Cleaning Works Part 16

The Solution to the Walk-in-Problem


Franz Erdl

August 8, 2013


As far as I understand it all walk-ins have to either leave their body till the end of the year or they get the full human energy system and thus become legal humans.

I want to make it clear that I don't have the monopole of naturalizing walk-ins. Everyone who has a little soul contact and wishes with all their heart that the walk-ins get their connections can do that. I only have the advantage of being able to find out who's a walk-in.

It happened several times already that making the connections has been refused. I think it is essential to know why somebody is rejected. Whether that can be changed is a different question.


Case 1:

For example there are people whom I've known as clients for some time and whom I consider “quite ok”. Now they turned out to be walk-ins but no energy comes for making the chakra connections. This means on the soul plane there is no consent.

Possibility 1:

The walk-in consciousness and the original consciousness are both present and it is difficult to realise that at all or to keep them apart. Maybe this is because the walk-in hasn't been there for many years yet. My test says, “Yes, this is a walk-in”, and I want to make the connections but it doesn't work. Then the walk-in has to get out soon and has to leave the original soul in peace.

Possibility 2:

The walk-in soul doesn't want it.

(Before, I called the soul “soul part” because in every incarnation one soul part is made. Today I call soul what is inside of time and space. Oversoul is the part outside of time and space.)

So the soul in the body doesn't want to bind itself to being human. Maybe it is right about this, maybe not. It may actually have a wrong understanding about its existence. This depends on which informations are accessible for it through the body.

This means you can negotiate with the soul. And I found out that it can change its mind.


Case 2:

The oversoul doesn't want it. This means also the Wowos don't show up at all (because oversoul and Wowos never disagree). That means the walk-in doesn't qualify for staying or staying was never their intention.

I know that quite some who consider themselves to be spiritual don't qualify. For those the distance they have to other people has never ceased thanks to that very spirituality. They are above things, they are prepared (chosen) for something special. They are fulfilling an assignment and have descended into humankind . . . Well, that's what they believe.

I can tell everyone who dresses up like a guru so everyone can see their being special, that they only caress their ego. They like giving themselves names with many apostrophes. Main thing is it doesn't sound terrestrial. They also tend to make words more MEAN-ingful with MAJOR letters and hy-phens. No kidding, this is actually a type of walk-in that simply always has to be something special and keeps their distance to normal people in a quite compulsive manner. They don't qualify to stay.

It is all about being connected to people, about compassion, love. This has little to do with whether someone radiates light and love all the time but doesn't feel people at all.


Karin for example scolded loudly about the whole neighbourhood yesterday. And she is right. I could get angry, too. And I consider that as a form of being connected. If you get angry it is often a form of love. Because you are connected to people you have to get angry.

This topic is not fully covered at all but I want to publish that for now so that those who haven't got their connections may be able to find their topic.

Also, I don't want to claim to know about the choice the oversouls are making. So, I may be wrong. I'm just trying to research.



Most invader-walk-ins have left their bodies and the original human soul has taken over the body again. I think most of those concerned won't fully understand what happened to them. I have found out that only 10 invader-souls are allowed to stay in their human body. These also get their chakra connections.

All invaders who are playing an important role in various positions on our planet are being swapped with Anunnaki rebel souls. This has already happened save a few hundred. These last ones are dangerous individuals with various dangerous abilities. They were supposed to establish the Luciferian religion with their impressive powers and manipulative abilities. These last invaders are being exchanged at the moment in little groups, mostly smaller than 10 and smaller than 5.