Cleaning Works Part 6


The Occiput Chakra


Franz Erdl

June 15, 2013


This is important. That is why I published this topic quickly although I actually don't have the time. Why it is I don't have time I will explain further below.

The picture down here looks complicated at first glance but when you memorize the details it becomes quite simple.


How Super-, Main- and Subchakras work together:


Our 7 main chakras are in the middle. The first thing I was able to determine was that the super- and subchakras actually are the energy supply for our main chakras. But the super- and subchakras are not only energy supply but also serve for the exchange of information both ways. This can be seen for example in the connection between root chakra and Earth. Since Earth doesn't have chakras no energy comes from her. The connection is pure energy exchange, albeit more on the emotional level because Earth doesn't have a mental body.

An important detail is that our second chakra for our life energy is supplied threefold. More on this in a moment.

Our root chakra gets its energy from the first chakras of the Sun and the Central Sun but not from Earth after all. The solar plexus also treats itself to both suns for supply.

So far the lower supply section. Now to the 6th chakra. There are the forehead chakra (6a) and the occiput chakra (6b). Some talk about more chakras in the head but this is of no significance now. The occiput chakra is of great significance. It is more important than I thought and it actually shouldn’t be called a side chakra at all.

Look at the 9 connecting arrows. The 4 from the super chakras to the main chakras and the 5 from the subchakras to the main chakras. These 9 supply lines are extremely important. And the occiput chakra regulates the energy flows of all 9 connections (I didn't draw the regulation lines of the chakra to the connections, that would be too complicated). This means also that the energy can be switched off in case of malfunction. And this is exactly what I found.

One's own oversoul and the mental body affect the occiput chakra. The oversoul is reliable, no problem originates from there, only benevolence. But problems may originate from the mental body, and these problems have shown themselves in form of aggregates in the mental body (I have to call those type E now. They don't react if you ask for implants). The aggregates have the effect that the occiput chakra paralyses subchakras 1 through 4. No.5 may also be paralyzed by the occiput chakra but in this case we are dead. If our second chakra doesn't get energy anymore we die. The fifth chakra was left to us as an emergency supply by our enemies but it is not enough for feeling well.

The four subchakras switch themselves off and the connections to the main chakras dry out until they practically dissolve. The first chakra becomes weak and switches off as well. You can even live like that but not very healthily.

At first you have to eliminate the aggregates. These are not so many, they are maybe done in 10 minutes. Then you should ask that the correct connections be established and then… hee hee, you have to start the chakras. Yes, crank them like a car. Practically you have to say that the chakras shall be started now, namely the subchakras and the main chakras which were off or on minimum supply.

You also have to establish the connection and start the chakras if there were implants in the super chakras.


Energetic Questioning

If the subchakras work and are able to deliver energy energetic questioning is possible. To put it more precise, without the energies of the subchakras questioning is impossible. Let's assume they are functioning – how is the energetic “yes” generated? It's quite simple. The answer to a question comes from the oversoul. It sends an impulse to the occiput chakra and that opens up the connections to the subchakras wider than normal for a certain amount of time. This energy impulse is felt in the nerve system and thus the “yes” comes into consciousness (6a).

There might also be disturbances in the mental body or in the occiput chakra itself, for example implants.


Healing Energy

Healing energy is the combined energy of the 5 subchakras (now finally I understand why my energy flow always comes from below). It is directed by the occiput chakra. The energy can be directed by the consciousness, if the oversoul plays along and the system is working.

The energy of the first chakras of the suns, that is, the root chakra energy, is necessary for a healthy bone structure (teeth included).


Hand Chakras

The hand chakras (not in the graphic) are connected with all 5 subchakras and are directed by the occiput chakra as well. This way the healing energy gets to the hands.


Why I don't have Time


The getting back of astral bodies had gotten to a point where only storage facilities guarded by black magicians were left. I was urged more and more by extraterrestrial helpers to deal with the black magicians together with them. To be more exact, they wanted to roll up the whole NWO-structure, from bottom to top; because as I mentioned before they are protected from bottom to top. The highest bosses for example are protected by ca. 1.5 million humans and Reptilian people. They all have to be eliminated until you can take out the big boss energetically.

Well, and this is what they are keeping me busy with all day at the moment. The main work is of course being done by the helpers, and there are 50.000 of them, and growing. But I have to be present to figure out the number of humans and Reps and make decisions. Although they drag along humans and Reps in thousands it is still a lot of work.

This work has high priority so they don't let me have sessions. If I try nonetheless technology goes nuts like never before. Answering mail almost never works. I am astonished they let me write this article but I think this is also important to them. Besides, I have already done my duty for today.

I had to cancel some sessions and unanswered mail is summing up to 200. No idea how to catch up with that ever.