Cleaning works   Part 2


Getting back Energy Bodies


Franz Erdl

June 4, 2013


This topic has only just opened up to me. I think this is not a coincidence. Maybe only now is it possible to heal this field of subjects? Anyway, it is time now.

Until now I havenīt given much attention to the topic of energy bodies and I thought there was a lot of esoteric nonsense. But through Karin (once again) this topic demanded wider space and developed into a huge discovery. The thing is that her soul energy body was not ok. I asked around which race is able to repair soul energy bodies but without result.

In the end it became clear that I can do it; more precisely humans can. I then pumped energy in for two hours and then it said it was ok now. According to my feeling and research the soul energy body is some kind of container, structured similarly to the soul containers in the bases. I perceived the structure like a fine tissue of energies of different planes.

The repair hasnīt changed anything about Karinīs condition yet. Well, I thought the soul takes time to fill up this container again. This is possible, after all, but in the meantime I looked for information about energy bodies on the internet and found sensible and less sensible things about the energy bodies:

  • Physical body

  • Ethereal body

  • Astral body

  • Mental body

  • Soul body

There are more but those are very little involved in what I want to explain here.


Ethereal Body

I consider all the bodies as containers. The ethereal body contains the chakras. By the way, several runs of questioning confirmed that the chakras consist of ten parts or elements (I hope this is correct but it is not so important) and if more than 4 parts are missing (stolen) life is already slightly endangered. In no case can this energy body be stolen completely as it is the case with the following.


Astral Body

You can read the astral body contains the emotions. I can confirm that. After all, you can travel with this thing and who travels only with their feelings?

The astral body can be stolen, oh dear! Although, it can be stolen and locked up but the connecting thread always remains, otherwise youīre finished, I think. Karinīs astral body was not in her body but it was somewhere and I found it in Brussels.

Brussels? Yes. There is a facility there similar to the soul storage facilities, with 128 containers. These facilities still exist because they are guarded by human magicians or tandem Reps. All the other protections like bases or UFOs are already gone. If you eliminate those few magicians you can access the storage and the 128 astral bodies can be sent back to their owners under the guard of helpers.

I donīt know exactly what they are doing with the bodies in those facilities. Iīm not sure if they are used for interim storage of feelings or simply to weaken their owners. No matter – you can get them back.

The inserting of the body works quite fast but now a long healing process starts. Feelings that have been trapped in this body for decades can now finally be healed. How this healing process is done best still has to be investigated. Obviously this is not quite simple.

For example, in my cat Miko - who by the way has been human four times already - the astral body was missing. It was in Sydney. In this storage facility there were only animal astral bodies. When I had inserted the body I asked if the open spots could heal now but it said “no”. I found something karmic as the cause. Cats are mostly Lions souls of the quadruped sort, and so is Miko. He had left his soul partner back in the Lion galaxy and here I found a deep pain which was however curable. More importantly, I was able to connect the two partners energetically and I think this was possible because Earth and the Lion planet are again connected.

I asked again if the open spots would heal now and it said “no”. Result: the astral body needs more time. There was no time span to be gotten.

I had a person today whose astral body was in Brussels, and in the same facility as Karinīs, too. Interestingly there were still no magicians for protection. That means the facility had been unguarded for two days. This points to lack of personnel.

I checked for a few persons whom I know to have problems whether energy bodies were missing. During this I found energy bodies in the following places:

Brussels, Munich, Saarbrücken, Dallas, Sydney, Gaza (Gaza-strip), Mekka and Tibet. And only two persons were in the same city. These were persons from Germany, Switzerland, USA and the Dominican Republic.


Mental Body

It is described as the place for intuition, creativity, intelligence and more. I have noticed that for example beliefs are in this container. This body can also be stolen and put into containers. Karinīs mental body was in Gaza and the one of another person was in Munich.

If the mental body is locked up in a facility an energy thread remains from this one, too. However, you simply cannot change certain thinking structures and dogmas because they are frozen in the mental body. This means that conscious thoughts, the world view, everything that is supposed to solidify in the mental body remains without effect. So the mental body contains totally ancient structures one has outgrown for a long time. You donīt have to wonder why your own thoughts donīt change reality.

The inserting of the mental body is complicated. I could only manage with the Jackies and moved energy for a good 15 minutes as well until the signal “done” came.

In Karin and another person astral body and mental body were missing. Stop! You donīt get an answer for the term “missing” because the body is there, after all. Only itīs not in the body. In Karin the soul body was defective, too. Until some time ago she was connected to 12 pools as well. This shows one can live with such a condition. Well, you canīt actually call it living. The better word would be existing.

Wowo&co are very able to heal the mental body. You can delegate the task to them. For the astral body they donīt push forward. The healing of the astral body apparently takes time and you can maybe deal with single emotions and topics yourselves. We are waiting for the results.