Oktober 27. 2011


This topic, „demonization“ is of great importance. It might shake strongly people's views on the world and their believe systems. So I try to treat this topic gently.

One example: during a session we saw a devilish being. It was red, horned and had an aggressive, evil charisma. Furthermore it was swearing and insulting us. A stereotypical devil. Thanks to our experiences, Martina said: „I want all distorted and twisted energies to be removed from you!“ What happened next? All curses and insults transformed into „help me!

So we did. We detached the snake, healed the traumas etc. and guess what was left over from that devil? . . .  a human being. See, a human had been demonized on all levels of being. He looked devilish. His appearance was aggressive and everything he was saying was turned into curses and bluster. This is a typical distortion of energy ŕ la snake.

Imagine: a soul fragment of a human being is seeking for healing and comes to the surface through another person. This „possessed“ person would become aggressive, start swearing and cursing. Since the person doesn't act like this usually, an exorcist is asked for help. He would make sure, that this demonized soul fragment would be put back into prison and not be healed. I think this happened many times.

The human soul fragment had been very grateful after we liberated him. He said goodbye in a loving way, to return back to his main Soul. Now, things like these are daily experiences for us. These kind of experiences let us draw a conclusion:

The only beings, who are really evil, are snakes and some of their variations (worm-like and eel-like creatures).

All other beings (especially those with two arms and two legs) who seem to be evil, have been demonized and are helplessly caught in this role.


This also makes me say, that such beings like Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Baal etc. are beings who are victim to demonization. Behind such creatures and all their names are precious beings, unbending freedom fighters. Right: those who have fought the snakes the most, have been demonized the most. The public opinion on these beings had been turned against them, so there was no more chance for liberation any more.

When these beings get free, they no longer have their negatively charged names. It is also possible, that they transform into different kinds of beings. Mostly they turn into humans, but also peaceful draconians, dragons and reps.


So, who are the so called Satanists then? This group has two sneaky tasks: first they stabilize the negative reputation of these beings (Satan &Co.). Second they worship and serve the snakes. They give energy to the snakes through their rituals, even worshiping holograms.

And what about the Illuminati, who are praying to Lucifer as God? This is another distortion of energy. Snakes want all power, everything else is diversionary tactic, as usual. Since the snakes try to stay invisible, because this is their trump, they are keeping up the show with a holo-lucifer.

Well, the faked age-old arsenal of evil guys, who are supposed to scare us, is melting down.