Cleaning works   Part 3


Getting back Energy Bodies 2


Franz Erdl

June 5, 2013


This is an unbelievable crime, maybe the largest criminal case of all time. The theft and misuse of energy bodies has huge proportions. Here are the numbers:

World population ca. 7,1 billion people

  • 29% of those don't have their astral body in their physical body, that is ca. 2 billion. The distribution is uneven, for example in the USA it's 42% and in Australia 12% of the population.

  • 13% of those don't have their mental body in their physical body. That is ca. 1 billion.

  • 5% don’t have both bodies in their physical body, that is ca. 355 million.


  • In 1274 persons the soul body is defective.

  • In all of them the mental body is missing.

  • In 125 of them the astral body is missing.


  • In 590 000 animals the astral body is missing. They are practically only pets, perhaps with the intention of paining the owners through ill darlings or they are animals with strong abilities.


The containers can hold 128 energy bodies. I figure out from that there have to be more than 20 million containers on this planet. These are distributed on 11660 places. That makes more than 1700 storage facilities per place. This appears astronomical to me but these are the numbers I keep getting. Should I have been seriously wrong in any of this I'll let you know.

So far the data. Now more facts. These facilities still exist because they are guarded by magicians. If the magicians are gone I can comfortably get the bodies out of the containers and order them back to the people.

Now the good news. After I had been under siege by groups of magicians for days, with constant alarm bites from the snakes of course, and I had to get up from 2 to 3 o'clock in the night in order to release groups of magicians, I can finally leave the subject “heal/release magicians” to Wowo&co. The project “magicians” has been started this morning at 10:15 of my time. I notice it quite distinctly because I only get bitten again if one of the aggressive sort is attacking. Most magicians however have realized that they are overdue and have decided for the end of all magic. With those Wowo&co can help.

I notice this project “heal/release magicians” also in the fact that I find more and more astral bodies which are already unguarded. And I think we won´t have to bother about retrieving those bodies anymore in the near future. It will surely be a huge project. I have the feeling that also the Wowos together with me and all the other cooperating aliens are constantly learning new things.

The latest we have learned is that karma is stuffed into the astral bodies of foreign persons. So far there have been four through twelve foreign karma pieces per astral body. These karma pieces are planted into the astral bodies by magicians. I was only able to touch these foreign karma pieces when it became clear that the karma pieces had come from the same black magicians who also made the magic. I think they are probably offered to get rid of their karma if they start working for the NWO.

Since this became clear I can delegate the dissolving of foreign karma pieces to the Wowos. Ergo if the magicians are gone from the facilities they can bring the astral bodies into the people and erase the foreign karma. This is surely going to be the next mass project and I have to say the foreign karma consists of huge amounts of energy. It will certainly take a long time to dissolve all this, maybe weeks. Many diseases might vanish by that.

One further detail turned up today. If there has been magic done against you at any time and it has not yet been erased the healing of the astral body is impossible. So erasing black magic from people must be done first. (At least none will follow.)

The mental bodies can be retrieved in the same way, in a mass project. Inserting a mental body may take hours but the Wowos are probably working on millions at a time. There are, after all, enough extraterrestrials as co-workers. How a mental body is healed I don't know yet. I had the impression the Wowos have knowledge about that, so no problem so far.

We found out that Karin's astral body was stolen already in the embryo age, the mental body at the beginning of school by which her career with headaches began, and the damaging of the soul body happened at the age of 25. All was done by enslaved Greys. We wanted to know if Karin’s cruel headaches were a side effect of any manipulations on her mental body. No, it was the main purpose to cause headaches. Great, isn't it?

I also don´t know yet how to solve the problem with the defective soul bodies. And if the soul body is healed, what happens with the contents? Does the soul body fill up in the course of time? I think those 1274 persons are important and especially the 125. By the way, there is no person with defective soul body in Germany.

As soon as the magicians are gone and magic has been dissolved in people much will change in the lives and physical bodies of the people. When the abducted bodies are brought back and healed this will be an even bigger step. I'm afraid I'm going to be out of work (But then I expect the Wowos to provide for a pension).

At the moment I have many persons on my emergency list and I haven't been able to work on it for days. I think however that much is going to be solved by the mass actions. You understand that I have to treat this work as priority and that you will be healed soon in exchange. Nevertheless I will have a look at all the cases as soon as possible.