Cleaning Works Part 8

First Anunnaki Secret Revealed


Franz Erdl

June 19, 2013


It seems to have been a purpose of certain Anunnaki that we not know, let alone understand our own energy system. Channellings, wrong on purpose, served well for this. The information I was obviously led to finally, gives me a useful overall view. The most important thing however which makes my enthusiasm light up is the discovery of the Anunnaki-manipulations in our energy system. And, greater still, they can be put right again.

I think most of my research results are correct. There will probably be a few errors and I am prepared to find errors and additional information in due course of time.

I separated our energy system into three graphics and I wrote numbers to the connections. If there is no number this connection is of minor importance in this graphic and will be explained in another one.


Graphic 1: Energy Supply

The connections from/to the right all come from the Sun and the Central Sun. Apparently those energies cannot be used by us directly but have to be transformed by the 5 super- and subchakras. Connections 1 through 10 lead the energies to the right place.

The occiput chakra 6b directs the energy flows of the super- and subchakras by the connections 13 and 14. This direction is analogous which means the intensity of the flows is modified, not only switched on and off. However, four connections each are controlled together, not separately. (I can imagine that during sleep the connections of the subchakras are switched to low.) The oversoul and the mental body are able to influence this control.

Only the oversoul has access to connections 1 and 10. 1 and 10 are necessary for survival and therefore no other, maybe wrongly programmed part of us can interfere here. No matter how much magic is pumped into us, these survival energies are untouchable. However, the oversoul is able to switch off these energy flows with the control connection 11, and that digitally, on or off, and “off” means I'm dead, “on” means: I'm alive. I reckon this “emergency-off” switch has saved quite a few from the worst suffering.

You can see I made some arrows plain black, together with the subchakra frame, the 5th super chakra and the occiput chakra 6b. This means these components are untouchable. They are protected which means all other components are unprotected. Well, being protected means to have no contact to the outside world. So the main chakras need full contact to the outside world. After all, they are supposed to change the outside world which includes the body. So the main chakras cannot be protected but the mental body could be protected, it only needs its two connections. All other connections might be protected, too. Why is this not so? The answer is: Anunnaki-design or in-built weak spots.

In the picture above you could ergo protect the super chakras, the mental body and all connections which are not black. This would be of no disadvantage for us but would render these components inaccessible for black magic.

(Something on the side: Reps never had a body and therefore no proper energy supply, that is, no super- or subchakras. These chakras can't be stolen or copied from us. This forces them to supply themselves with energy. The chakras can store energy for a few days but after that time supply must be there.)


Graphic 2: The Connections of the Main Chakras


The 6 lower chakras are all interconnected, each with each (6a= forehead chakra). The crown chakra (7) is only a transformer for the Higher Self's energies, actually exactly like the super- and subchakras. But this here is about information only, not energy supply. The occiput chakra (6b) doesn't belong at all to the other chakras’ system.

There are 15 connections between the chakras (15 through 29) and one connection to the crown chakra (30). These connections are of great importance because the combined chakra powers define our abilities. If connections are switched off, abilities are missing, it's quite simple. There is no reason at all why these connections should be unprotected if it weren't for … the Anunnaki! I checked it several times: there is no disadvantage or side effect whatsoever if the connections get a protection. And I think it would be natural that everything that can be protected without side effects should be protected.

7 of my chakra connections were blocked by magic, and all 15 of Karin's. And as soon as I had removed magic from her, especially from connections to the heart chakra, a little later there was magic present again. I made a protection around it and now the connection could not be blocked anymore. A few years ago my connections 19, 20 and 22 were closed (all 2nd chakra). This reduced my body consciousness as well as my sexual interest massively.

The Anunnaki constructed those weak spots so that the dark elite are able to establish the blockades with the help of black magic in babies or children already. And this is actually how it is done.

Graphic 3: Connections between Chakras and Energy Bodies


The Higher Self as well as the oversoul are untouchable. Soul body and astral body cannot be shielded because they need contact. The mental body could be protected, as well as its connections 32 through 37. The occiput chakra (6b) is protected and probably also the region in the mental body which influences the chakra. Nonetheless there is a weak spot there: interference aggregates can be installed into the mental body which make the occiput chakra shut down the entire energy supply. All the other magical manipulations can only affect chakras 1 through 5 and 6a. At least connection 31 is safe. This is the umbilical cord of the mental body when it is taken out of the body, otherwise it could just be taken away.

Connection 48, between oversoul and soul, is relatively safe. It can't be blocked by magic but with aggregates. This is however very rare and is not being done anymore for lack of evil aliens. The same, by the way, goes for the superchakras. They are relatively safe. Magic doesn't work there but aggregates can nearly shut them down.

As I mentioned before the soul body can be destroyed and/or rendered dysfunctional. But for this, too, bad aliens are required. Both damages can be healed. Connection 45 may be blocked by magic. It should be protected.

All connections to the astral body (39 through 44) are safe and represent its umbilical cord when the astral body is traveling. So it can't get lost. Nobody can sever the cord.

Connections to the outside like the Earth connection (38) can't be shielded. But the two connections of the crown chakra (30 and 47) can be protected.

If a magician puts a certain purpose in his magic, this often affects the connections between the chakras, even if he doesn't know about it. If he wishes that someone feel lonely, this is likely to affect the heart chakra connections.


How to proceed in order to Re-establish Protection:

Before you make a protection the connection has to be cleared from magic. There is nothing more to be considered. Put protection on a cleared connection at once, if possible. In most cases you will find a simple magic which is dissolved within three minutes. Where the blockade is especially important multiple veils protect the magic (typical numbers: 10x, 12x, 16x, 20x, 32x, 40x and 80times). Once I found 5 veiled ones on the same connection with various numbers. You should find out the numbers and delegate the work to the helpers.

If someone has quite outstanding abilities the blockade may even be worse. For Karin they used a B-field and a C-field to hide magic.

Connections without problems may of course be protected at once. I cannot advise anyone how to make such a protection. It depends widely on abilities, practice and experience.

Please don't expect immediate effects. There may be problems with the chakra besides that. Wrong programs without end, imprinting by traumatic experiences etc. This topic is brand-new, after all, and I am waiting for results myself. I can't estimate whether the connections may need better protection.


Healing Power and Wonder Power:

I think healing power is simply enforced life energy from the subchakras like it can flow through the hand chakras. Wonder power brought quite different results. It is a combined energy from all five lower main chakras. Maybe all connections must be there and well-tuned to each other. Possibly there are already certain phenomena when there is not yet everything 100% ok between the chakras.


A few more Side Chakras:

The elbows are connected with the solar plexus. The elbows are, after all, in the same height when the arms are hanging loosely.

The foot chakras have a connection with the root- and solar plexus chakras.

The knee chakras are connected to the root- and heart chakras.

The thymus gland belongs to the throat chakra.

I have not found a hara or further side chakras (so far).


These are 6 further connections, and they can be blocked by magic as I just now found out in myself: elbows-solar plexus blocked and thymus-throat-connection blocked. In Karin only one connection is working of the six: knee to heart. Well, I'm off dissolving magic and make a protection, then.