The Cobra and the second Rescue Package



Yesterday on Halloween: A healing session with a young man. Already in the beginning, a Cobra appeared in front of Martina. But this Cobra was different to the other, evil alien ones. It wasn't that astral and looked more like a real Cobra. Martina said to me: “Franz, feel it, too!” So I did and connecting to the Cobra I felt good in my heart. Martina also felt that way about this Cobra.

So we were a little surprised, but apparently this was an earthy, positive Cobra, who had a connection to this young man in some way. But we still were careful. After a while all doubts were gone, because of the good energy and action of the Cobra. The Cobra sent a wave of love into Martina's heart and quickly after that, a wave of energy from her feet up to her body. It did so over and over again, for about five minutes. Unfortunately, I got only a bit of that. For some reason, this Cobra raised Martina's energy level. And the reason soon became clear: The Wowos!

Evidently, Martina has been prepared to receive the next Wowo-energy- package. The Wowos told her, that the second rescue package was about to come. And so it happened. Powerful energies broke out. Martina could just bear it. Again, I only got a little share of it, but even this was really strong. Martina was shaken, she was crying, laughing, breathing heavily. And now pay attention: this took about 30 minutes. She said: „I am in the midst of a huge ray of energy!“ After 10 minutes she had to stand up. She sensed something in her legs, being totally connected to something. We suspected this to be the grounding, but didn't know for sure. A few times Martina thought: „Now it stops“, but then it started again.

Suddenly a giant evil Cobra appeared and tried to interfere. But it was no match for the three of us (Martina, me and the young man) the good Cobra and the Wowos. The Wowos told Martina to „last out“, again and again. They must have known that the evil Cobra was powerless in this case.

Oh folks, this was a lot of energy. For what reason? I guess it was also meant to oppose to those bunch of campaigns of the dark side, which are taking place now, between 10 / 28/ 11 and 11/ 11/ 11. This we found out. Everything else we might see later.

You know, that I am very critical usually. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to detect so much of the dark agenda in the astral plane. But what is happening to us now with the energies of the Wowos, I can feel it so clear in my body, in my heart, so I have no doubts any longer.


Addendum, November, 2nd


This experience told the way Martina felt it:

„Hm...something is going on. We do not know, what, where, how and why it is on the whole, but something 's going on, is set in motion. We just have experienced it in our physical bodies....again. Yet, this time it was longer and more intensive than the last time. Though last time was not bad at all.

This events are never greatly advertised. This means, we do not know that something is set in motion until it starts. Sometimes we have a certain foreshadowing. Those things that are going on then, do not work the way we measure it by our time and how we want it to happen. They work in a different way, by different criteria. Those criteria are outside of human's perception, as well as the possibilities, which are not given the way we would like it to be.

But there is a part inside of me, which understands more. But I cannot transport it here, not yet. But it looks like, that it isn't comprehensible here for us. This is very disappointing for me, too. I wish I could convey it.

At that night after the energy transmission I was very exhausted, physically as well. I have slept early without preparing myself for bed. So, I cannot do such things blindfold.

During the whole time of the session, when I was receiving energy, I haven't felt any pain at all. My light headache, which was there before, was gone. No backache or tensions any more. Only the stream of energy plus those feelings through my heart chakra, nothing else. In between I felt such deep love for Franz and the client.

When i wasn't able to stand straight any longer, my knees shook and I tottered (I somehow had to stand), I had two dragon-like beings by my side. When the evil astral Cobra appeared, the whole legion* was backing me...backing us up.

(* a great number of beings, whom we had helped before during the great transformation and who then promised to help by fighting with us).