be healed with diverse therapies, even when past lives are ignored. The reason this works is that the events in this life and those of past lives are similar to each other, in other words, the same issues are addressed. My real concern is now however with the “incurable” cases of depressions, with people that could not be helped by any treatment or therapy – people that are on sick-leave because of depressions, who are not able to work and who swallow pills in order to just survive. What is really the case with them?

I would not discuss this subject, if I did not have several of these cases which I could heal with one to two sessions. The secret is quite simple. You can even derive a basic rule from it: You cannot heal a problem when it is not your own. Notice that I wrote “problem” and not “depressions” since this basic rule applies to many issues, for example anxiety. To make it short: With the incurable patients I found one to three aliens from which the depressions originated. I have no idea if others would call that possession, attachment, or being superimposed, I just feel that these beings are there. In such a case I carry out a healing session the way I have already described earlier. As you might imagine, a lot of energy flows when the issues of “trauma” and “hopelessness” are addressed. As soon as the (alien) beings are healed, they leave the person. The host is then permanently healed of depressions.

I do not investigate anymore how and where the linkage between human and alien came to pass. It could be that the aliens who lost their planet in their utter hopelessness attached themselves to somebody who was open for it – or maybe they were also purposely attached to a human being in order to hinder this person.

About a year ago it became clear that we should not battle against the alien beings - though hostile, but we should heal them. Since then such healing processes happen extremely fast. Once the being has been found, it takes two to ten minutes until it is healed and free.

Next to Greys, Reptilians, Dracs, insect beings etc. it can naturally also be that a deceased human being got attached to a person. Yet, the healing process in such a case is handled in a similar way. It can happen very fast or take a while, especially when certain issues have to be dug out.

Depressions, aggressions and anxiety of (mostly alien) beings who are in some form permanently attached to a human being, express themselves through depressions, aggressions and anxiety in a human being. Therefore these feelings can only be healed when the attached being is found and healed. Since recently this has become an easy process, also for people that were not able to find a way out of their depressions for decades.