How we can defeat the NWO



About 15 years ago, I have had a conglomeration of cases of people with fear of dogs. Firstly, they were afraid of dogs and secondly, they were also frequently threatened or attacked by dogs. It was obvious and I believe, it is generally known that dogs react to the fear of the people and their threat or their attack are a reaction to the radiation of the human being.


The healing-sessions always led to experiences in bygone lives, that I can remember no more in the detail today. But I still know that some were thrown to the lion in Rome. Also I remember that attacks of animals recurred with these people in several lives. Obviously an energy-pattern was shaped here once and was hardened by repetition in further lives. These energy-patterns still were fully active also in the current life and provided unnecessary restrictions of the quality of life for my opinion.


Now one step further. I had a case lately, where somebody, because of a ridiculous trifle, was threatened by a police officer, hurt, arrested with handcuffs and then had to pay a remarkable penalty. (The healing-session was not for that reason) Iím sure you already recognize the pattern! Yes, there were many unpleasant incidents with authorities in the past lives; Incidents with death and torture and very much stored fear. This fear had high-rocked the lately happened incident into the absurd.


Maybe you wonder here, what about the balancing karma? 2000 years ago eaten by a lion and today still problems with aggressive animals? The simplest answer would be: "He must have done something bad earlier, and that now is the penalty."  Certainly, we have all have done something bad, but I tend to have strong doubts about the justice of  karma. As I mentioned in other articles, I believe that there are beings, that can botch in our karma, no matter if this may sound illegal to us.


One thing is certain: The programs, that we carry inside of ourselves, tend to generate reality, independent whether they are present in us in a just or an unfair manner. These programs effect the outside world, until they are deleted (I will later get to the topic ďdeleteĒ). Let's now think of the case with the police officer and let's still keep in mind, that we generally take along a whole quantity of fear of authorities and power-structures from bygone lives, then it should become clear to us for which reason we head on to a police-state (police-planet)!


If somebody wants to develop onward, he canít omit to confront himself with his disturbing programs in order to delete them. This confronting and erasure can look quite differently. In the most favorable case, this can happen in seconds or few minutes during an energy-session. For example a death through "knife in the back" might  be deleted in an energy-session in a way that the pain in the back makes itself perceptible once again in a reduced form. The pain contains aggression / jealousy / envy of the murderer, according to the motive of the murderer. A longer history can be behind that. All these energies usually come off during an energy-session within minutes. The "knife in the back"-event causes the victim to generally mistrust. Everybody could put a knife in my back. Everyone could deceive me. And unfortunately this programming also causes that one is deceived.


In the more unfavorable case, without application of healing energy, this program runs simply further and someday the program swings highly on a hardly bearable level, until the concerned seeks help or in some way he even changes (his energies).


This collection of ballast-programs can also be called "repressions", because probably hardly anyone is aware of it. Due to these repressions, the soul of a human being cannot afford to essentially increase the energy-flow through the actually incarnated body. A stronger energy-flow would also rouse these repressions just what would lead to unpleasant events in reality. Nevertheless the soul now and then increases the energy-flow because it wishes a development of the incarnated person (soul-aspect).


That, whatís probably happening at the moment, seems to be a collective wish of our souls for development - a collective increase of our energy-flow in our bodies with the unavoidable rousing of our repressions. War, murder, pain, torture, misery, hunger, poverty etc. is stored in us, and these programs are invariably activated by energy-increase. Therefore, the crisis doesn't come really from the outside. But the crisis needs execution-assistants and, as we see, it does have them. But, if we primarily concentrate on the fight against the execution-assistants, this mainly serves to distract us from ourselves.


Now, how can we defeat the NWO? Michael Jackson delivered the answer: "Start with the man in the mirror!" That was a wise advice, that he unfortunately didn't follow himself. Maybe he didnít know how to start? Therefore, if you see him on the street, please tell him, he should take a session with me.


I donít want to make jokes about nobody, I only want to awaken your interest of this important topic. Yes, theoretically we can prevent the coming crisis, further wars, the planned NWO-police state, etc.. if we primarily confront ourselves with the man (the woman) in the mirror. The reverse-claim would be: The chaos will unrestrictedly come if we don't primarily occupy ourselves with ourselves. We should take care of our enemies only in second place.


Now, we know what to do,

but we don't know HOW.

(like Michael Jackson)


From all methods to dissolve undesirable subconscious programs, that I experienced in the course of the last 20 years, I can only recommend, the one I apply myself: The use of massive healing energy. From my experience, I can report: If the energy flows really powerful through a body, in one hour 20, 30 or 40 traumas can be pushed out. And all this happens very perceptible; after that the patient is shacked powerfully, exhausted but eased. Clearly, there are other methods. But I find that they mostly work too slow. There is very much to do namely. More to it:


I assume that many people have an average of 100 incarnations. (Not 100 000 times, like some people of the India believe. The earth is not a penalty-planet for slow-developers. It is not a penalty-planet and also not a practice-planet at all, that one leaves after passed practices. All very unhealthy opinions) Sometimes, one lives long, sometimes, one dies early, but letís take 50 years as average. This results in 100 lives x 50 years = 5000 years of living in this reality. These 5000 years shape. Therefore, you, with your character, with your form of behavior are embossed through 5000 years of experience.


Large parts of this experience are not freely accessible because they became split away of the soul through traumatic events. Specifically abilities like healing, clairvoyance, the ability to live in abundance and to influence matter, etc. is to be found behind poisonous psycho-garbage dumps. These, our soul-aspects form a high-complicated structure and a huge database, that one can simply not resolve in a fast and easy way. "I toss the problems of my bygone lives in the river", somebody wrote a similar phrase in a forum, after reading some of my articles. Now, you can think about what change this action will make on the 5000 years of life-experience: Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Others believe, if they execute regular aura-cleaning-rituals and similar things, that they would be clean then. Unfortunately, it is not so simple.


That whatís inside of us is a huge potential. The part we brought into this incarnation is a tiny fraction of it. Whoever wants to open the doors to this potential, must do a little more than to speak affirmations, or distribute orgonite. Find trustworthy energy healers and/or learn to handle energies yourself. The work with the healer also helps you to develop your healing power. You canít manage it all alone, neither can I. I don't see any better method at the moment. Whoever agrees to my above implementations alsounderstands  the urgency of the massive cleaning of our repressions.


Perforce my appeals for energy healing will become more an more aggressive, because all those, who don't take care of their corpses in the cellar (German expression for repressions), pull me and you into the abyss as well. Many editors of alternative web pages, forum-managers etc might believe to probably do enough, when they uncover NWO-activities, or even proceed actively against Chemtrails. Strictly speaking, they help to concentrate our concentration on the execution-assistants instead of going to the actual problem: "The man in the mirror."


For example, I recently studied the website. "Project Camelot" Big website with many activities. But reading it for a while, I can only say: Much distraction! The more than thousand members of the round table might have the feeling that they are doing something. Then, I looked at rense.com. This web page is called one of the best English-language coverage respecting the NWO-activities. That can be correct, but when I came to look at the latest photo of the editor, then I sensed the intensive need to offer him 3 free healing-sessions. Etc.. etc.. I know some forum-managers and editors in Germany and USA and I know, that they don't do anything, concerning themselves.


This is not about advertisement for me. Itís about to rescue, what still can be rescued. Many energy-healers would be necessary and also many people to go there. And someday, the reaction comes after the principle of the hundredth monkey. If many people take care of dissolving their repressions, it will also become ever easier. Or telling it the other way, everyone who ignores his repressions, also helps that repressions remain locked in humanity.


Since I, caused by my work, come in contact with the deeply rooted programs of my patients, I believe to be able to appraise, what huge mass of repressions still doze within the world-population, however might become quite active in the near future. And I canít see a collective movement to change this. Sometimes, I think: " They deserve it!", but on the other hand I find that mankind already has suffered enough. And like many others I hope that something powerful intervenes still in time. But I cannot rely on it.


And in which way should this powerful force intervene? It would have to dissolve our repressions as painlessly as possible. Then, the whole threat would dissolve. The reptilians would have to fly home again, and the illuminati would convert into a golf club. But I would not like this either. I find that the dissolving of our ballast-programs would have to be done very conscious in order to attain a higher understanding of the own soul. One should dissolve blockade after blockade, understand how they were created and what they caused. Dissolving blockades and the uncovering of abilities should be done as consciously as possible so that we won't have the same problem like today again in 2000 years.



Another couple of contemplations:

If the reptilians are only execution-helpers, must we take care about them at all?


Of course, because they appear in our bygone lives. They hoodwinked us with contracts. They lured us in secret-organizations. They blocked our liberty with wrong religions etc. We must understand all of this very well, in order to dissolve it. And to not fall into their traps again, we must know their procedures, their tricks. So we also must find out, for example, which healer we can trust.


Is it then important for me to read the alternative press in the internet to keep informed, or should I now first take care only of my repressions?


Laying the truth on the table and distribution of truth is always important. As long as the official press generates a wrong picture of reality, the alternative press must provide correction, and we should inform ourselves regularly. But everything in limits. I observe myself how I am getting lost in the internet and spent too much time on it.


How do our chances stand?

No good at all. I don't believe that a remarkable percentage of mankind will occupy themselves with the dissolving of their repressions. If you take more time to think about it, the dissolving of repressions should be the most important and most obvious thing, which a human being can contribute to his own welfare. But the reptilians put a main focus of their mind control on that topic. There a collective thrust would be required, an energy-change to awaken mankind from this hypnosis. "Ah my God, what dreadful energies am I towing with me? I have to get rid of them immediately!" Oh, this dawn would be a dream.


If it continues running the way it runs now, if no bigger collective energy-change occurs, then it looks not good at all. The percentage of people, that only dissolved their coarsest fears is so low. 0,0?? %. As far as I can overlook it, there is not any big onrush of people, that want to dissolve their repressions. Feel free to send me a mail, about how you see that.