Cleaning Works Part 5


Aggregates in the Etheric Body


Franz Erdl

June 11, 2013


I have to go far back for this topic but it will not be boring. I just have to explain the universe quickly and we'll come to the subject momentarily. What I found out may have some mistakes of course. Much of it appears to fit so well that I think most of it will eventually be correct. Make up your own opinion.

First I wanted to know which bodies and chakras Earth has.


Energy Bodies of Earth

To my own disappointment I only found four bodies. As always, Higher Self and oversoul but in time and space there were only soul body and astral body. What? No chakras? My beloved Earth? How does she manage reality without chakras?

That really made me think. How did Earth manage to be real? My search unexpectedly brought me to the Central Sun.



But something about the Moon: our moon only has an astral body. It is supplied by the soul body of the Earth. This shows that it naturally belongs to Earth and is not an artificial body. By the way, all moons only have astral bodies and are connected to the soul body of their planet. Pluto also has only an astral body and is therefore to be categorized as moon. Pluto has its own history which I will add further below.


But now to the Central Sun and its energetic structure:

Energetic Structure of the Central Sun

According to my research the Central Sun created the reality of our galaxy, that is, the whole galaxy at the same time and itself, too. Whether this took a second or a million years is absolutely indifferent because time created itself in the process, too.

Out of time and space there had to be for all suns and planets a respective Higher Self and an oversoul which by the energy, the starting shot of the Central Sun were able to build all their other bodies.


The Central Sun has two additional bodies: a “Higher Self 2” and “Oversoul 2”. This team communicates with the same teams of the central suns of the other galaxies. Possibly the “real universe” was created simultan-eously and coordinatedly.


The Central Sun still has its own HS-oversoul team and all bodies up to the physical body, of course without a mental body. Interestingly there are 14 chakras in the etheric body, as two sets of 7 each. The lower chakra set is for the sun itself and the upper is for the galaxy.


Structure of our Sun

Our sun and every sun has the structure shown here, ergo all energy bodies but no mental body and 2 sets of 7 chakras as well. The lower set is for themselves and the upper for the solar system.


This is where the planets get their chakras from. The etheric body of the sun is in charge of the reality of the solar system; the energy for it originally comes from the Central Sun.


It is important that every sun and every planet have their own Higher Self, that is, their own plans and concepts.


With this preliminary knowledge we´re almost getting to the subject. First I must explain the functions of the chakras which are not in the physical body. So far I haven´t much cared about those chakras and had no idea what they were good for but I think I now found quite useful results.

I will leave out the so-called side-chakras. They actually belong to the main chakras. By the way, only mammals have side-chakras.

Above our 7 chakras we have another 5 and beneath the 7 we have another 5 chakras. That is how I perceived it, anyway.

If you look at it closely the first and seventh chakra are also a little outside the body. I was able to confirm that all chakras outside the body have a connection to other chakras and bodies as shown in the drawing.

During this research I found that the 7th chakra is the connection to one´s own “Higher Self”. The 5 chakras above the 7th, called super chakras, have connections as follows:


Super Chakra Connection to

  1. 3rd chakra of the Sun

  2. 3rd chakra of the Sun

  3. 4th chakra of the Sun

  4. 5th chakra of the Sun

  5. Soul body of the Central Sun

Our root chakra has connections to the astral body and soul body of Earth. Then the following subchakras:

Subchakra Connection to

  1. 2nd chakra of the Sun

  2. 1st chakra of the Sun

  3. 2nd chakra of the Central Sun

  4. 1st chakra of the Central Sun

  5. Oversoul 1 of the Central Sun

I am aware that I am contradicting probably all the current definitions of the chakras but this is at least something I can finally work with.

Actually only 5 chakras remain which are not corresponding with the (inner) outside: numbers 2 through 6. With the information that the 7th chakra fetches (transforms) the blueprints of the Higher Self into the time-space-plane if working, the understanding of the 6th chakra becomes clear to me.

The 6th chakra compares what comes from the Higher Self with what comes from reality. For that purpose it has possibilities of perception through reality and it has the possibility of influencing reality. Thinking and deciding has to be done, at first on the energetic plane. The development of a brain was very useful for the solving of the purposes of the chakras. Well, this was only a short version.


Mental Body

Of all life forms on Earth I only found mental bodies in mammals and reptiles.


Aggregates in the Etheric Body

Now to the actual subject. All areas which are close to the oversoul or close to the sun chakras are not accessible for other beings. I mean especially the super- and subchakras. Our enemies cannot access these. But like into the connection of a person to the oversoul they managed to smuggle aggregates into some parts. This goes for the super chakras 1 through 4.

The aggregates create an energy which paralyses the super chakras. In real life the effect is that you can't drive a nail into the wall even if nail and hammer are before you. There are more than one possible causes for such an effect but the aggregates are one of them. They are relatively rare. Karin had them for quite some time and I had them for several years. I can write my articles but it's not that simple to repair something lose on the car.

Superchakra Type of Aggregate

  1. Type C

  2. Type C

  3. Type A and B

  4. Type A

  5. None

I found three different types of aggregates. I notice that during getting them out; when one type is being finished I get the message “all out” but then it continues. Typically, there are 500 of type A aggregates, 100 of type B and 500 of type C.

I found no aliens to help me with this work since it is a lot of work. And when everything is out nothing changes because the surroundings of the chakras are full of the aggregates’ energies. So you have to dig out these energies and then nothing happens, either. Well, we haven't noticed any change so far but those things have to go in any case.

I looked if my cat Miko had something like that but found nothing. Later I asked differently, that is, whether he had something in his etheric body. There it said “yes”. He had aggregates on the 7th chakra, a new type (type D). I could observe this happens more frequently.


Dragons, Earth Snakes, Earth Beings:

I examined their energy bodies and chakras and I was through these able to find out that they all were originally physical. They all had an etheric body, ergo also a physical body.

There were two influences which changed this situation. Firstly the invasion and secondly some of these beings had the intention of becoming human, for example all dragons. All dragons have become human. Some snakes and some Earth beings have become human, too.

Those who became human, whether before, during or after the invasion, gave away their 3 lower chakras to the human form of existence. The dragons one meets now have all chakras from the fourth up. They have the five super chakras but only 3 subchakras. The connection to the 2nd sun chakras is left out.

It is the same with the snakes and Earth beings which are human now. The snakes which haven't become human lost their first and second chakra through the invasion. They were cut off from them and thus don't have a physical existence anymore, ergo it's the same story as that of the Dracs and Greys.

There is a slight difference in the Earth beings. They still have their first chakra. Probably this belongs to an Earth being constantly.


More beings:


  Bodies Chakras Super Sub
Dimensional guardians 5 4 5 0
Sun guardians 5 5 5 2
Sun system guardians 5 4 5 2
Galaxy guardians 5 5 5 2


All beings have HS and OS, soul body astral body and etheric body.

If there are 5 chakras it's the 7, 6, 5, 4 and 3. If four, the 3rd isn't here, so no solar plexus is there. The 2 subchakras are connected to the first chakras of the Sun and Central Sun.


Special Topic Pluto:

Pluto has only an astral body, no soul body, ergo it's a moon which belongs to the soul of a planet. However I couldn't find a planet in our solar system where it belongs. Again I did some research and out came an adventurous story.

Pluto was once a moon in another solar system. An alien race formed this moon into a space station and transported it with into our solar system with the help of spaceships. It was a positive race which considered the Anunnaki as hostile. They arrived here with this moon when the Anunnaki were on Earth. This race planned to intervene but changed their plans and left Pluto again.

They seem to have erased all traces. I cannot localize them nor learn anything about them. Maybe it was ok like this. But they could call again now.



Since I've found the aggregates in the superchakras and have the effrontery to remove them, especially from Karin, on top of it, attacks are hailing down on us. Yesterday it was almost unbearable. They had for example sent a bighead with an enormous protective structure. Bases, space crafts and Earth snakes are gone as protection, after all, so there are only humans left for protection.

Here the protective structure of the bighead:

Small circles are human magicians

There has to be something about Karin or this topic that's very important for them to risk 52 of their people. They should have noticed that it was only a matter of time until I've taken out such a structure.

As soon as the bighead was gone they sent one single magician with a magic within the minute. Lately this magic is constructed as follows: veil – magic – veil – magic etc. Typically this is repeated 20, 32 or 40 times. If you want to do that on your own it takes a lot of time, and that's what they want. The magic is to sink in as long as possible so as to do damage and so that we don't have time to remove the aggregates. But our helpers are done with this magic within a few minutes.



I thought the best way to stop these frequent attacks would be to get the boss himself. I ordered him to me and took his protective structure apart which looked like this:


The small circles are all humans, most of them most likely black magicians. I can imagine that also newbies are among them and that these are bound by oath to certain persons in a ceremony. That provides protection even if the new ones don't know anything about magic yet. I imagine this to be the case in these groups of 16 who all protect their boss.

Before you can harm the boss you have to take down his whole protective structure. I did that and to my astonishment the attacks stopped. Today however there were some attacks but no masses.

I want to stress here that it makes no sense to simply attack or heal one of the bosses. The structure shown here isn't the maximum by far. I had a boss today whose protective structure was twice as complicated, with more than 120 humans involved. And I think if you climb up the power pyramid, all that's beneath is used as protection. So it is possible that 5 of such structures as shown in the picture above protect the next-higher boss, and so on.