Cleaning Works Part 4


Energy Bodies


Franz Erdl

June 9, 2013


Some Detail

Some people have asked what was the matter with the emotional bodies and why I hadn't mentioned them. Until now I had no knowledge about the energy bodies and so I acquired information by reading. I saw that there are different teachings about the energy bodies and in some of them the emotional body is mentioned. However I haven't found an emotional body.

The way I perceived it energy bodies are not a matter of definition. What I mean is you cannot define the energy bodies as they fit best with a doctrine but you have to accept them as they are. The energy bodies are containers. They consist of astral tissue which is fit to hold the respective contents. And I found the emotions in the astral body, together with other energies. But I simply don't find an emotional body, neither in the body nor in Hong Kong. By the way: people who can't find their energy bodies on the 5 continents may try on the South Pole. There are containers there, too.

A few more details before I come to the summary of the energy bodies and the exciting research results of yesterday evening.


The Soul Body can have three different problems:

  • Destruction – as described before,

  • Malfunction and

  • Damping aggregates in the channel between soul and oversoul.

In only 1275 persons the soul body was destroyed. Now it's 1274. This repair can only be done by humans. This work is hard.

There are however many more people with soul body malfunction, ca. 18000. This malfunction can be mended by beings from another galaxy. They have a similarity with the Greys (I just call them G2 for the moment). I have experienced that they had this work done in two to three hours.

The phenomenon of the damping aggregates is extremely rare. There are said to be only 45 persons who have this problem. You may guess who had them, too. This zone between soul and oversoul isn't normally accessible for attacks but the aggregates have been brought there with special machines. But anyway, they can be removed and I think aliens can do that for us and we don't have to work on it for three hours anymore.


Healing the Chakras of Wrong Karma

Another very important detail is that also the chakras should be healed from wrong karma. Though it is a fact that energies from astral- and mental body change the chakras, that is, cleaned bodies create cleaned chakras, but that takes time. It is more effective to have the chakras cleaned momentarily. I ordered the chakra cleaning in all persons whose astral/mental bodies are healed/being healed.

Mental bodies are healed by Greys, one Grey per person.

One Wowo 1 is in charge of the astral body.

A Wowo 1 as well for the chakras.

If therefore soul-, mental-, astral body and chakras are to be healed simultaneously four beings are in one person. There are never two beings working on the same thing.


Foreign Karma although Astral Body is there

Through a problem in myself I was able to find out that with help of short-time astral body abductions foreign karma can be stuffed into the astral body; this means not only if the astral body was taken away permanently. I used to be slim when I was young but for years now I have an inflated-looking belly which doesn't suit me. Besides that my body bearing has become worse and I grew flabbier.

Until now I believed this to be natural. My work has priority, I hardly do sports, so it had to be like that. But now I found out these symptoms are not really my own. They have been planted into me by Anunnaki during an astral body abduction. This happened thirty years ago. Apparently this was the moment when I had decided to take my life into my own hands more firmly and added to that to stop smoking. Without cigarettes I gained weight at first. I thought this to be normal and accepted it. Getting rid of smoking was my priority. Since that time I have a little belly which in the last years became more inflated. Well, I am curious about the changes.


Energy Body Research

I studied this for hours yesterday with the clever help of Karin. Two more bodies are being mentioned except the aforementioned bodies of which I couldn't make much so far. Besides, there are said to be no problems with those bodies. I read that the sixth body is called “Adonai” and the seventh “Monade”. Weird names. Beside that no comprehensible description was to be found.

I found out that these two bodies, like all the others, are primarily containers for a certain filling. The body called Adonai contains the energies of the oversoul and in the Monade there is the Higher Self. In this container technique I recognize the practical realisation of individuali-zation.


The Higher Self contains the basic ideas, the purpose of a being on a purely mental plane, like a concept or a blueprint. I studied this thoroughly: these basic ideas did not arise from a central forge of ideas where they were distributed to the single beings. No, the basic ideas of every single being are not subject to any conditions. They may be chosen in complete freedom.

The Oversoul gives life to these ideas. These two bodies, Higher Self and oversoul combined, are already a being. And we know such beings: Wowo&co. All four races consist of beings with these two bodies, nothing else. And these bodies are always out of time and space.

The question is now, how are they distinguished? Why can one distinguish them as four races? Result: it's the basic purpose that makes the difference and obviously they have agreed on four categories.

Later I investigated: How many of them are there? And now comes the scoop: there are 50 Wowos, 20 Jackies and about a hundred of the Michies and Renas each. This sounds as if we are a little short on angels. But it shows more distinctly that these beings are not doing the actual work but functioning as channels.

Furthermore there are of all races ca. 1000 each who are currently incarnated.


Energy bodies of Other Beings

Of course I studied the structure of some beings I know. Principally there are 3 groups:


Group 1:

The first group are those beings who do not have a body on principle. These are:


Wowo 1
Race G2

Yes, Reps belong to them. Whoever has seen one saw them astrally. Shape-shifting is not real and astrally visible only for few people. The well-known phenomena you can see on videos where the skin is changing are somewhere between astral and real. The reptile eyes are the one thing that came into reality strongest.

Those races, and probably some more, all have a Higher Self and an oversoul out of space and time. In addition they have soul-, mental-, astral- and ethereal body. Only the upper four chakras are contained in the etheric body, so there is no solar plexus, either. Individuality lies in the Higher Self here. Since they don't have a relation to a planet or body their stability lies more in the relation to the soul and to the collective.


Group 2:

The second group are beings with physical bodies who don't know reincarnation, ergo they lead a permanent existence. Different to us humans these beings develop only one soul body. These beings however are still to be divided into those who exist physically at the moment and those who were left without planet and body.

To this groups belong (with or without body):



And probably some more (for example Aldebaranians and Nordics. I didn't check them yesterday.)


Group 2a:

Those who were ripped of their bodies violently because their planet had been rendered uninhabitable have a solar plexus as opposed to the first group and therefore are more self-reliant than the beings of the first group. The solar plexus of the Dracs was especially strong to perceive. Of course they are missing both lower chakras as well as the physical body. This condition is not comfortable for them. They want to have their bodies again.


Group 2b:

There are however beings of this group who actually have a body. This came through specifically for the Greys. Naturally they have all 7 chakras. I wanted to know where these Greys were. They were not on their planet. It is not inhabitable.

A short interpolation: The Greys and the other races were infiltrated by a race from another galaxy. A part of the Greys and the other races each were manipulated (like here – NWO) in order to render the planet uninhabitable, normally by destroying the atmosphere. This race is the one which was healed as the first extragalactic race during the healing actions. This race has been infiltrated by the betas. The Anunnaki however did not have a part in infiltrating the Greys etc.

So, where are the Greys? On Earth! How many are here? About 12000. Are they underground? No. In large buildings? No. They are in remote areas. Most of them in Australia, but also in New Zealand, Himalayas, Africa and the South Pole. They live in huts or snow houses. I think they are not detected because they can provide for it telepathically.

They are not inimical but enslaved by mind control. I started their healing yesterday. They don't need food or water. They live on plant- and earth energies.

Now about the Dracs. Their own planet is uninhabitable. Where are they? On Earth, more precisely underground in facilities. How many? 250! They were also enslaved but are already free today.

Mantis and insects are in another galaxy and stayed there. Maybe the transport of physical bodies from galaxy to galaxy isn't that simple?

Mantis: a few hundred, not on their home planet but on another one where they can barely survive.

Insects: ca. 100 on their home planet.

Both races have been freed tonight.

Schematic of the Bodies of the Groups Wowos, 1 and 2

HS = Higher Self, OS = oversoul, S = soul body, A = astral body, E = etheric body, M = mental body, C = consciousness, thinking, decisions etc.

HS and OS are and stay constantly out of time and space. The rest of the structure except the physical body stays with the beings always while the contents of the bodies change.

Group 1 has only the upper 4 chakras in the etheric body (E)

Group 2a has the upper 5 chakras there

Group 2b has all 7 chakras


Group 3:

The Human

When a person dies the physical body, etheric, mental body and of course conscious thinking and deciding dissolve. If the astral body is healed it also dissolves and the soul body can leave space and time. It becomes part of the oversoul and enlarges it.

Astral bodies with traumatised contents hold the soul body back in space and time. The same goes for soul bodies in storage facilities which don't exist anymore now.

Astral body and mental body in humans and all other beings have no direct connection. So in order for the soul to progress into conscious thinking astral body, several chakras in the etheric body and the mental body have to be healed (or programmed) respectively.


Changes in the astral body and the chakras obviously take a very long time. The Wowos work on that for days. And when black magic is present the process is stopped. Meanwhile I also think that the integrating of positive past lives will take a long time because the information has to flow into the astral body and from there into the chakras. But perhaps we will get help there, too.


Here is a list of qualities I found in Past Lives:


Healing power
Wonder power
Materialization, changing matter
Finding the truth
Forcing justice, fair judgment
Leading quality
Wealth, riches
Mother essence, creating paradise
Expression, voice, performance, movement
Creativity, development
Beauty, physical perfection
Excellence in sports, strength


Life Span:

I finally got through my 86 lives and was astonished to realize that the first 17 were without problems. They were, after all, only partly veiled. Just for fun I asked how old I had become. There were numbers like 180, 320 and 380 years. For Karin I found a life of 405 years.

She once was Nefilim. There I found an age of 2000 years but possibly with a violent death. The Anunnaki lives on Earth seem to have lasted even longer and they live limitless on their home planet. To a long life, people.


(More thrills in the next article)